Games Inbox: Will Dead Space be at EA Play Live?

Today is the day – unless it’s not (photo: EA)

Inbox Thursday looks forward to seeing more of Battlefield 2042 at EA Play Live, as readers are impressed by the Skyward Sword remake.

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Do or Die
So Thursday is EA Play Live, the final kind of E3 incident. I wanted to see more Battlefield 2042 but didn’t Star Wars or BioWare looks like it will lack surprises. I don’t think they’ve ruled out Titanfall 3 but I really doubt it will, which means the only new game will be whatever they do with Dead Space.

I realize that Dead Space is unconfirmed and it may not be there, even if the rumors are true they could end up with a last minute delay – because we already have a lot that in the last year or so. But I guess it’s going to happen because they’re going to want something unexpected at the show and I don’t see that being anything else. Especially with the level of detail of the rumors.

My personal hope is that it’s a remake. I think a sequel would be too confusing for anyone just starting out with it, unless they skip the DLC, in which case why bother? The remake will be fine, but the original isn’t perfect and there are definitely things I’d like to change, while keeping the best parts intact – which is basically exactly what the reboot does. We’ll find out soon but after all this time I hope it’s not a disappointment.

Details of the demon
I think it’s obvious that Konami will go the free-to-play route with PES and I think that’s definitely a good idea. Obviously there’s no way they can compete on a par with FIFA, so something needs to change. Even so, removing the name seems like a bad idea. eFootball seems super generic and while new players won’t care whether it’s called PES or not, existing fans will be annoyed that it isn’t.

What’s more important, though, is the fine print of how many modes you’ll have to pay for the DLC. Is this just 1v1 matches you get for free and everything else comes for a fee? That may be fair but a lot of people will complain anyway, I can guarantee that.

And will we even get offline modes like Master League and Become A Legend? There was no mention of them and I could easily see them disappear completely, so they could focus on online and eSports. Team count is also a concern as it sounds like there were nine teams online at launch, which is pathetic. If you can still edit and create your own I guess but… there are a lot of details here that need to be worked out and a lot of them can get pretty bad.

The original trio
I saw another report the other day that Nintendo had a completed Metroid Prime Trilogy and just refused to release it. I remember a similar story at least a year or two ago, which suggests it was originally planned to coincide with Metroid Prime 4, which was rebooted from the ground up. I can understand why but I still feel embarrassed because I love that game.

But based on what they did with the Skyward Sword, what do we think they’ll do with the motion controls? Metroid Prime 3 always had it, that’s the only way it worked, and they were added to 1 and 2 with the original Switch Trilogy collection. I have to say that I never liked the new motion controls and enjoyed the original very much.

I really hope that whatever this Switch collection is, they include the original games exactly as they are because I can safely say that Metroid Prime 1 is still one of the few electric games out there. The game is perfect, and I don’t want to see Nintendo offer only motion control options to play it. Unfortunately I can easily see what they’re doing.

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Maturity Assets
Some of the Kickstarter/Fig games I’m backing are coming to fruition, I’ll get Psychonauts 2 next month at no extra cost, since I’ve backed it, and I just had to confirm which version of the game. The Good Life equals I want, so I opted for the PlayStation 4 digital version. They also asked me for my name so I could appear in the credits!

Usually with the Kickstarter games I’ve backed, I don’t show up in the credits, because you have to pay more than the cost of the game to get the credits, but with The Good Life that’s not the case. Hopefully my name will be
at the top of the list because my name starts with an ‘A’.
Andrew J.
PS: Defense Grid: The Awakening and Verdun is released for free on the Epic Games Store at 4pm on Thursday, July 22. Defense Grid was previously donated by the Epic Game Store.
Just finished: God Of War (2018), I’m ready for Ragnarök now!

Battlefield Live
It’s interesting to see all the positivity surrounding Battlefield 2042, compared to Battlefield 5. It’s really a low point for the franchise but it looks like they’re back and everything they’ve said so far sounds like exactly what’s needed. Especially not wasting time with a story mode.

