Genshin Impact: How to find the prince

The Genshin effect There is a wide range of tasks from easy and intuitive to difficult and confusing. The Big open world of The Genshin effect consists of a small, simple task that some may need a few tricks to get through. This quest is called Margaret’s Longing, will be available to players working through Jean’s story quest, Leo Minor Chapter. It happens during the first act of the story quest, Master’s Day Off.

Updated February 3, 2022, by Scott Vengel: While Liyue and Inazuma are famous countries in The Genshin effect For a long time, Mondstadt remained a big country for players just starting to play the game due to the recent hype about the Lantern Rite Festival. In anticipation that many new players will still have difficulty catching Prince, this guide will be updated to add more detail to the different strategies players can employ.


The city of Mondstadt is very large, with a number of NPCs that the player can chat with, buy items or take on quests. Some of these quests are only available when Jean is sick from overwork. The Player-selected twin travelers in The Genshin effect decided to help fill in, taking on Jean’s job of helping the citizens of the city. One of the people who needed help was Margaret.

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The quest to find the prince in Genshin Impact

How to raise Prince the cat in Genshin Impact for Mondstadt Quest

After completing the story mission of Jean’s When the West Wind Arises, the player will be free to participate in three side activities: Margaret’s Longing, Charles ‘Troubles, and Sara’s Worries. They can be completed in any order, although Margaret’s Longing is a good starting point.

In the city of Mondstadt, the player will meet the boss of the Fishtail Cat Guild, named Margaret. She says she needs help finding her black cat, Prince, who has run away and is hiding somewhere in the city. Venti was upset that the cat had stolen the Anemo-laced nerve iron needed for his lyre.

Both Venti and Margaret asked the Traveler to find the cat, and Margaret gave it to the anglers to help them find it. Since The Genshin effect the element Anemo The string will emit elemental light, which is the first hint to find the Sassy Prince and bring this kitten home.

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Find and catch the prince

How to raise Prince the cat in Genshin Impact for Mondstadt Quest

Use Elemental Sight, Visitors will be able to feel the wind in the lyre strings that “Prince Rascal of Mondstadt” stole. This will give the player an idea of ​​where to go first. The path will look like a teal colored line with small footprints of the same color in Elemental Sight, giving the player a small path to follow.

Once you have seen the black cat, there are three ways The Genshin effect the player can reach him.

split image of margaret longing in genshin . impact
  1. First, they can use speed to catch him. Use fastest movement in The Genshin effectbunny-hop, the player can try to catch him using the interactive button as soon as they get close. Players should slowly sneak closer to the cat before rushing forward, as this will prevent the animal from running away too quickly. Alternatively, players can ambush the cat from the sky if they manage to get high enough – the rooftops make a good launch point.
  2. If that fails, the player can also lure the cat with the fish Margaret gave them before catching it. This method can be especially difficult during the first few attempts, as the cat will run away as soon as the player moves too close. Perfecting the stealth feature will be important to complete the mission using this method.
  3. A third way is to try to track the cat by walking slowly, then freezing in place when the cat turns to face the Traveler. Whichever way the player chooses, they’ll need to be careful and quiet to capture this wayward cat.

How to raise Prince the cat in Genshin Impact for Mondstadt Quest

If the player misses the cat and it runs away, use Elemental Sight again to find its tracks and keep trying. Don’t be afraid to use fish or speed to lure this fuzzy chicken thief back to his mistress; the player will have countless times trying to catch him.


After the player catches the mischievous cat and brings it back with the ropes, Margaret will reward the Traveler 18,000 Mora, one of the The Genshin effectin-game currency300 Adventure Points, two Hero’s Witnesses, and four Mystic Enhancement Ores.

margaret, venti, and tourists in the craving of margaret in genshin . impact

Although not one of the fastest way to increase Adventure Rank in The Genshin effectthe quest reward will be worth the few minutes it will take to catch that fluffy thief and bring him back to his mother.

The Genshin effect available for Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development.

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The source: Youtube, Genshin Impact Wiki

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