Genshin Impact: Sweet flower location

In The Genshin effect, the player needs an incredible amount of ingredients to create all the food, alchemy recipes, etc. While out in the world Farming for Mora, solve quests, and kill enemies, players can also farm to earn delicious ingredients to make some powerful food. One of these ingredients is Sweet flowers.

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Updated January 15, 2022, by Scott Vengel: Enkanomiya was just released in The Genshin effectof the Inazuma region, adding a large amount of content to the game. However, despite the benefits that massive content reduction brings to a game like Genshin Impact, it made clear the importance of good item collection methods. With this in mind, this guide will be updated again to include some alternative ways to collect Sweet flowers in Genshin Impact, as well as clarifying some of the key points explored in the tutorial.


Sweet flowers in Genshin Impact

Sweet flowers is, according to The Genshin effect, “Special fragrant flowers. They can be found easily, even in the dark. Just follow the scent.” Surname can be processed into sugar to make various dishes, or they can be used unprocessed to make Sweet Madame. Sweet Madame is a recipe available at the beginning of the game that restores 20 – 24% of max HP and adds 900 – 1,500 HP when eaten.

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This The Genshin effect cooking recipe also used to complete the quest “Old Tastes Die Hard”, for a Mr. Zhu in Guili Plains. Quests can be a good way to get 20 primogems quickly, in addition to Zhongyuan Chop Suey’s recipe, so players may want to stock up on sweet flowers for this recipe.

Buy a place to sell sweet flowers

Sweet Flowers can be purchased from Flora, Florist; she can be found near the entrance of Mondstadt and there are some quests for players who want to complete City of Wind and Song. The player can buy 10 pieces per day from her for 200 Mora each. However, if a player wants to take more than 10 in a day, they will have to go and pick a number themselves.

Choose a sweet flower place

It’s a bit more difficult to pinpoint where exactly the player should pick these flowers, as they grow all over Teyvat, the world The Genshin effectthe map of is located at. Players can find Sweet Flowers all over Mondstadt and all over Liyue. Maps showing spawn points aren’t particularly helpful, because the areas are huge.

Place for Genshin Impact sweet flower farm

However, there are a few main places where Sweet Flowers spawn quite close together:

Find places to buy sweet flowers in Genshin Impact Buy and Choose

The The best place for low level players to farm Sweet Flower is around Mondstadt, where there will be no high level enemies. But players can also view:

  • Mount Stormbearer
  • Dawn Distillery and the small island next to the Winery
  • Lake Starfell
  • Between Mondstadt and Windrise
  • Between Mondstadt and the Temple of a Thousand Winds
  • Northwest of Jueyun Karst

Players should not find Sweet Flowers in Liyue or Inazuma, as difficult terrain and low spawn rates can make finding flowers less efficient. As of version 2.4, Dragonspine is the only area that doesn’t have any Sweet Flowers.

Other ways to get sweet flowers

xingqiu use a plot of cultivation in the impact of genshin

In addition to being collected through scavenging and from Flora, Sweet Flowers can also be obtained through exploration and cultivation. Of these, collecting Sweet Flowers through expeditions tends to be the more efficient option. Sweet Flowers and Bird Eggs can be obtained through expeditions in the Stormbearer Mountains, with a 20-hour expedition yielding between 8 and 12 Sweet Flowers.

While this may not be as immediate as scavenging Sweet Flowers, expeditions are one of the few passive ways to gather materials. In just one week, this method can bring players more 56 to 84 sweet flowers for little or no effort.

In addition, you can also get Sweet Flowers by farming feature in Serenitea Pot. That said, this method is a bit more labor intensive than the explorer case. To grow Sweet Flowers, the player must first collect their seeds from the flowers of the world (with the Seed Station). After that, the player will also need to purchase more seeds in the Realm Depot and any other gardening land needed.

That said, if players are willing to make these investments, this can be a very profitable way to earn more Sweet Flowers. When grown in a horticultural system, Sweet Flowers will need 2 days 22 hours to grow.


this is a The Genshin effect enemy type hidden as Sweet Flower on the map. Whopperflowers are flower-shaped enemies that pretend to be sweet flowers to lull unsuspecting victims into range before attacking. The only way to tell the difference between a real Sweet Flower and a Botanical Flower is to make sure that the flower shows a hand icon when interacting with it.not the “…” symbol. Any flower with a “…” symbol instead of a hand will be the enemy, not the cooking ingredient. They usually appear in places where there are many Sweet flowers.

The Genshin effect available for mobile, PC, PS4, PS5 and there is a Switch version in development.

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