Genshin Impact tier list: the best and worst characters

There are at the moment 41 Genshin Affect characters out there, so there’s no scarcity of candidates on your dream workforce. However with so many alternative weapon, elementals, abilities, ascension bonuses, and constellations upgrades, discovering your favourites could be difficult.

In fact, it’s tough to discover a really dangerous Genshin Affect character. Whereas base stats and elemental talents are necessary, the worth of a personality additionally will depend on private playstyle, out there weapons and artifacts, and workforce composition. So don’t fear an excessive amount of in case your favorite character is on one of many decrease tiers; you’ll be able to nonetheless make it work with our beneficial Genshin Impact builds.

Typically, being on the very best tiers imply that the character is the most effective of their function, will not be too tough to construct, and performs nicely no matter teammates. Being on a decrease tier implies that there are higher alternate options, or the character wants a really particular construct or workforce to shine.  Simply to notice, the characters are usually not ranked inside their very own tier, and with that out of the way in which, let’s check out our rating of characters in our Genshin Affect tier listing!

Genshin Affect tier listing

Tier Character
SS Diluc, Keqing, Venti, Hu Tao, Ganyu, Bennett, Eula
S Xiao, Albedo, Klee, Tartaglia, Kazuha, Ayaka, Mona, Zhongli, Raiden Shogun
A Razor, Jean, Rosaria, Yanfei, Xiangling, Fischl, Barbara, Yoimiya, Kokomi
B Sucrose, Chongyun, Diona, Qiqi, Xinyan, Xingqui, Sayu, Aloy, Kujou Sara
C Noelle, Lisa, Kaeya, Traveler, Ningguang, Beidou
D Amber

The SS tier Genshin Impact characters



Usually thought-about the most effective DPS character in Genshin Impact, Diluc has a shield-wrecking Claymore, the very best base assault energy, and a excessive essential price. His elemental talents are able to dealing devastating Pyro harm, whereas being good for elemental reactions. As if that’s not sufficient, Diluc’s elemental burst cooldown is 12 seconds and solely wants 40 Power.


Keqing options extremely excessive stats which instantly make her probably the greatest characters within the sport.. This Sword and Electro character ranks among the many greatest in all classes: assault energy, HP, and defence. This makes her a tremendous melee fighter, however she additionally has sturdy Electro talents. Did we point out she will use her elemental ability to teleport throughout the battlefield?


Bow and Anemo character Venti is arguably the most effective elemental assist within the sport. He can use his elemental ability to launch his enemies or himself into the air, whereas his elemental burst creates a large Stormeye which pulls in all close by enemies. It additionally absorbs Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo parts, which is then transformed into 50% further harm output of that elemental sort.


This Polearm and Pyro character can pack fairly a punch when arrange with the best construct. Followers anticipated one other 5 star Pyro character to be on the identical degree as Diluc, and whereas Hu Tao could not have the ability to deal as a lot harm by AoE assaults, her harm output in opposition to single targets makes her extraordinarily precious.


How can a four-star character be within the prime tier? Bennett fills the assist function in most events, offering the complete workforce with a harm increase, heals, and is able to dealing harm when required. There’s a purpose why Bennett has the very best decide price of all characters within the hardest Spiral Abyss flooring – he’s the proper all-in-one character.


Ganyu and her Bow are the primary to rival Diluc’s base assault energy. On prime of that, she has the distinctive capability to shoot totally different sorts of Cryo arrows with simply her charged assault, together with one with space of impact harm. Collectively together with her highly effective AoE elemental talents, Ganyu can repeatedly hurt and freeze her enemies.


Eula is among the prime tier harm sellers in Genshin Affect – she’s in a position to output a large quantity of bodily harm by increase stacks of Grimheart, and unleash large AoE burst harm together with her Lightfall Sword. Her assault pace is quicker than most Claymore customers, and she will additionally inflict Cryo for Superconduct elemental reactions, which cut back the enemies’ bodily resistance for much more potential harm. Our Eula build guide explains learn how to get probably the most out of her as a bodily carry.

