Funny Elder’s Ring Memories Perfect description of players trying to avoid spoilers

Only 27 days left before Elden Ring finally released. While many people wish to experience Elden Ringcontent hour, another war started before the game’s launch. However, this has nothing to do with scary areas or enemies; Instead, many fans are now fighting to survive the game’s continued wave of vandalism, hoping to be able to launch the game without spoiling the story elements.

Elden Ring Vandals have been rampant on the internet for months, and a bunch of other vandals have recently popped up on the internet. This time, the vandals came from a GameInformer article, and many Elden Ring Fans were quick to warn others about the article to avoid vandals.


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However, rather than warn other fans or avoid vandals, some fans decided to shed light on the situation, creating new memes satirizing the vandals. With many news around Elden Ring On the more serious side, the meme wave is a breath of fresh air for fans looking to skip spoiler season. The first of these memes was created by Reddit user Acutebutobtrantyngle and shows an accelerated clip of a Dark Souls 3 The player fights a fast spinning Dancer.

The second meme, posted by HahaLookyHere, teases fans who saw the GameInformer article, wondering why fans were surprised that the article contained vandalism to the game.

The last memes were posted by Helit80, who brought to light their own actions regarding the vandals and the article.

It looks like these three memes are made into a collection, with each meme depicting a different fan reaction to Elden Ring damaged. In addition, each of them can be directly compared with Dark souls characters in their voices. Acutebutobtrorsngle’s meme will definitely be posted by Solaire who is constantly fighting to survive among the spoilers and achieve his gameplay goals. HahaLookyHere’s meme mocked fans to the point of foolishness thinking that a GameInformer article wouldn’t contain vandals, wondering what fans might be thinking; This meme will definitely be posted by Patches, who constantly laughs at players’ mistakes. Helit80’s meme is the saddest of the trio, with users describing their own losing battle against an endless wave of vandals, and is directly comparable to poor Artorias losing first. abyss.

Dark souls aside, these three memes are downright hilarious and show how players deal with the dangers of spoiler season. With Elden Ringsoon to be released, lucky fans won’t have to avoid spoilers much longer, as they’ll get direct access to the game. Those who want to avoid spoiled season should watch some Miyazaki’s comments on the game after Elden Ringthus avoiding spoilers and at the same time satisfying their craving for FromSoftware news.

Elden Ring Releases February 25th on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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