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Spanning two galaxies, lots of games and some books and comics, Block effectIts reach is huge. Now, thanks to the fans, this also includes a bunch of hilarious memes.

The Memes have come to define a corner of the Internet dedicated to funny jokes and the introduction of cultural phenomena. The rise of this commentary culture has added another dimension to the enjoyment of mediums like video games, while allowing players and fans to explore their favorite series like Block effect.

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Mass Effect Is Way Too Meme-Can

shepards . bulk effect

NS Block effect The series is an epic sci-fi RPG that sees Commander Shepard and crew save the galaxy time and again from enemies. The fourth game in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, took the franchise in a new direction – especially for an entire other galaxy – and focused on a new protagonist and their choice of teammates. NS Block effect the series proved extremely popular with gamers and BioWare even next tease Block effect installment on N7 earlier this month.


What’s nearly as common as the four entries in the series are the memes generated from the game. From the feeling of anxiety before Shepard’s famously dodgy dance moves, to the fierceness of the Commander when chasing the tail on the Normandy, gamers have put all their energy into the game. Block effect memes. Fans even found similarities between Block effect and fake spy Austin Powers, creating a truly hilarious visual mash-up that is sure to please gamers and movie enthusiasts alike.

Beginning throughout the Milky Way


Almost more memorable to fans than its gameplay, romantic aspect of Block effect Game has been a company favorite since its original release. It’s a testament to its massive popularity that BioWare has increased romance characters from just three in Block effect to double in 2 . Mass Effectand even more in 3 . block effect and Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Shepard’s infamous “we’ll explode, OK?” spread after mans1ay3r’s 3 . block effect Gamer Poop YouTube videos and has created many inappropriate memes since then. It perfectly encapsulates the sometimes difficult but undeniably romantic entanglements in which Shepard can find herself and celebrates the fan’s unofficial mission to reach out to as many alien species as possible. as weird and wonderful as possible.

Hamster Before Heroics


Another source of meme content in Block effect is Shepard’s preference for fish and furry friends, which the player can collect in their quarters on Normandy. Everyone loves a good pet, and Commander is no exception. One particularly iconic addition is Shepard’s space guinea pig, which sees the player go through a lot of pain and heroic action. A little less cuddly but equally adorable is Shepard’s collection of fish, along with guinea pigs that can be purchased on the Citadel.

Fans have enjoyed mocking these pets through memes, pointing out the absurdity of building your ideal aquarium while the fate of the galaxy is literally in your hands. .

My Evil Twin Did It


It’s a classic cliché – you confront a mysterious new enemy, and they turn out to be none other than your evil twin. Or, in this case, evil cloning. In the capital city DLC because the 3 . block effect, the player must face a genetically engineered version of Shepard before returning to their crew in Admiral Anderson’s luxury apartment.

The double Shepard’s debacle was fertile ground for memes, but BioWare beat the player by using it to poke fun at itself first. After OG Shepard confronted their evil clone, they commented to their teammates about the clone using the iconic catchphrase “I should go” – an admission of its abuse, cause a lot of excitement for the characters and players.


While touring the Citadel, players have the opportunity to endorse certain stores for discounts on items. However, there isn’t any limit to the number of stores a player can claim, meaning Shepard can take a small video of them claiming that this is their favorite store on the Citadel.

Quite rightly, players have commented on Shepard’s lack of loyalty to shopping and have used this small and innocuous aspect of the game to create some humorous content.

Mass Effect’s Internet Boyfriend

Garrus Vakarian is consistently one of the most popular teammates throughout Block effect trilogy of works. He can be recruited for all three games and can be romantic in two games if you play as the Female Shepard. Not only is he a helpful teammate and frequent franchisee, but many fans consider the Shepard/Vakarian romance to come to the fore. do fan art only about their potential relationship outside of the game’s story.

His support for Shepard, his clumsy flirting attempts, and his undeniably evil air have made Garrus a universal favorite. Block effect squashed (lower jaw aside). This created an endless meme font, from “you versus the guy she told you not to worry about” to the “distracted boyfriend” image.

Shepard To The Rescue…Again


Some main quest throughout Block effect series It’s engaging and has amazing settings and cutscenes, but the side quests can be a bit repetitive. Players dread calls from Admiral Hackett or briefings from Illusion Man if all they say is “Shepard, someone did something wrong and we need you to fix it.” it.” It sometimes feels like Commander Shepard is the only capable figure in the entire galaxy.

Players quickly discovered these seemingly endless quests, with copy-and-paste setups and similar installers. It didn’t take long for them to scoff at this endless list of cleaning tasks, where Shepard rushes in like a one-man army to solve the galaxy’s problems.

Blink and graphic risk


With the success of Block effect trilogy, fans are eagerly anticipating a sequel in the franchise. Mass Effect: Andromeda was released in 2017 and it wasn’t long before players started pointing out some obvious bugs and graphical glitches. BioWare immediately worked on the patch, but the damage was done.

Between hilarious facial lines, NPCs combined with stationery items, and weird walking animations, Mass Effect: AndromedaFate’s has been sealed as a meme-worthy entry in the franchise and won’t be returning.

Legendary version of Mass Effect Currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Imaginary mass effects movie poster Idris Elba as Commander Shepard

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