Line-up of Genshin Impact S tier characters



As the one Anemo character targeted purely on DPS, Xiao does an amazing job of attacking a number of enemies directly along with his plunging assaults. He can simply set off the basic response Swirl with a bunch of characters, permitting Xiao to fit in with a lot of the roster. Take a look at our Genshin Impact Xiao build to see learn how to get probably the most out of his elemental expertise.


This Hydro character is not only useful with a Bow; by triggering his elemental ability, he can swap his ranged weapon for melee Hydro daggers. Not like most Hydro characters, Tartaglia is able to dealing excessive elemental harm. He can simply arrange Hydro/Electro or Hydro/Cryo combo’s as nicely, making him helpful in some ways.


This bombing-expert is blessed with a excessive base assault, further ascension Pyro harm, and a Catalyst. Because of this, she’s very straightforward to construct for optimum Pyro harm. Take a look at our Genshin Impact Klee build to learn the way. The one draw back to Klee is that discovering the best vary between her and her enemies could be difficult.


Not like different Geo characters in Genshin Impact, Albedo can repeatedly set off extremely harm Geo-infused elemental reactions. His elemental talents create Geo explosions with a big space of impact, and Albedo’s elemental ability has an exceptionally brief cooldown time of solely 4 seconds.


The primary Inazuma character to affix the sport, Kazuha has impressed the Genshin Affect neighborhood along with his unimaginable versatility. Utilizing the best Kazuha build, this Anemo Sword character can deal giant quantities of harm on his personal. For those who can put him right into a workforce composition that utilises elemental reactions, the quantity of harm you’ll be able to construct up is really staggering.


The Genshin Impact 2.0 replace launched Ayaka, the Cryo Sword consumer to the sport. Lots of people had excessive expectations from this character, and it’s honest to say she has met them. Whereas she doesn’t have the identical harm output as Diluc or Ganyu, Ayaka could be inbuilt a DPS function, however she will additionally fulfil the sub-DPS function if needed. It’s nonetheless early to find out the place Ayaka will find yourself completely, however she’s made a incredible impression to this point.


Hydro character Mona’s elemental burst can immobilise a number of enemies directly, doubtlessly freezing them together with a Cryo teammate. Moreover, she will defend your foremost DPS from taking an excessive amount of harm by spawning her taunting Phantom. Mona additionally has a particular evasive capability, making this Catalyst-wielder extraordinarily cell.


After the 1.3 replace, Zhongli is lastly worthy of his five-star ranking. The buffs to each Geo talents and the Geo elemental resonance have drastically elevated Zhongli’s harm output. Not solely is Zhongli able to dealing harm on par with S-tier characters, his Jade Protect capability is very efficient, permitting him to play in a DPS/Help hybrid function. Give our Genshin Impact Zhongli build a glance to see how a lot better he’s now.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is a good character, however she is let down by the Electro factor not being very sturdy. In contrast on to Pyro and Cryo, Electro can’t compete in opposition to the most effective parts because it isn’t sturdy sufficient. You may get probably the most out of Raiden Shogun by choosing a support build – utilise her elemental ability to buff your get together members. If Electro receives a buff to convey it up to the mark with the sport’s greatest parts, Raiden Shogun might transfer larger up on the tier listing.

The current roster of A tier characters in Genshin Impact



For those who don’t have a 5-star foremost DPS but, Razor is your subsequent most suitable choice. Armed with a Claymore and excessive assault energy, he’s one in every of Genshin Affect’s greatest melee fighters. His elemental talents improve his melee assaults, however are much less helpful when creating elemental reactions.


Jean’s base assault is on the decrease aspect, however her versatility as an Anemo assist and healer makes up for it. Whereas she doesn’t really excel in a single specific function, she will carry a workforce together with her mixed melee assaults, crowd management talents, and HP regeneration. Take a look at our Genshin Impact Jean build guide to learn the way to make use of her in fight.

