Fun World of Warcraft Cartoon Shows ‘Blizzard’ Board Meeting About Wow Classic

A World of Warcraft YouTuber simulates the board meeting at Blizzard while creating World of Warcraft Classic.


World of Warcraft Classic is what ever-expanding MMORPG fans have wanted for years. Released in 2019, World of Warcraft Classic returning the game to its pre-release state of “The Burning Crusade”, World of Warcraft’s first expansion. The game is set back to the original nine classes, with a total of eight races to choose from and much of the gameplay similar to World of Warcraft in 2006, with some necessary changes that improved the game’s playability.


The production of World of Warcraft Classic was seen by many as a refreshing move, as it allowed older players to play the game in a fairly original state, while also allowing new players to join in without splurging on multiple expansions. For players who want to re-experience the release of the expansion, World of Warcraft Classic announced the birth of a “Burning Crusade Classic“in May 2021. One World of Warcraft however, what did the player imagine the original decision-making consisted of World of Warcraft like ending up at Blizzard HQ.

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Using models and environments from World of Warcraft, The short animated video shows a hilarious parody of decision-making regarding Blizzard HQ, complete with a greedy goblin at the head of the table, chaos occurring outside the Blizzard boardroom, and a skeleton. represent Blizzard’s PR department. Apparently the video is attracting more than a few pokes World of Warcraft developers and they take a more skeptical view of the introduction World of Warcraft Classic’s inclusion. Ridiculousism is nothing new to World of Warcraft fans, although it’s not in every fan-generated animation. Some of them are quite healthy, such as one of them healthy, winter theme World of Warcraft cartoon.

Fan reaction to the video has been positive, with many in the comments amused by the humor and poking fun at Blizzard. One commenter was particularly amused by the “cut budget” button that resulted in an employee at a board meeting being thrown out the window by two goblins, while another commenter wrote “I think this totally demonstrates how the Shareholders and inner circle at Blizzard work on a core level.” However, the animation is not something that is only used by Blizzard fans, the developers themselves. teased a anime series based on World of Warcraft in 2020.

The YouTuber, who created the animation, called “Gorak’s Guides,” also commented that they left out “some things going on that I don’t think are suitable audiences for brevity.” Although the YouTuber did not specifically mention the actual situation they are referring to, it is likely that harassment case against Activision Blizzard, which recently saw employees fired for misconduct.

World of Warcraft Classic Now available on PC.

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