Game store employee creates fun custom box art for loose game

There are several video game retailers around the world, with many GameStop is currently focusing on Black Friday deals. However, one store seems to be a little more focused on fun this holiday season, showing off some fun custom canning art on TikTok.

A Tiktoker known as SirShemp recently shared a video, describing exactly what he does in his job. As a graphic designer, he’s responsible for adding boxes whenever someone comes in and sells video games that don’t have them. Clearly, however, whenever SirShemp gets a lot of deals, he likes to have a lot of fun with the canned art.


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In recent TikTok video, SirShemp shows how he changes martial arts on games like Need for Speed ​​Undercover, Dance Central, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: World at War, Cars 3: Driven to Win, Cars: Raceorama, NBA 2K17, and I went to the village with my friends in the afternoon. Many of these are simple enough, if still super fun, such as renaming Dance Central is “Dank Central”, Call of Duty: Black Ops is “Call of Duty: BLOPS” and Call of Duty: World at War is “Call of Duty: War at World.”

However, some of them are a bit more complicated, such as adding gaming meme in Vin Diesel come 3 carboxy of art, wide open mouth, jaw and/or messy with upper face NBA 2K17and add tons of fingers — a simply inhuman amount of fingers — to I went to the village with my friends in the afternoon. The most innocuous changes are often the funniest, and that’s when they all come into play.

SirShemp, at the end of the video, asks his viewers if there are other games that would like to see him mess around and there have been several calls for this game to become a TikTok series. Many people requested games like Halo, Super Smash Bros, Titanfall, or a Soulsborne game to get this treat, and it’s certainly something funny to imagine. However, if SirShemp continues, these pranks are still to be watched.

Apparently, the game has a strong presence on Tiktok and its communities. This isn’t the first video game related video to appear on Tiktok and it certainly won’t be the last. Some videos even include Red Dead Redemption 2Arthur Morgan makes Tiktok trend, this is almost as crazy as it sounds. Either way, comedy, Tiktok and gaming go hand in hand and hopefully the next SirShemp video is as funny as this one.

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