God of War: Witch’s Cave Treasure Guide

God of WarThe map’s expansion includes a lot of mysterious areas containing powerful items. The Witch’s Cave is one of those mysterious areas, though it’s not immediately accessible to the player. After being bound by the quest “A New Destination”, the player can return to the Sorcerer’s Cave through The Lake of the Nine. When they do, although they will have to conquer new obstacles, there is still potential for some God of Wargreat loot.

The Witch’s Cave, like God of Warother quizzes or treasure, located in Midgard. Near Lake of Nine, the cave is filled with remarkable treasures that help Kratos better prepare for the rest of his travels in the game.


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Wizard’s Cave Treasure Guide

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Upon entering the Sorcerer’s Cave, Atreus will be able to blow up the red plastic wall to open the elevator. This will take the player to another wall that Atreus will need to destroy, revealing a long hall. There will be enemies that the player will have to face and once they have been dealt with, the player should go down the hall and turn right. There they’ll find a Legendary chest containing the Muspelheim cipher… just one of the many items in the Sorcerer’s Cave that will help the player through their adventure, especially if they’ll be playing through. Content modified in God of War.

Other items in the Sorcerer’s Cave are the Nornir Chest, the Turtle’s Tribute treasure map, and another Legendary chest. These can be easily found by continuing through the Wizard’s Cave, to obtain the Nornir chest. To open it, the player will need to find all the seals that can unlock it.

Nornir Chest Seal Location

The first is just to the right of the first Legendary chest. The second is a bit further. Players will need to return to the elevator and turn right. This is where Atreus’ ability in God of War light. Following that path, Atreus will have the opportunity to form two bridges of light. At the end of them, there will be a crystal distribution radical. The player should take a crystal, bring it back to a coffin at the bridgehead, and let Atreus shoot it. This will reveal an area to the right of the coffin where the player will find a second Nornir seal.

Once the player has the second seal, they’ll need to get another crystal, run through the central Nornir chest, and then head up the further ramp where they’ll see another wall of sap. By blowing it up, they will reveal a hole they can enter. This opening will lead them to a room with a wooden chest, the treasure chest Turtle’s Tribute, and the third Nornir seal. From there, the player can go back and open the chest to get the Horn of Blood Mead. This process requires only dedication instead of any God of Warvaluable perks.

The Witch’s Cave has more items available than many other areas in God of War. Fortunately, it is neither dangerous nor complicated. Similar to finding areas like The Hive, it just requires a little concentration. And, exclusively for God of War fans, that’s definitely not an issue.

God of War Available now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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