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Propnight was recently released and players from around the world are trying to escape each other through a heart racing adventure that combines elements of survival and deception into the ultimate hide-and-seek game. The players grouped together, armed with the ability to transform into any prop they wanted, hoping to blend into their surroundings so they could ward off a murderous rampage.

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Those that become monsters are forced to track down the group of players and take them down, before they have a chance to exit the area. It’s an interesting release that takes the idea of ​​Prop Hunt and repels danger. Although, to some, it may seem a bit “unpolished” in its current state, it is still a lot of fun to play with friends. Here are some other titles that players can enjoy if they’re having a good time with Propnight.

6 Dead by daylight

Huntress standing outside a shack in Dead by Daylight

This is probably the easiest “switch” for those who like Propnight but are looking for something a little more in-depth. Arguably Propnight combines gameplay elements from Prop Hunt and Dead By Daylight, with the latter featuring similar “repair” mechanics and a central theme of trying to escape a killer.

It’s important to note that Dead by Daylight is definitely a more “mature” game, with heavier levels of violence, bloodshed, and much scarier monsters. Those who live and breathe the Horror genre (or just looking for a good scare) will probably appreciate the world of Dead by Daylight more than Propnight. It’s also been around for a while, with the developers constantly updating and adding new characters and locations.


5 Monstrum 2

Monstrum 2 breaths

Those looking for less puzzle mechanics and strategy, and more action-based run and escape may want to try Monstrum 2. It’s important to note that the title is in Early Access. (and has been since January of this year) but shows a lot of promise, with many players rating it well based on its factors rather than the current lack of polish.

Monstrum shares the same concept as Propnight but removes the “ability to change props” and instead pits four gamers against a player-controlled monstrosity who must hunt them down before they can escape. It’s a scary solo and can be quite fun with friends. The only downside at this point is trying to find enough players to make up a game for those planning on doing it as a solo act.

4 Dark house

Dark Home Steam

One of the best parts of Propnight comes from the fear players can have of each other. There’s nothing scarier than being actively pursued by something, and it can be a stressful mental gymnastics game where players are forced to keep their heads spinning while on missions.

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Dark Home takes the tension of that concept and amplifies it tenfold by placing the player in a dark and foreboding house, surrounded by terrifying environments similar to those found in Phasmophobia. Pair that with some creepy spooky enemies and it’s a recipe for spooky fun that Propnight players will likely enjoy.

3 PIGGY: Hunting

Steam piggy hunt

Part of Propnight’s appeal is that it’s not nearly as bloody, gory, or over-the-top as many other multiplayer “survival horror” style games. PIGGY: Hunt also follows that concept by offering players a game that is all about “spooky survival” but plays like a release that gamers can enjoy with the whole family.

The concept is very similar and is almost set up in the Among Us style, where the player navigates in a top-down view through a series of rooms and corridors, repairing items and searching for tools. useful tool. They will do all of this while avoiding being “infected”, a giant Piggy will eliminate any player they catch. It’s a lot of fun and has some solid reviews on Steam.

2 Between us

between us family vacation game

Speaking of Among Us, it’s another great title for those who enjoy the multiplayer aspect of Propnight. Players won’t have the same tanking power but the title will reward those who are good at mingling.

Among us have more players on the map at once than Propnight and enhance the need for deception by placing some players as Impostors and forcing them to eliminate the rest before they have can complete certain tasks. It’s a lot of fun and requires players to think quickly to avoid being toppled as an Impostor or worse, being falsely accused and sentenced by their peers to perdition.

first Support hunting

Prop Hunt Garrys . Modification

Propnight feels like an amalgamation of many games but its two most profound influences are Dead by Daylight and Prop Hunt. Those who have never stepped foot into the world of Prop Hunt should definitely take a moment to visit the “original release”.

While there are some games floating on Steam that are meant to be stand-alone adventures, many players prefer Prop Hunt’s Mod version of Garry, which works like a giant game of Hide and Seek. Those who want to join the fun can download Garry’s Mod and find a host that is joining the fun.

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