I’m excited to see more of it at EA Play Live on Thursday, though I’m not sure what to expect from this new mode if it’s based on old maps. Though I guess if they fix them up with destructive effects and make them big enough for 128 players it would be pretty good.

I’m also curious to see if Activision intends to ‘do a Sony’ and see their own reveal and change their plans for Call Of Duty to compensate. Or maybe they feel they don’t really need to make Warzone a success but I think it would be a mistake to take their feet off the pedals and hopefully they realize that too.

Reading about Skull & Bones and Beyond Good And Evil 2, I couldn’t believe how long these games have been in development. At what point do you unplug and say enough money has been wasted? I mean, I’d say that time has passed at least 5 years but I really don’t understand what they’re excepting to let these games go on.

Skull & Bones looked like a cheap multiplayer spin-off at the time it was announced, and now it has cost Ubisoft over $100 million and was made redundant before it even launched by Sea Of. Thieves. I gave it all to Beyond Good And Evil 2 when it was first announced but that ‘swearing monkey’ trailer was terrifying and completely unlike what I wanted from the sequel. Plus, Michel Ancel is now gone and, as GC implies, it could well be a whole new franchise.

All of this sounds like managers building a home and protecting their own interests, which you see in every industry. And judging all the stories about how bad things work and fail to get rid of managers even when they’re exposed as toxic, it sounds like there’s something pretty rotten at the core of the company. Ubisoft.

This doesn’t seem to affect Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed, as I assume that’s what all the more professional people get, but everything else seems to be a bonfire.

Second run
After playing Zelda: Skyward Sword HD for a few hours, all I can say is… wow. I played the original but gave up after the first dungeon because of the controls, so when it was announced for the Switch with the button control option, I decided to give it a second chance.

It’s a huge improvement over the original, although it can take some time to get used to, and although I’m still not as far as I used to be, I’ll be playing it for a while.
Conkster17 (PSN ID)

Objective opinion
RE: Rashton. Just before I get someone calling me biased, here’s the guy talking as a PlayStation 5 owner who doesn’t care much about Xbox Series X.

It’s not just an advantage on paper, you can watch many third-party game comparison videos and technical analysis videos on the internet to see proof that Xbox Series X is more powerful than PlayStation 5.

The Xbox Series X launched with a poor developer kit, as Microsoft waited on the full RDNA 2 chip, while Sony used a custom RDNA1 chip and the early games didn’t take full advantage of the RDNA 2 chip. both platforms, but this is especially true for Xbox Series X.

Third-party games almost always have a resolution advantage and sometimes a frame rate advantage, and in some cases we’ve found usage also has an additional or uplifting effect. high.

These differences are not overwhelming in practice, and the specifications on paper also do not necessarily provide the full picture. The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X use different approaches to achieving their goals, and each has advantages in some respects. One has a higher (but variable) clock speed and is more agile but cannot sustain the higher speed. While the other is just faster and has more compute units, it lacks some of the agility of the other. But overall the Xbox Series X is just more powerful, and that will be the case for the rest of the day.

Is this the kind of advantage that makes you stop and stare in awe? Not really, with the modern age of dynamic resolutions and upscaling etc., these advantages are not always obvious on the screen to the naked eye, but they are there.

Inbox also-rans
Dark Souls has an easy mode, it’s called soul level grinding and summoning.

I was all thrilled at the prospect of profits being 25% off and then I realized that 25% of £70 is still super expensive…

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Children are even more susceptible to hype than adults, and we all have games that we’re embarrassed to remember looking forward to, but which one annoys you the most? Does it ruin a birthday or Christmas or is it something you’ve spent out of your own money and bitterly regret?

What was your success rate as a child, in terms of the quality of the games you chose and how did you make your choices? Do you remember which advertisement or review was the most misleading and did you suffer from it yourself?

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