G2 struts through the lobby on day 10 of the NA ALGS Pro League

G2 took an impressive win in NA today Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) Pro League matches, choking opponents with dominating Wingman shots and well-timed Ashes. The top-level controlling lineup may have gotten off to a slow start in the Pro League, with just a few points in the first two rounds. But they’ve been on the podium for the past three days of competition and have put in an incredible performance today, putting them in line for big rewards when the regular season ends on December 5.

Saturday night games are important for many teams. The $1,000,000 Playoffs round, scheduled for an international LAN in early 2022, was changed to an online regional format this week due to concerns about the omicron variation of COVID-19.

The new online format will categorize the top 20 teams in North America, doubling the number available. Teams that once had hopes of making it to LAN are now ready to qualify, while other teams that have long given up hope of staying in the Pro League now have a chance to avoid relegation in the Second Division Challenge Round.

The Sentinels started the action in game one by wiping out G2, sending the day’s final champions back to the lobby with ease. The game ends outside of Survey Camp, where 100 Thieves’ Nicholas “Vein” Hobbs has the advantage of high ground and a deadly Kraber sniper rifle.

It was a fair fight between 100 Thieves and Esports Arena, both of which found themselves in an awkward position as the first phase ended. The 100 Thieves, who could easily miss the Playoffs, have struggled to live up to high expectations in the Pro League after winning their first ALGS championship. Esports Arena, the most dominant team in the Pro League to date, has just lost what many consider their standout player, Evan Verhulst, to TSM. When they clashed in game one, Esports Arena wiped out 100 Thieves, quelling any doubts about the untested new roster.

G2, a team that hasn’t been at their best in the Pro League to date, won game two with a series of stellar offensive plays at Launch Site. They overwhelmed their opponents late in the game with well-timed Ash Ultimate, stealing the game from Torrents and Sentinels.

G2 continued to work wonders in game three, taking down deadly teamfight Complexity on their way to another victory outside Thermal Station, near where G2 dropped. That leaves G2 behind Sentinels, 100 Thieves and Esports Arena.

Round 4 was another late game in Survey Camp, where Torrent got the win they really needed. Like Furia and 100 Thieves, Torrent is about to qualify for the Regional Online Qualifiers. That win sent them into second place — just one point behind Esports Arena, who are still chasing first place, and one point ahead of G2, whose two wins didn’t have enough kills to give them the lead. comfortable front.

Entering game 5, only a few points separate all the top candidates. G2 got lucky early on with another Thermal Station area and added that after Sentinels and Esports Arena both hit the field pretty early. That leaves G2 with a great opportunity to give themselves a lead on the field. They took a death-defying spin with Ash’s Ultimate in the late game circle, similar to their first win, leveling the competition with deadly Wingman hits and making it their third win of the day. Their looks easy. G2 got 14 kills for a total of 26 points, all of which secured the squad the championship trophy of the day. Jordan “Resultuh”.

With all the winners confirmed, the final game is more about what the other teams can do to improve theirs than the winning team will be crowned. That Friday’s match ended outside the Trials, where Spacestation outplayed the competition on a clearing crowded with Gibraltar bubbles and Caustic gas.

Oxygen Esports took second place, doubling their points throughout the entire tournament with a superb performance. 100 Thieves, Torrent, and Furia have all done enough to stay in the conversation in the Playoffs hallway.

Esports Arena finished in a disappointing 8th place after that bold first win. It remains unclear whether Esports Arena can hold onto the Pro League’s top spot without Verhulst, arguably the team’s most important member. His replacement, Logan “Knoqd” Layou, is talented, but talent is often not enough to overcome the loss of synergy caused by the departure of an experienced teammate.

Now only one tournament point separates the first place Esports Arena from their rivals. December 5 is the last day of the first tournament. The winners will walk away with a lion’s share of the $125,000 prize pool, and the top 20 teams that will compete in the Playoffs lobby will be selected as finalists.

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