Games that Amy Hennig’s rumored Daredevil Project should consider for inspiration

NS Marvel universe has exceeded its popularity among core comic book fans and become a household name over the past few years. Much of this is attributed to the success of Marvel Cinematic Universe, but a lot of credit can also be placed on other multimedia projects, especially in the video game industry. The mighty minds at Marvel have begun entering the gaming scene in a stormy fashion, with blockbusters like Marvel’s Spider-Man and recently Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This will continue with the new announcement of a partnership between Skydance New Media and Marvel Entertainment.


Renowned video game director Amy Hennig, who is responsible for Not detected yet franchise, is working on this new Marvel project, which immediately creates excitement. No confirmation of what Marvel property Amy and her team at Skydance New Media will deal with, but rumors say it will be Daredevil game. The fearless man carries within him a wealth of potential in narrative style, tone, and image. However, at the end of the day, gameplay is key to success in this medium, so here are some games with mechanics and features that Skydance New Media should look to for inspiration.

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Blind horror indie cognitive game

One aspect of Daredevil that sets him apart from other superheroes is that he is blind and relies on his keen senses to fight crime in New York City. In the comics, this enhanced ability is often referred to as “radar sense”, meaning that technically Daredevil can’t see, but objects and sounds emit enough sounds and smells to paint a picture. picture in his mind. This was depicted in many ways in both the 2003 film starring Ben Affleck as well as Netflix show starring Charlie Cox.

Horror movie title 2017 Perception might be the best place to look for how this could work as a game engine. In the game, the player takes control of a blind woman who views the world through a haunting blue, creating stunning visual effects. It can be doubted that this will be rolled out to All games of Daredevil, as it will likely be a third person action game, but this will be the best inspiration for how to use radar sense when it is used.

Assassin’s Creed Unity


Daredevil may not be able to throw lives or jump tall buildings in a single bound, but he is extremely adept at parkour and gymnastics. These reflexes and agility allow him to prowl the rooftops and alleyways of Hell’s Kitchen at night, observing criminals below. The most notable example of this type of transmission in recent games would have to be NS Assassin’s Creed Franchising, is now commonly associated with acrobatic parkour for its impressive endeavors.

While they all did a great job of making parkour fun in video games, it will have to Year 2014 Assassin’s Creed Unity that in particular makes for some impressive additions to these mechanics that would be perfect for Daredevil. Every movement has a good weight and sways with it, while the way protagonist Arno grabs and arches around climbable objects is incredibly vivid. More importantly, animations and movements are added for the player to seamlessly descend the buildings, something that’s just as important as the ascent for a superhero like Daredevil, who is still mostly is a human being.

Dog is sleeping

Insomniac nailed what it would be like to fight as a wall climber with Marvel’s Spider-Man, There are many superhero styles and subtleties to each encounter. While Daredevil certainly has some comic book glamor to his fighting prowess, he’s a more fearless and grounded character than the wall-crawler. Not enhanced by superpowers, he hits much harder to ensure that his enemies fall to the floor and stay.

For this reason, Amy and her team would do well to find other sources of inspiration for the combat system, and Dog is sleeping maybe just the right place. Daredevil can fight many opponents at once with a variety of brutal martial arts, but he is also very resourceful, making good use of his surroundings to hide and hit back. sleeping dog’ combat system features a series of unique ending moves tied to the environment, allowing the player to smash enemies against a wall or table to take them down.

Franchise for Attorney Ace


At first glance, this may seem like a strange inclusion, but it should be remembered that Daredevil wasn’t always a superhero dressed in red flying off the roof. By day, he’s Matt Murdock, Hell’s Kitchen’s blind attorney. To add some variety to the overall experience and separate from the parkour and combat elements above, it might be wise for the team at Skydance New Media to consider exploiting this aspect of the character.

Probably the most famous rule video game series is Great lawyer, the mystery adventure in the quirky visual novel stretched. The investigations and final trials in these titles are thorough and complex, leading to some very engaging storylines along the way. Perhaps Daredevil can’t win every fight with his fists alone and will need to harness his abilities as a lawyer like Matt Murdock to overcome some obstacles.

Skydance New Media’s Marvel The game is currently in development.

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