Games Inbox: Will Battlefield Portal have 2142 and Battlefield 1?

Should Battlefield Portal Throw Everything In? (photo: EA)

Friday Inbox is cautiously optimistic about the death of PES and the rise of eFootball, as one reader looks forward to The Last Faith.

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Asymmetrical War
It was actually a pretty good E3-ish event from EA, I can’t lie. It’s a pity that Dead Space has leaked but it looks good and I’m glad it’s a remake and not a reboot, that guarantees the best chance of being as brutal as the original and having the same melody. Just being the next generation is also a great bonus.

Grid Legends isn’t really my thing, but Battlefield 2042 is and I’m really impressed by the Battlefield Portal. I’m sure some people won’t find anything to be excited about, but this level of control over these games seems great to me. I don’t know if I’ll have the know-how to use the programming aspects, but the fact that it’s complicated shows how many options there are.

I also like the idea of ​​mixing different eras and really hope that they will eventually add Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 1 and Vietnam. I imagine they would if it was a success. You can essentially make War of the Worlds the equivalent of Battlefield 1 vs. 2142 and to me that’s amazing. Well done DICE, I will definitely buy this game.

The least worst
So Dead Space is a remake after all? On first reflection, that really seems like the least interesting of the three, unless they’re going to completely change it and get rid of the endless ‘come here and fix that’ quests . It’s just the next generation that interests me though, nice to see EA commit to that.

When trying to figure out the logic behind a remake, I think the two options are: they just do it because that’s what Resident Evil did or they’re going to rewrite the entire series and while 2 is good there is. 3 is complete. -via. I guess the first option is the most viable but I imagine they are just testing water (and their next generation technology).

I have to admit that EA Play is pretty good. The design of the Battlefield Portal looks pretty impressive and while the wrestling guy, whoever he is, is annoying, he’s still probably better than EA’s usual presenters. I agree with others who have suggested that EA is the worst of the big three, despite all their monetization scams.

Steal from the best
Clever Wildermyth’s review and proof that big budget doesn’t necessarily mean high quality. If we’re here to help the GC come up with independent recommendations, Metrovania’s upcoming title The Last Faith looks very promising.
Admittedly it is paying homage to Bloodborne quite a bit but that’s hardly negative. It’s also a cross-platform title so hopefully boost media exposure. Think the release date is August if my memory serves me correctly.

GC: It looks nice, we’ll keep an eye on it. Even though the Steam page only says TBA.

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Whale hunting
I don’t even know why I’m emotional about Ubisoft’s latest statement. I tried out Elite Squad for a few minutes when it was released, and quickly realized that it could hardly be described as a game.

The amount of currency and intermediary portals to do anything is just astounding in its audacity to show its dirty, rotten, micro-reaction-filled hands so quickly. .

But I think of these finite games that only last as long as they make money that’s the end. If you were a whale and spent thousands of dollars on this title, what do you have left?

Absolutely nothing. However, FIFA does it every year. Publicity is finite but it yields hundreds of millions.

I just can’t understand how many people can be so attracted when they will be asked to do the same a year later.

Instead of being sad about it all now…

Two games
RE: Kiran. I’m sorry but you still can’t rate PlayStation 5 or Xbox. Don’t get me wrong, Xbox has shown the power of Xbox Series X very impressively on a racing game. Sony didn’t show any such game, they didn’t show Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5. It could be the same, maybe even better. We’ll have to wait and see how Sony does when they show it off and then compare it.

And honestly, it’s a game they’ve shown to work on Xbox Series X. Don’t get me wrong, that game got me thinking, yes, Xbox Series X, I’ll buy it too. . But a game that doesn’t sell consoles. All their games need to look like that and that’s a lot of work. Let’s wait and see what Sony will show at their event, if they have one.

GC: The first trailer for Gran Turismo 7 was over a year ago, before it became a cross-generational title. In addition, a game has often sold a console. That’s the whole point of a killer app.

Dirty Tactics
I just want to put a good word for Wreckfest on next-gen consoles. I’m playing it on Xbox Series X and it’s had a major update since GC reviewed it, which was released a couple of years ago. I did read the review though, and you gave it a 9/10, which it totally deserves for the gameplay.

They updated the game to 4K and 60 fps and added a bunch of graphical improvements. But the best part about it is that the upgrade increases the race cars from 16 to 24 on the starting grid and it’s also pure and fun, I absolutely love it. It was a breath of fresh air after trying to do clean laps on the Forza and can now use his dirty tactics to get people outside the hurdles.

However, the upgrade is not free. If you own the last generation version, it will cost you £8.39 to upgrade to the next generation version. I bought the game from Amazon for £16.75, thinking I could upgrade for free but it wasn’t.

It’s still worth the upgrade in my opinion. It’s also available on Game Pass for anyone who hasn’t tried it yet. I strongly recommend you give it a try.
Nick The Greek

Free to play
I’m not sure I really understand Netflix’s video game plans? If they only play mobile games, aren’t most mobile games free? They don’t have their own studio yet, so they can’t plan to produce their own games, so what exactly are they playing?

I’ve read that subscriptions are plummeting, especially in the US, since the end of the lockdown, so this sounds like one of those pie in the sky, what companies tell investors. I don’t intend to really consider it, as long as it sounds like a good idea. I would be surprised if they rolled out more than a handful before quietly giving up the idea.

Where is the money?
The move towards a subscription-based model for the ISS Pro/PES makes complete sense but could well be the end of my interest in the series, depending on how they handle it. Games have always been about a single-player experience for me, with the wildly addictive Master League mode making games a fixture on my console for the past 20 years (except during the PlayStation era. 3 / Xbox 360 when I thought they were trash so buying FIFA… PES 6 on PlayStation 2 is already a masterpiece!).

There’s just something about starting with a team of adventurers and youngsters, going through the games initially with the skin of your teeth and then gradually leveling up to become world beaters. World never gets old for me, with a round of gameplay it’s more at home in a role-playing game than a football game.

However, times have changed and it is clear that eSports is the place to make money for Konami. While they could still include single player modes as DLC, their focus on PvP means I doubt they’ll put the same effort into the development of rival AI and foreign modes. online as they did before.
I’ll be watching closely to see how it all goes and the Master League DLC could be great, but for now, it looks like one of my favorite game series is outgrowing me. However, we will always have Pro Evolution Soccer 6.

Inbox also-rans
Hate breaking it for Andrew J. but he won’t top the Good Life credits.
Aaron A. Aardvark

Live action cutscenes in the game Grid? I don’t even know how you got started in the position that seems like a good idea. Especially since it can cost a fortune.

Hot topic of this week
The theme for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Iceman, who asked you which game you most regret buying or receiving as a gift in your childhood?

Children are even more susceptible to hype than adults, and we all have games that we’re embarrassed to remember looking forward to, but which one annoys you the most? Does it ruin a birthday or Christmas or is it something you’ve spent out of your own money and bitterly regret?

What was your success rate as a child, in terms of the quality of the games you chose and how did you make your choices? Do you remember which advertisement or review was the most misleading and did you suffer from it yourself?

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