Glacier National Park goes above and beyond to help a family after they realize a serious mistake

Few things unite people as much as the opportunity to solve a mystery and bring joy to a child at the same time. There are so many problems in the world, but sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact.

Like Teddy. Teddy, as the name implies, is a Teddy bear – but he’s not just a teddy bear. This special stuffed animal has become the focal point of hopes and dreams, a beacon of comfort and a reminder of the love a family has for their daughter.

Teddy is a traveling bear. His story begins in 2016 when he travels to a little girl named Naomi before she adopts her. parent, Ben and Addie Pascal – a promise of a home of care to which she is about to be welcomed.

The little bear has traveled the world with his family from their home in Jackson, Wyoming, but last October, the bear decided to travel in Glacier National Park while the whole family vacationing there – a fitting choice, as it is a natural habitat among his real partners.


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After a day outdoors with friends at Glacier National Park, the family realized Teddy was missing. He was not in their car, their bag, or in Naomi’s arms, but by the time they realized he was gone, they had long since left the park.

That night, it snowed, closing the park to visitors and sealing Teddy’s fate. Family friend Terri Hayden, who lived in the area and traveled with them, reported the loss to park officials, but that was really all she could do.

Meanwhile, it’s a bear expert ranger, Tom Mazzarisi, who happened to find the lost ursine while cleaning part of the trail. Teddy was sad and looking very unloved, sitting alone in the melting snow.

The normal protocol is to throw away items found that have “no cash value,” but Mazzarisi was captivated by the upset woman for some reason, so he accepted it. .

Teddy has spent the cold winter indoors, and when spring arrives, he becomes a fixture on Mazzarisi’s dashboard.

“It’s the perfect little mascot,” said the ranger, according to New York Post.

Perhaps for the first time in his life, Teddy saw wolves. He saw bear. He’s seen quite a few national parks.

But his family is still miss he. Months have passed since the boy went missing, but Addie posted about the toy in June, hoping for a miracle.


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“Can anyone help us find Teddy?” Addie wrote on June 15. “Our daughter Naomi lost him on the Hidden Lake trail at #glaciernationalpark last fall. Maybe a half mile from the visitor center, maybe under a rock.

“Teddy is special – he traveled from Wyoming to Florida and to Ethiopia with dear friends to see her before her parents. He kept his relationship with her until she could return home.

“Since then, he goes everywhere with her: camping adventures, adventurous hiking, beach trips. He plays in the desert sand and cuddles on snowy days. He cuddled her to sleep almost every night. He was her constant companion on her journey back to Ethiopia, as well as Rwanda, Croatia, Greece and throughout the West. He has been by her side in so many important milestones. But there are many more adventures to be made! ”

In response, people suggested planning a hike around Teddy’s last known site. Others suggested starting a GoFundMe to support his return once he was found. One even commented that two stuffed animals had just been found and delivered – but neither of them were Teddy.

Hayden hasn’t forgotten Teddy either, and driven by guilt or compassion or affection, she returns to the park with the aim of bringing Teddy home.

“I am a woman of faith,” Hayden said, according to the Post. “And that morning I said, ‘Okay, God, if this bear is around, please put that bear in my path and let me go home to that bear today.’ “

And she discovered him. In the parking lot, on the dash of a ranger’s truck. Of course it was Mazzarisi’s – but he had a day off, and vans was locked up.

Hayden took a photo and sent it to Addie, who confirmed the bear was Teddy.

“I ran to these rangers, and I was having a hard time breathing,” says Hayden. “And I’m saying, ‘There’s a truck at the top of the trail, and there’s a bear sitting on the dashboard.'”

Hayden’s story is based on the rangers’ account of the toy being found, and they got Teddy for her, adding a ranger hat and base ranger badge as a reward.

Hayden was happy to send Teddy and his souvenirs home to Naomi, and she bought a new stuffed bear for Mazzarisi, so his dash wouldn’t be empty. He named it Clover.

Now, Teddy is home where he belongs, Naomi has her companion by her side, and everyone is watching a touching story.

“It’s just a story of hope and kindness and people working together,” said Father Ben Pascal.

“It touched everyone’s heart. It gave them hope. It makes them feel like there are good things in the world, which I believe there are. “

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