“GG ​​Introboys”, Abeng and OB.Neon respond in DPC SEA S1 style

The return of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) Southeast Asia (SEA) 2021-22 Tour 1: Division 1 couldn’t be more exciting as T1 and OB.Neon engaged in some all-chatting jokes beyond performing Dota top quality 2. T1 beat OB.Neon in the first match that Karl”Karl“Matthew Baldovino wrote “Dog” in conversation after killing Federico Jr. Cartagina”Abeng“The Dicdican’s Lions. However, OB.Neon seems to have been agitated by this. It continued to warm up and performed exceptionally well over the next two games, securing a 2-1 series win. Laughter. it was finally up to Abeng and his teammates, who all chatted late in the third game to shoot back Karl and T1, writing “GG Introboys.”

T1 vs OB.Neon: Match Summary and Highlights


In game 1, T1 completely owned OB.Neon. The latter chose the daring Brood Mother but T1 counter-attacked skillfully with 23savage’s Kunkka. The other two lanes were also lost to OB.Neon and it was removed from the game after just 24 minutes.

Round 2 saw a ranch lane with less than two kills in the first 10 minutes. While T1 looked better in terms of map movement and farming, the slow pace of the game allowed OB.Neon to catch up when it came to networth. T1 also lacked the best control and lost the first major teamfight despite 23savage’s Anti Mage having Aegis. Palos with Morphling’s signature sparked the return of OB.Neon, helping the team win after 43 minutes.

In game 3, OB.Neon picked Tinker as the final pick, which seemed to surprise T1. Instead of finding a way to deal with it, T1 turned to Medusa, which, on paper, seemed like a logical choice. T1’s lanes once again saw its dominance, especially with Karl taking a big win over MamangDay. However, OB.Neon’s resource allocation was spot on and T1, without stuns, couldn’t do much to solidify its initial lead. Once again, Palos excelled in his Morphling safelane and teamfights became too difficult for T1 to handle and the team lost at 41 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

After a crushing 24 minute loss to OB.Neon in the first game, T1 looked like it was going to take a quick 2-0 win. However, it was scrapped and played worse in the second and third games. In games two and three, teamfights were uncontrollable, and despite showing off their laning prowess, the team couldn’t turn it into larger goals.

With the top form continuing to be maintained, OB.Neon has surpassed the most favorite candidates of SEA after a surprise victory in the Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational. Over the past few weeks, the team’s chemistry has evolved with Jinn Marrey.”Palos“Lamatao is their best player. OB.Neon will play like this for the remaining three DPC series and take victory as the standard.

In DPC SEA 2021-22 Tour 1: Division 1, it was T1’s first loss and OB.Neon’s first win.

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https://afkgaming.com/dota2/news/gg-introboys-abeng-and-obneon-respond-in-style-in-dpc-sea-s1 “GG ​​Introboys”, Abeng and OB.Neon respond in DPC SEA S1 style


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