Game Awards 2021: Best Performance Winner Predictions

Video games have historically had a bad rap when it comes to actors’ performances. As a medium, it has not always been taken as seriously as older formats such as TV, film, and theatre, with past performances criticized as overdone or unconvincing. As a result, in the past video game voice actors did not tend to receive the same respect as actors in more traditional mediums. In recent years, there have been some groundbreaking performances, often with the help of motion capture technology like in Naughty Dog’s Our Last One.

Game Award is essentially the video game industry’s Oscars and is the perfect way for video game performances to be properly honored, especially with an award category dedicated to recognition of exemplary role models. There’s been a huge shift over the past decade or so to in-game performances, with titles featuring truly heartfelt character arcs, nuances, and emotions that allow for real voice actors. flexible their performing muscles. With five performances vying for the award, there has been a lot of speculation surrounding who will come out on top.


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What does it take to be a winner?

The Last of Us 2 Abby

The 2020 Game Awards has been a tough year for performances, with plenty of potential contenders including NS Last Of Us 2Ashley Johnson as Ellie and Nadji Jeter as Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. However, it is copper NS Last Of Us 2Her Laura Bailey won as Abby, the vengeful and controlled WLF soldier who is another playable character throughout the game. The first game is famous for its emotional storyline and incredible main performances, and expectations for the second game are high.

Despite being new to the series, Laura Bailey’s Abby become a fan favorite. Her vulnerability has been shown, even in a villain-like role early in the game. Gamers really started off with this character, and her arc of redemption is not only believable, but widely praised. This is, in part, due to the excellent writing, but Bailey’s performance is exemplary. It’s no wonder she won Best Performance, showing that depth and layers are often sought to secure victory in this category.

Giancarlo Esposito – Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6

Recent sections in Cry away The series has been praised for their villains, more so than the playable protagonists, who can appear somewhat lackluster. Not only are the villains the driving force behind the game’s story, but they’re often the star of the story, with the actors’ memorable performances.

Giancarlo Esposito, already a standout star from the TV series Break, providing the likeness and performance for Far Cry 6Anton Castillo’s Villain. Esposito’s performance as El Presidente showcases his ruthlessness and manipulative power, but also depth through the complicated relationship he has with his teenage son. Esposito layered his acting, drawing from his own personal experience to ensure that the character feels fleshed out, as well as sympathetic, even though he has no doubt features. counterpoint. Despite his strong performance, Castillo fell short of the series’ most memorable villain.

Jason Kelley – Deathloop

colt . key art

Deathloop has been one of the standout games of the year, with multiple nominations in several categories including Game of the Year, Best Game Direction, and Best Narrative. Deathloop It looks like you’ll win at least one or two awards, and with more than one nomination in the Best Performance category, the odds are great. The time loop game sees the player track and face eight main objectives known as Visionaries. But there’s a hitch – when the player dies, they’ll boot back to the beginning of the day as they go through the events over and over again until they can destroy all the important targets in a single playthrough.

Player plays as Colt, the doomed assassin repeats that day as they pass by Blackreef and try to avoid a violent ending. Jason Kelley as Colt, an actor known for Mature and Mayor of Kingstown. The performance is no doubt challenging, as Colt has no idea who he is and why he’s stuck in a Groundhog Day situation on the isolated island. Colt’s talkative and sober nature provides a lot of the game’s core content, and he’s undeniably engaging. Kelley instills a character with a sense of humor and confidence, but in a game that focuses on gameplay rather than narrative depth, characters can become a bit out of place in the setting.

Maggie Robertson – Resident Evil Village


Resident Evil Village is the franchise’s newest game, and overall, has received generally positive reviews from both critics and players alike. More focus on action than its horror predecessor Resident Evil 7, the game features a variety of fast-paced and frantic gameplay to put the player in a state of panic. The game has a new setting and continues the storyline of Ethan and Mia, but it’s a side character that really affects the player. Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, the mysterious vampire duchess and the unusually tall owner of the castle towering over the famous village immediately made a big splash in the gaming community.

Undoubtedly the main draw of the sinister and enigmatic villain is her physical appearance, but Maggie Robertson’s performance is also memorable. She even won Best Performer in 2021 Golden Joystick Award, in recognition of her chilling portrayal. Even before the game was released, the character captured the attention of fans worldwide and became the subject of fan art and cosplay. However, despite the character’s attention-grabbing aspects, it remains to be seen whether it has enough layers to give a truly great performance.

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Ozioma Akagha – Deathloop

julianna deathloop shooting feature

With two nominations in the Game Awards Best Performance category, it’s clear that acting in Deathloop has impressed gamers and critics alike. Although Colt is the main protagonist, there is also another character that prevails throughout the game, and that is that of Ozioma Akagha. Julianna. The villainous assassin is tasked with destroying Colt and bringing him back to the beginning of the day before he can complete his mission, and she is certainly one mind in her pursuit.

Part of the story in Deathloop is exploring the relationship between Julianna and Colt, and determining why she decided to kill him and protect the Loop. Ozioma AkaghaHer performance is interestingly contrasting – one moment she makes a friendly joke, and the next, she angrily lunges at the player with a machete. While both Kelley and Akagha’s performances are superb, it’s hard to understand how characters function more as guides in a game that’s mostly about setting and mechanics.

Best Performance Winner Prediction: Erika Mori – Life is Strange: True Colors

Alex Chen in Life is Strange: True Colors

NS Strange La river life First of all, it’s about relationships. Narrative-driven games focus on taking players through intimate and emotional stories, using gameplay to define characters and provide insight into key interactions. Life is strange: True colors won Best Storytelling at this year’s Golden Joystick Awards, and was praised for its powerful writing and engaging protagonist, Alex Chen. For a series known for its emotional resonance, it’s easy to see why it performs so well in narrative genres.

Overall, the facial animations and vocal performance have been improved compared to previous entries in the series and have received rave reviews. However, Erika Mori’s performance as protagonist Alex Chen has been the focus of acclaim, with gamers and critics alike pointing to her reach and empathy. Alex is the beating heart of the story, and Mori ensures that such an important central element has the depth and complexity to do the story’s justice.

The relationship between Alex and the other characters in the small town Haven Springs is what gives the story the most depth. The depth of Alex’s character is fully explored in the game, from the tough moral choices to the softer interactions, and the freedom this gives Mori in the performance is one of the best. the reason she supposedly won Best Performance.

Game Awards 2021 premieres December 9, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. PST.

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