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In comparison with the 4 star characters, Yanfei has the joint third highest base assault (tied with Rosaria). Pyro characters often find yourself being sturdy attributable to elemental reactions, and Yanfei is not any exception to this. Our Genshin Impact Yanfei build goes into element about what artifacts and weapons you need to equip to get the most effective out of this ace lawyer.


Whether or not you wish to construct Rosaria as your foremost supply of harm or as assist on your stronger characters, this Cyro-based four-star character excels in a number of areas. Although Rosaria’s harm output could not match the easiest characters, her talents are extremely versatile permitting her to fit into a wide range of groups. Discover out precisely learn how to create the most effective Genshin Impact Rosaria build right here.


She could not do the very best melee harm with simply her Polearm, however there’s no denying that Xiangling is among the greatest Pyro’s in Genshin Affect. Her elemental ability drops an auto-targeting, fire-breathing teddy bear, whereas her elemental burst surrounds her with fireplace for as much as ten seconds.


The Prinzessin of Electro harm has the distinctive capability to spawn Oz, her acquainted, on the battlefield. Though Fischl wants some constellation and expertise upgrades to maximise Oz’ Electro harm output, this capability has very excessive potential and is superb for creating Electro-infused elemental reactions. You could find out learn how to construct the best Genshin Impact Fischl build right here.


This Hydro Catalyst character could have the bottom base assault of all of the Genshin Affect characters, however she is a tremendous healer. She will be able to both heal characters one after the other utilizing her elemental ability, or heal the complete workforce directly together with her elemental burst. Sadly, she additionally causes the ‘moist’ situation, making her therapeutic unsuitable in opposition to Cryo enemies.


Regardless of Yomiya’s talents being primarily based on fireworks, her assaults have little or no space of impact harm. Because of this, Yoimiya can’t simply run by the toughest components of Spiral Abyss with out large assist from her workforce – whereas it may be executed, it’s simply not optimum to play her this fashion. There’s a probability that the neighborhood kicks up a sufficiently big fuss about her that the builders resolve to buff her, similar to they did with Zhongli. Take a look at our Yoimiya build to find learn how to get probably the most out of her talents.


Given the variety of characters on the Genshin Affect roster, it’s grow to be tough for the builders to create a brand new sort of healer that gamers haven’t seen earlier than. Kokomi is the most recent Hydro healer to affix the sport, and straight away it appears to be like just like the neighborhood isn’t glad together with her talents. Utilizing the best Kokomi support build, it’s honest to say Kokomi is a wonderful healer, however her expertise aren’t wanted within the present meta.

The current roster of B tier characters in Genshin Impact



Sayu is an Anemo and claymore consumer who has the flexibility to deal harm and in addition heal get together members. As is the case with most 4 star characters, Sayu struggles to face out in opposition to characters like Ganyu or Diona who’re the most effective of their class. That being stated, if you happen to did unlock Sayu and also you wish to use her, there are definitely workforce compositions the place she might carry out very nicely in. Learn our Sayu build information to see our assist and DPS builds for this squirrel warrior.


Xingqui’s Sword assaults are simply common, and his elemental cooldowns are very lengthy. He isn’t probably the most appropriate Hydro to use the moist situation to giant enemy hordes. However on the plus aspect: Xingqui’s passive ability will heal the present character, which could be very helpful in the best workforce.


Pyro Xinyan has the very best base assault of all four-star characters. Nevertheless, she additionally has the misfortune of being outfitted with the identical weapon and elemental sort because the beloved Diluc. Though she is in no way a foul character, she simply will get overshadowed by higher Claymore and Pyro characters.


Chongyun is sort of good as a Claymore melee, however he really shines as an space of impact Cryo character. Together with a very good Hydro, he can freeze quite a lot of enemies directly. Due to a mere 12 second cooldown elemental burst, he can freeze, freeze, and freeze once more.


