Genshin Impact: Gorou’s Hangout Guide

Gorou is a Geo archer coming for the first time in The Genshin effect 2.0. It was later revealed that he would be a 4-Star character on Arataki Itto’s banner. He was the General of the Watatsumi Army and participated in fight against Raiden ShogunVision hunting decree.

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Gorou is a staunch supporter of Sangonomiya Kokomi and often calls her “Sir.” Although he only recently appeared in The Genshin effect, it’s no surprise that he has a Hangout Event, considering his numerous fans. If the player wants to get all the Hero endings then this article is for them.


Reward from Gorou’s Hangout

possible reward for Gorou's hangout

As usual, every event on Hangout provides players with a useful set of rewards. Here is a list of all possible rewards:

  • 500 Adventure EXP

  • 90 Primogems

  • 10 Hero’s Witness

  • 6 Guide to Light

  • 6 Prithiva Topaz . Shards

  • 5 Legends of War (Gorou’s specialty dish)

Instructions for Gorou Hangout in Genshin Impact

the traveler and Gorou decide how to deal with Gorou's weakness

It all started near Yae Publishing House. Players will notice that Yae Miko is teasing Gorou about his tail. After solving the problem to some extent, Narakami ShrineGuuji’s left. After that, Gorou and the tourists thought about what to do next. Here, there are two options:

  • It’s okay. Let’s just ignore her.

  • Why don’t I help you overcome this weakness?

The first option will lead to the third and fourth endings, while the second will lead to the first, second, and fifth endings.

End 1-2 and 5

Gorou told the tourist that he went to Yae publishing house to buy kokomi a book

If the player chooses to help Gorou overcome his weakness towards Yae Miko, they will present the Shogun with two options:

  • Actually, Yae Miko isn’t that bad…

  • So stay away from Yae Publishing for now.

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The first option will allow the visitors to mentally train Gorou in two different ways to take on Yae Miko, which will lead to an ending or two. In the second choice, the player will convince the General to stay away from the Publisher in the meantime, which will lead to the fifth ending.

End 1-2

Gorou and the traveler decide how to help him face Yae Miko

After Gorou agreed to be trained by the tourists, there were two different methods; Ask around on how to deal with this situation or else the player will have to imitate the hero’s weakness. The first choice will result in reaching the first ending while the second choice will result in the second ending.

Finish 3-4

Gorou tells the tourist about the letters he received

When choosing to skip Yae Miko, the tourists and Gorou agree to continue their daily activities together. Here, they are faced with two choices:

  • I will stay and continue to vote for you.

  • I will continue to follow at Yae Publishing House.

The first will give the player the fourth finish while the second will lead to the third finish.

End 1: Tactical retreat

Gorou Hangout event ends 1

Gorou and the tourists spend the day seeking advice from the people of Watatsumi . island. With each passing minute, this general is more and more confident for the rematch with Yae Miko. Upon reaching the Shrine, the player must draw all the lucky tickets to win the achievement. Unfortunately, the match ended miserably, and Gorou left the Shrine.

End 2: Dessert is the best

Gorou Hangout event ends 2

The tourists started imitating people that Gorou couldn’t deal with. In the end, the player decides to imitate the person responsible for all this mess, Yae Miko. The General realized that he could not take tourists seriously because he considered them friends. Therefore they decided to get Gorou a cake to cheer him on.

Ending 3: That is, Uh…

Gorou Hangout event ends 3

While the player is searching for Yae Miko at Yae Publishing House, they encounter a group of people who turn out to be Hina’s fan club. They hand visitors a flyer featuring a woman who looks suspiciously like Shogun Watatsumi. After Gorou arrives, the player tries to hide this fact so as not to upset him.

Ending 4: The Smiling Send-Off

Gorou Hangout event ends 4

If travelers choose to keep Gorou’s company, they’ll discover that he writes advice for people in the “It’s Life” Column. They help him answer the letters until both the player and Gorou come across a letter from one of his soldiers. The soldier expressed nostalgia for his homeland and a feeling that he did not belong to Watatsumi. Therefore, the General and the player decide to find the person and send him home.

Ending 5: Final Flashback

The 5th Gorou Hangout Event Ends

When suggested to stay away from Yae Publishing House, Gorou tells the travelers that he wants to get an important box. This box had been hastily buried at the start of the war, and when he went back to dig it up he could not find it. After capturing the Treasure Hoarders responsible for it, the Shogun confessed that it contained items from his fallen soldiers.

The Genshin effect Now available on Mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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