Ghislaine Maxwell was in the room while Jeffrey Epstein raped the girls, accuser says

Ghislaine Maxwell was in the room like Jeffrey Epstein An accuser testified on Tuesday in a sex-trafficking trial on the British social media site.

Jane Doe said she was only 14 years old when the couple befriended her at Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan. The alleged victim testified that her family was struggling when she met Epstein — her father, a composer, died of leukemia and “we were basically broke” — and that Maxwell had approached her at camp when she was eating ice cream with her friends. Before long, the couple invited her to Epstein’s compound, which was decorated with “images of celebrities, presidents.. [and art of] Naked women, scary animals. ”

While there, she said she witnessed a topless Maxwell lounging at the pool with naked girls. Epstein began paying for voice lessons, clothes and school supplies, and gave cash to his struggling mother. He also told her about his sparkling social circle—”Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Mike Wallace. ”

But Epstein started abusing her, she said – with Maxwell’s help. He allegedly masturbated her, stroked Maxwell in front of her, groped her, raped her with a sex toy and forced her to give him a “hard” massage.

In the meantime, Maxwell “was very ordinary, as this is perfectly normal. I was mistaken. When you were 14, you didn’t know what was going on,” she testified. “He’s going to get on the massage table and it’s going to turn into a mess like this.”

“It was not normal for me,” Jane Doe testified, adding that she was embarrassed to have to tell anyone what was happening to her.

Jane testified that the abuse continued at Epstein’s home in New Mexico and New York, with Maxwell arranging for Jane’s travel. Jane recalls that at first she thought Epstein and Maxwell “were a couple” but she didn’t fully understand their relationship; they later appear to be friends and Maxwell is probably his employee.

The location may have changed, but the alleged abuse remains the same: Epstein took her to a massage parlor and touched her with his fingers or a vibrator while masturbating.

She said Epstein’s Manhattan mansion “wasn’t a very warm place.”

“It feels uncomfortable,” Jane said. “You don’t feel safe. It always feels like someone is watching you.”

Jane details the troubles with her family life before she met Epstein. After her father’s death, she felt she couldn’t grieve because her mother wouldn’t allow her or her siblings to talk about their feelings. That would be a sign of weakness, Jane said.

Meanwhile, Jane’s mother learns that she spent a lot of time with Maxwell and Epstein. “My mother was very enamored with the idea that these rich people cared about me,” Jane testified. She added that her mother asked her to “be grateful for the care I receive.”

Jane testified that she never told her mother about Epstein and Maxwell’s alleged sexual abuse because she “felt shame and disgust,” and like it was partly her fault. that.

When Jane talked to a guidance counselor in 7th grade about her family problems, her mother berated her for doing so. “You mustn’t tell anyone what’s going on at home,” Jane recalls her mother’s warning.

When assistant US prosecutor Alison Moe asked why it was difficult for Jane to remember how many times she had been abused by Epstein, Jane replied: “Every time I went to his house, I was abused. It starts to look the same after a while… you become numb to it. ”

Jane said she moved to New York when she was 17, to attend the Professional Children’s School at Epstein’s tuition. Sexual exploitation continues. “Just to be clear, do you want to do that?” Moe asked. Jane replied no.

When Jane turned 18, she moved to Los Angeles and worked as an actress. She lost contact with Epstein four years later, when she became engaged, and her then-fiance questioned why she was spying on and calling the elderly man. She told him that Epstein was her “godfather” but that the fiance was still very gentle with him.

In the late 2000s, she later told another romantic partner about Epstein, after his name hit the headlines following his arrest in Florida and conviction for soliciting a prostitute. adult.

Jane testified that she spoke to police for the first time in 2019, following Epstein’s death. She also filed a lawsuit with the Epstein Victims Compensation Program and received $5 million, about $2.9 million of which will go to her after attorneys’ fees and court costs. other judgment.

When asked why it was important to her to remain anonymous, Jane replied that shame still exists in our society and she fears continuing to happen will affect her career. .

“I always wanted to move on with my life. I am proud that I have my own career, my own husband, my own children,” said Jane.

“I don’t want any part of it,” she added, referring to the Epstein case. “I just want it to go away.”

Defense will cross-examine Jane on Wednesday. Ghislaine Maxwell was in the room while Jeffrey Epstein raped the girls, accuser says


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