Game Awards 2021: Best Direction Winner Prediction

This year every year Game Award show is coming, back to a live event after two years of virtual events. While there are certainly leaders in many of the 30 prize categories, there is not a single standout game that is likely to dominate the prizes. As the gaming industry (and the world) continues to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, a series of unexpected challenges have been put through, and so the games released this year reflect that. . However, games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Deathloop ranked nominations in six and nine categories, respectively.


While the Best Game Guide is a coveted prize, right there with Game of the year, this category causes some confusion. Nominees are selected based on how cohesive and complete the game feels, and so rather than a particular aspect of the game, it’s the overall design of the game that matters. As this category is similar to the Game of the Year awards, and often (though important, not always) the winner in both categories will be the same game. Last year, both awards were received by The Last of Us Part 2, but in 2019, GotY has Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice but the Best Game Direction has arrived Death Stranding. 2021 could be the same scenario.

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deathloop play status

Deathloop had the most nominations this year, and was really well received by critics and gamers alike. The game features a unique storyline and fun time loop mechanics that give players the opportunity to explore and master a day-repeating day on a mysterious island. There’s a lot of lore embedded in the game, and with its excellent voice acting and fashion sense, the game has a strong overall direction.

As the most nominated game, Deathloop are in a good position to win this category. However, for many players, the story somewhat breaks down near the end of the game and the characters aren’t as developed as they could be. Although there are some errors in Deathloop’s Combat mechanics and gameplay, time loop mechanics are often praised. So it’s definitely a strong competitor for the prize.

It takes two

it takes two

If there’s ever been a time for co-op games to thrive, it’s been during a worldwide shutdown due to the global pandemic. It takes two stands out among co-op games in its creative and fun gameplay, while the game’s theme is surprisingly dark, but never feels too heavy.

As a strictly co-op experience, It takes two is at a disadvantage because not all gamers will give it a chance. However, It takes two developer Hazelight Studios has established itself as an expert in creating immersive and collaborative co-op experiences. Since the best Game Direction is based on the overall design of the game, It takes two is a serious opponent thanks to its emphasis on cooperation and varied gameplay mechanics. Especially, It takes two Returns to old-school co-op games in a fresh way, but this can really alienate young gamers without a nostalgic attachment to the genre.



Many people feel that Profit was largely ignored by this year’s Game Awards, with nominations in just three categories. Thus, it appears that this is a strong contender to win this award, but is the only one who did not receive the Game of the Year award. Unfortunately, this makes Profit an uncertain victory, based on the results of the past few years.

While both Returnal’s The sci-fi narrative and time loop mechanics were largely praised, while the lack of save features and the easy loss of progress were criticized. Since Best Game Direction is a category of overall coherence and gameplay innovation, criticisms Profit received does not affect the ability to win. However, the game has amassed a lot of big supporters, so while it’s not a win for the category, it could be Profit.

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Psychonauts 2


The long-awaited sequel to the cult classic, Psychonauts 2 received the Xbox Game of the Year award at Last month’s Golden Joystick Award. Famous as the first game that received critical acclaim, commercially, it flopped. The game’s popularity has grown quietly and steadily since then, and this sequel is a hugely anticipated and fan-satisfying game. However, while the game received rave reviews for its plot and themes, it was criticized for having outdated gameplay mechanics.

Although this game has given many longtime fans a great sequel to the 2005 original Psychologist, some rough edges in Psychonauts 2’s mechanical which means it doesn’t quite have the coherence inherent in this category. As the sequel to a very popular game, Psychonauts 2 could very well win any of the five categories it’s nominated for, but aside from the nominations, it doesn’t make much sense to be the winner for Best Game Direction.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart


This year’s second most nominated game, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Undoubtedly one of the strongest PS5 releases to date. While there was some criticism about the game’s mechanics, it received strong praise for the way it used the PS5’s capabilities. Like other Ratchet & Clank The gameplay, gameplay, and narrative are all engaging, light-hearted, and designed to be enjoyable to play. Especially, Ratchet & Clank It has been praised for its accessibility options, with disability advocates noting that while it’s far from perfect, it still goes above and beyond in terms of accessible play.

Given the accessibility and innovation inherent in using the PS5’s relatively new game mechanics capabilities, Ratchet & Clank there may be a more advantage Deathloop and others in this category. However, there is a separate category for Innovation in Accessibility that Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart nominated and as such it doesn’t quite deserve Best Game Direction. However, like everyone else on the list, it makes sense as a winner and fits the category.

Predictions for the Winner

best game direction 2021 game awards

Each game nominated for Best Game Guide has plenty of credit for innovation and direction. When Profit has strong supporters and fans, its exclusion from the Game of the Year category makes it impossible to win. Similarly, while Psychonauts 2 As a satisfying sequel to a cult classic, criticisms of specific game mechanics make it less likely to win. However, The unexpected happens at the Annual Game Awardsand can only speculate based on available information. The votes will likely be close to strong fan bases for all of the games mentioned, though it’s clear that some games have the edge over others.

The remaining three nominees all have key factors that could help them win. Deathloop tap into the popular time loop trend in the game up to the endand extremely popular with widespread appeal. This may be enough to do Deathloop winner, but like Psychonauts 2, mechanics have some rough edges. Since the criteria for Best Game Direction are in some ways broad, some minor flaws might not matter if the game has enough impact. Deathloop definitely had this impact and stirred up a huge amount of buzz when it was released.

It takes two is a strong competitor due to the couch co-op celebration, emphasis on cooperative gameplay and fun mechanics. However, as a couch co-op game, the appeal is limited; The developers have made online co-op a similar split-screen experience, but it’s very difficult to create a live gaming experience with someone. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart there are a lot of benefits to it in terms of gameplay, with its innovative use of PS5 and strong accessibility. However, since accessibility is a different award category, it is possible Ratchet & Clank missed out on this award due to the popularity of other nominations.

When Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and It takes two both have innovative gameplay and design, Deathloop Probably the most popular game on the list. Voting is still going on and so the winner could be any of the nominees. Based on previous years, The winner of Game of the Year is also likely to win this category, and with Deathloop is a strong contender for that award, it could also get Best Game Direction. It takes two winning would be a great sign for fans of co-op, and while its story may be lacking in some places, it’s a well-designed game. Are from Ratchet & Clank’s the innovation is largely based on the capabilities of the PS5 and it is very difficult to get a PS5, the game can miss the prize, although it certainly has a strong direction and design.

Game Award goes live on December 9, from 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST.

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