Genshin Impact: Whitenight and Evernight Puzzle

The Whitenight and Evernight puzzle is what you will do in the Enkanomiya area in The Genshin effect. Although the mechanics are quite simple, the area is quite new and has a lot of activity. This is ours The Genshin effect Enkanomiya guide to help you with Whitenight and Evernight puzzle-solving mechanics.

Note: For more information on the game, see The Genshin effect guide and central feature.

The Genshin effect: Enkanomiya Guide – Whitenight and Evernight Puzzle

You will first encounter the Whitenight and Evernight puzzle mechanics in The Genshin effect when you go to the Dainichi Mikoshi area in Enkanomiya. This happens after you buy Golden Bridle for Enjou, you are then tasked with heading to the central land

When you interact with the device, an entity named Aru will appear. He will tell you that Enkanomiya is awash with these types of devices, turning night into day and vice versa. Doing so will change the way you can get to specific locations or solve puzzles.

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Triangle mechanism

Certain Triangle Mechanics, such as the one you saw before the library where Enjou is, can be activated when dealing damage. However, there are some that look destroyed. If there is a switch nearby, you can change it to Evernight to show the fully built Triangle Mechanic.

Genshin Impact Whitenight Evernight 1

Daise of Day and Night

Similar to the above, Daises of Day and Night is also the switch located in the puzzles. Depending on the cycle, the block may become active, allowing you to activate it normally.

Genshin Impact Whitenight Evernight 2

Sunfire Phantasms

While exploring the Enkanomiya area in The Genshin effect, you may see strange lights or sparkles in an area. These are called Sunfire Phantasms. If you switch between Whitenight and Evernight, these secrets can be revealed.

For example, there is sparkle next to a chest below the central fast-travel spot in Dainichi Mikoshi. If you change to Evernight, you’ll notice that these are Pyro torches. Activating them will lead to a passage where you will meet the shadow of Aberaku. He will give you Hyperion’s Dirge world quest.

Note: Ghostly shades like Aru will only appear when it’s Evernight in Enkanomiya.

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The quintessential place of worship

They look like small trees with a yellow (Whitenight) or bluish (Evernight) light. Interacting with them allows you to use contracts as if specific times of day were active.

Shield-Light Barrier

Finally, there are spots protected by light barriers. Switching to opposite light makes them disappear (i.e. switching to Evernight makes the golden barriers disappear).

In any case, you can put these lessons to good use to solve the rest of the puzzles that fall within Enkanomiya’s main quest: The Drake and Serpent’s Trail, Ouroboros’ Heart, and The Dream in the Void.

Genshin Impact Whitenight Evernight 3

The Genshin effect available through it Official website. For more information, see guide and central feature. Genshin Impact: Whitenight and Evernight Puzzle


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