Alchemy-enthusiast Sucrose can launch enemies within the air together with her elemental ability, dealing Anemo harm within the course of. She will be able to additionally soak up all Pyro, Electro, Hydro, and Cryo parts together with her burst, changing it to further harm output. Sound acquainted? Sucrose is mainly Venti, however not pretty much as good.


Katzlein Diona will not be that helpful as a ranged harm supplier, however her Cryo talents can simply freeze a number of enemies directly. She will be able to additionally heal and create protecting shields. Whereas Diona will not be the most effective at both of those roles, it makes her an amazing elemental assist for newbie groups.

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Let’s begin with the most effective factor about Cryo Sword-fighter Qiqi: not solely does she have very excessive assault stats, she has therapeutic talents that scale off that very same assault energy. In different phrases, she is a good harm supplier and healer in a single. Sadly, the present meta has no place for healers which suggests Qiqi’s effectiveness within the later Spiral Abyss flooring drops off considerably.


The neighborhood wasn’t anticipating rather a lot from Genshin Affect’s first crossover character as free characters often don’t carry out nicely. Aloy seems to be an exception to this as she is a wonderful sub DPS option within the appropriate groups. The machine hunter is being held again by her lack of constellations, although there’s a probability these may very well be launched at a later date alongside Aloy’s story quest.

Kujou Sara

With none constellation upgrades, Sara is undoubtedly one of the vital awkward characters within the sport attributable to her clunky moveset. The best Genshin Impact Sara build centres round her turning into an Electro battery. As a DPS possibility, Sara struggles to compete with the opposite 4 star characters. Sara’s talents make her good in an Electro get together, however this factor isn’t sturdy sufficient to construct round. On the naked minimal, attempt to have not less than one further Electro character in your get together to get probably the most out of Sara.

Line-up of Genshin Impact C tier characters



Noelle is an especially defensive Geo Claymore character. She is most helpful for early-game gamers because of her defend and therapeutic capability. Whereas her therapeutic capability is weak, it will probably do the job in absence of a greater healer.


This librarian’s AoE Electro powers are nice for beginning gamers. She has the next base assault than the opposite three beginning characters, she has space of impact assaults, and it’s straightforward to maximise her Electro harm output because of her Catalyst. Nonetheless, she shall be surpassed by others when you get extra Needs.


Sword-wielder Kaeya can fulfil the function of foremost DPS for starting Genshin Affect gamers, however he must be changed as quickly as potential. His ascension stats could give him the next vitality recharge, however Kaeya’s elemental talents are usually not almost as helpful as these of different Cryo’s.

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Traveler’s greatest asset is the distinctive capability to vary their elemental sort. In case your workforce actually wants an Anemo or Geo factor, Traveler will help you out. The conventional Sword assaults are usually not very damaging, however can simply slot in any workforce.


This Catalyst character has a reasonably distinctive defend capability that can be utilized to form the battlefield; simply place a large Geo wall wherever you need, and cease incoming enemy hordes within the course of. The brand new 1.3 replace granted Geo characters a much-needed harm increase, so there’s an opportunity Ningguang could be positioned larger as time goes on. Take a look at our Genshin Impact Ningguang build to discover ways to play as this Geo DPS supplier.


Beidou is a sophisticated character to construct. Most different Claymore characters have a a lot larger base harm output, and Beidou’s elemental talents solely grow to be highly effective if her constellation degree reaches 4. In different phrases, it will probably take ages earlier than Beidou reaches her potential, whereas there are simpler and higher alternate options out there ( you, Razor!).

Line-up of Genshin Impact D tier characters



The place to start out? Amber’s elemental ability has a protracted cooldown, very low harm output, and scales together with her HP. Triggering the explosion manually takes ages. Her elemental burst and regular assault are nothing particular both. Use her for puzzles and exploration solely.

Now it’s time to decide on and construct the characters you want greatest from our Genshin Affect tier listing, or try all of the potential new Genshin Impact characters, together with Ayaka, who shall be becoming a member of the sport within the next Genshin Impact banner. Within the meantime, listed here are some Genshin Impact codes without spending a dime primogems.

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