God Of War: New Game Plus Guide

2018 God of War was forced back into the limelight, when the game was exchanged for a PlayStation-specific loyalty badge for a PC release. The PC iteration hit stores on January 14, 2022, and has received great acclaim from PC gamers for its technical performance.

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PlayStation exclusive release on PC is a growing trend, with God of War is a particularly notable port as the game is considered by some to be the best release of the eighth generation of home consoles and a legitimate console seller. However, the only problem with great video games is that they can leave the player empty upon completion. Fortunately, God of War Yes a new Game + mode, allowing players to experience the epic 20-hour adventure again, with a few new features added to good effect.


What is the new game + & How did you start it?

God of War New game + options

New Game+ is a popular unlockable game mode in Modern action adventure game. In most cases, New Game+ allows players to start a new campaign but with their upgrades and armor intact – which is not good news, however, as most modes The New Game+ level also increases the difficulty. JRPG Chrono Activator was the first game to implement a mode called New Game Plus, although other games have incorporated the idea before, most notably The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros.

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Like in most cases, New game + available for players in God of War once they beat the game. After completing the campaign, just go to the main menu and select the New Game + option under Settings.

Has the difficulty increased?

God of War New game + difficulty setting

Yes, the enemy will scale in difficulty. However, this is not the only change that happens to enemies, many of them will adopt new attack models, which not only increases the challenge in a natural way, but helps add a layer of unpredictability and novelty to the second level, something many of the new Game+ modes lack.

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However, the difficulty of the mode largely depends on the player, like God of War+’s new game once again gives players the chance to choose from four different difficulty options. In Challenge for Me and The background of Give Me God of War is extremely difficult, some enemies will even appear as elites.

What is the shipping process?

God of War kratos and atreus

Thankfully, players don’t have to go back to the square when taking on the New Game+ challenge, like almost everything a player earns stays with them the next time they play. Players will keep their skills, Hacksilver, their armor, accessories, and any move sets they have unlocked. The same applies to Atreus purchases and unlocks.

For what does not bring, story items and unlocks like Blades of Chaos will be removed.

Is there any new content?

god of war kratos and atreus survey the land

Along with the aforementioned new attack patterns that enemies will use, New Game+ allows players to craft stronger armor than before, while also adding new types of spells, spells, and even new weapons. armor set.

It is also possible to skip the cutscenes in New Game+, although players may want to take the time to review them, as there are some story moments and dialogue that will only make sense after the ending. end the game.

God of War Now available on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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God of War is already on PC, and players can expect to see a host of improvements baked into the game.

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