Fox News reporter protests Greg Gutfeld’s comments on Ukraine Insurance ‘Emotions’

Fox News reporter Benjamin Hall was pushed back on Tuesday after Fox News host Greg Gutfeld News outlets are accused broadcast emotional footage from Ukraine in an attempt to deliver a pro-war narrative.

“Speaking as a land person, I would say this is not the media trying to create some kind of emotional response,” Hall stated bluntly when delivering a direct report. continue from Kyiv.

Meanwhile, the remarks that detracted from Hall’s reaction had come earlier in Fox News’ critically acclaimed talk show Five. During the discussion about Russia’s targeting of Ukrainian civilians during the gratuitous war in Ukraine, Gutfeld made a lengthy speech in which he questioned the media coverage of the crisis. growing.

“I can feel the power of these stories accelerating and accumulating to create a story,” said the Fox News host. “And they only go in one direction. And I understand why they only go in one direction, because it is the aggressor who has to go through the brutality, right? And that’s all we’ll see.”

He added, “However, I can’t help but feel that this is a lot like the other stories we have experienced in the digital age, in which an image is captured and then played back over and over. many times to create some images that respond to your emotions, because that generates profits for the news companies, right? “

After hinting that the media had “indoctrinated” the public with images of police brutality, Gutfeld then went on to accuse the media of showing gruesome images and footage. about the Ukraine war to serve a particular agenda.

“The bad part is there’s this kind of stimulating storytelling there to create a reaction, and if someone like me says, ‘wait a second,’ and you try to resist the beat of the drums, you’ll be seen as cold people do not consider. – cute pussy,” he exclaimed. “But if you amplify that story, why can’t you be called pro-war? If you want to promote this, why can’t I call you pro-war?! ”

After a commercial break, the show turned to the Hall to report on the latest developments in almost two weeks war. And foreign reporters immediately questioned Gutfeld’s remarks.

After saying that the media wasn’t “trying to induce some sort of emotional response,” Hall later noted that the footage that field reporters were showing was “absolutely what’s going on” at cities ravaged by war in Ukraine. Hall also noted that more than two million Ukrainians have already left the country.

“It was an absolute disaster and the people caught in the middle were the ones who suffered,” he continued. “Don’t take it from my words, take it from the words of some people trying to run away.”

After airing testimonies from Ukrainian refugees, Hall added that it was a “tragic thing that’s happening in this country” and “there are more videos that we know what to do with” before speaking. told his Fox News colleagues that “we’ll continue to cover it for you here on the ground, but it’s only set to get worse.”

At the end of the segment, Gutfeld addresses Hall’s criticisms of his remarks, initially trying to be a little sarcastic.

“What do you think, should I take Benjamin Hall’s cheap attack on me or be a good colleague and let it slide?” Gutfeld jokingly asked, prompting co-host Dana Perino to jump in: “Remember what you said about our reporters last week.”

During a broadcast of Five last week, Gutfeld revealed significantly that his mother-in-law was stuck in Ukraine and temporarily residing in the border city of Lviv. At the time, he thanked colleagues in the country for helping to bring her to safety. She eventually crossed the border to Poland and was reunited with her daughter.

“I want to point out that being like our colleagues is amazing [because of] what they have been doing for a sassy, ​​cynical person like me,” Gutfeld said last week. “People have helped me, and someone has been obnoxious to them before and will probably become hateful to them later.”

Returning to the show on Tuesday, Gutfeld quipped that he would “be a better man here” before defending his previous remarks.

“As I said before when this started, we wanted to finish as quickly as possible. My concern has always been, when a narrative creates a narrative that reinforces one side, which is not out of the box, you create more suffering,” he stated. “It’s the simple point I’m making that this could have been prevented if a fact-based decision had been made and not the story of David and Goliath which could prolong this and lead to more more suffering and more humanitarian crisis.”

This is not the first time that one of Fox’s “hard news” reporters has dismissed the network’s analysts and opinion archivists about their commentary on Ukraine. In fact, last month when Gutfeld and co-host Lisa ‘Kennedy’ Montgomery suggested that the Ukraine crisis was “manufactured” to distract from Fox News’ excessive coverage of its latest reporting record. by John Durham, Fox News reporter Jennifer Griffin didn’t mind giving a lengthy fact check break their prejudice stories. Fox News reporter protests Greg Gutfeld’s comments on Ukraine Insurance ‘Emotions’

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