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Matrix has always been associated with video games in one way or another, as the very concept people living in a virtual reality have many similarities with vehicles. On top of that, the flashy hand-to-hand combat and gunfights featured in all four films give off an extreme feel reminiscent of countless action games. With the recent release of Matrix Recovery, the franchise was given a new life and many fans who had left the movie coveted more turned to gaming due to the movie’s connection to the medium to continue scratching. Matrix itchy.


Have a lot of video games based on Matrixso it goes without saying that fans are directly looking for more Matrix content should check those games. However, there are many excellent games that spark similar conversations like Matrix not directly related to the franchise that fans should consider giving it a try. Matrix obviously the inspiration for a lot of action games, especially given the vogue of bullet lengths in the PS3/Xbox 360 era, but the titles listed below are not solely inspired by the series. movies: They take a lot of the ideas present in them to the next level, making the most of the interactivity of the medium.

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bioshock you please

One of the central questions of the original Matrix is a simple movie: “What if all you thought you knew turned out to be a lie?” No game captures the essence of this question better than the original game BioShock. Don’t want to spoil things too much, if you can become part of the gaming community without knowing big turning point in BioShock, the game rotates a large 180 degrees towards the midway point asking the player the same question.

Therefore, this change will re-document their actions in the first half. Similar to Matrix, BioShock talks a lot about free will, and whether a person chooses their life, or lives as a slave to fate. Philosophy BioShock can be chosen hours apart and anyone appreciates how many layers Matrix the movie when it comes to philosophical discussion, will like BioShock at that level alone.


Control Jesse throwing money at Hiss

Remedy Entertainment has been credited with saying that the gunfight scene in the lobby in Matrix serves as the main inspiration for so many Controlbattle encounter of. This is quite evident in the many gunfights that take place in the Oldest House, but it is not until Jesse Fayden gets his powers that the real connection between Matrix and Control be done.

Both stories feature mind-bending concepts of reality, set in dramatic visuals with a protagonist possessing superhuman abilities that make them a threat to anyone who gets in their way. free will. While Control maybe not as philosophically deep as Matrix, the legend and history of FBC is as deep as the legend surrounding it Matrix, and will satisfy fans looking for another story with a long, interesting history behind it.

Nier: Automata

Nier Automata - Emil Climbing the Tower

If anything can please a fan Matrix looking for something comparable to a franchise, that is Nier: Automata. On the surface, the game may seem like another hack-n-slash action game. As players really delve into its story and the meaning behind it, they’ll uncover a philosophically poignant story that features expansive conversations about consciousness, choice, and meaning. of actually living.

Apart from all that, Nier: Automata There are also many hypertext elements that fans Matrix: Revive will especially like to separate and analyze. In addition to the deeper similarities between Nier: Automata and Matrix, on a more superficial level, both deal with stories centered around humanity pushed to the brink of extinction and the role of technology in humanity’s distant future.

Matrix Recovery Now showing in theaters and on HBO Max.

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