“GET ME A BREAK!”; Ron DeSantis blasts Biden’s DOJ for targeting worried parents

Progressives from the Oval Office to the local radical school board continue to demand unwanted vaccinations, make face masks mandatory and accuse parents who want a voice about what their children are taught in public schools, are domestic terrorists.

The Biden administration in a knee-jerk response, responding to an official request from National Association of School Boards to prevent parents from protesting at school board meetings, especially in Loundine County, VA, has called on the DOJ to investigate parents to silence them.

When the GOP’s top governor, Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was asked about the Florida school board’s withdrawal from the national association, he defended their decision while criticizing the leading national autocracy. to their decision.


I support what the Florida school board association has done. It thinks it’s the right thing to come out of the National Association of School Boards;

The National Association of School Boards used its organization to promote a party, narrative, and agenda, and they created this letter to try to get the FBI started; basically executive intervention at school board meetings.

You know they don’t care that the FBI is tracking down the guy in Waukesha, Wisconsin, it’s an intentional act of terrorism, but somehow they think a parent is upset that there’s a show bad teaching put into schools or forced to wear masks, or all those other things that if they say they’re somehow a threat in the country, gimme a respite, and when this came out, we opposed it in the first place, because I knew what they were doing.

They’re trying to intimidate parents, they don’t want parents to speak up, and I can tell you in Florida, parents should speak up.

https://smartzune.com/give-me-a-break-ron-desantis-blasts-bidens-doj-for-targeting-concerned-parents/ “GET ME A BREAK!”; Ron DeSantis blasts Biden’s DOJ for targeting worried parents

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