From Family Entertainment To Virtual Tours: Useful Google Apps

Most people use several popular Google services every day, sometimes without even thinking about it. The most popular is Google Search, where we can find any information we need, such as a list of the best PC porn games. However, in addition to Gmail, Docs, and Search, the company offers other interesting but undervalued tools. Let us look at six of them.

Family Link

Family Link is a Google app with parental controls. With it, parents can find out what services their children use and filter new apps they want to download. Family Link also lets you remotely install apps on your child’s device, limit screen time and track their location.

Family Link is designed for kids using Android devices and Chromebook laptops. However, parents can control it all with an iPhone.


Google Tasks is a handy to-do list service for iOS and Android, integrated with Gmail and Calendar. You can use it as a regular to-do list: write tasks there, mark completed ones, and update them when necessary. But thanks to the integration, you can make and view to-do lists right from Gmail and Calendar: all your to-do lists are synchronized.

Arts & Culture

To make up for the lack of travel, you can take online tours of famous museums with Google Arts & Culture. The service offers more than 2 thousand museums and 100 thousand works of art. In addition, there is a section with games where virtual coloring, crosswords, and other puzzles are available to help have a good time.

YouTube for Kids

Not all videos on YouTube are appropriate for kids. Luckily, Google has introduced YouTube Kids, a version of YouTube for kids under 12 in which you can filter content.

After registering, a parent takes a short tour of the platform and creates profiles for each child. Here you can choose an age category: 0-4, 5-8, or 9-12 years old. Then you need to download the YouTube Kids app to your child’s device (available on iOS and Android) or simply access the site from a browser. 

Photo Scanner

Chances are you have a lot of old photos stored at home that you’ve been thinking to digitize. You don’t need expensive equipment or a lot of time to do this – just use Google Photoscanner.

Using your smartphone camera and the Photo Scanner, you can “take a snapshot” of the original photo. The app will automatically detect its borders, tweak it, and upload it to your Google Photos account.

Remote Chrome Desktop

This free tool allows you to quickly and easily manage one computer from another. If a family member or friend who lives far away needs your help, just send them to the Remote Chrome Desktop site. The “Show Screen” button gives you a code that you need to enter on your computer. That’s it: you get remote access.

You can also use the tool to connect your own computers and manage them remotely without shutting down the program.

Cardboard Camera

If you have VR glasses, create photos that you can view in virtual reality. The CardBoard camera doesn’t take live pictures from Harry Potter, but the photos created with it will bring memories to life thanks to the 3D effect.


An app for virtual educational tours. It contains more than 200 expeditions that you can go on with friends or classmates. If you connect multiple devices to the same network, you can arrange a group excursion from the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space.

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