Fox News anchor Chris Wallace is urging Texas hypocrisy from Ken Paxton and Greg Abbott on vaccine mandates.

Fox News head Chris Wallace On Sunday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was repeatedly angered by what he knew was hypocrisy from the position of right-wing state leaders on vaccine mandates.

Last month in response The White House has announced that employees of large companies should be vaccinated against COVID-19 or checked weekly, GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order banning “any subject” in the states from the execution of a vaccine mandate. In addition, Abbott also tried to ban schools from complying with the requirements of the mask, the executive order. which was recently banned by a federal court.

On behalf of Texas, Pakistan has sued the Biden administration over federal vaccine mandates, claiming they are unconstitutional and overly federal. During the show Fox News on SundayHowever, the conservative attorney general was left in his place about the seemingly opposing positions of him and Abbott.

Wallace commented on Pakistan’s comments in an interview last week, noting that the attorney general accused the president of “business harassment” and insisted that companies should be given the freedom to “take care of their employees”.

“You say Texas companies need to take care of their employees. So with that in mind, how do you justify Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who issued an executive order banning any business in Texas from issuing vaccine mandates and how do you justify the governor banning the mask mandate in all school districts? ” Wallace asked. “The ban was lifted just this week by a federal judge.”

He said he had “justified” it because the governor has the authority to issue these orders under state law, adding that he is “absolutely comfortable” in defending Abbott’s actions because the governor feels the mask and vaccine mandates are unnecessary. is.

“I want to drill a little bit on that,” the veteran anchor said. “You said that Texas companies should take care of their employees. Is this in line with the governor’s order and the implementation of this order, which prohibits companies from properly caring for their employees?”

The attorney general claimed that what he “wanted to say in that clip” was that President Joe Biden did not have the authority to enforce the vaccine requirements and forced Wallace to put pressure on him again on the matter.

“But you said businesses have to take care of their workers and the governor says they can’t take care of their workers properly. They are not allowed to decide if they want to be vaccinated, ”he said Fox News on Sunday the moderator announced. “It’s not appropriate.”

Continuing to defend Abbott’s executive orders, Pakistan said it had no lawsuits against businesses against vaccine mandates before claiming that “there is more freedom in the state with businesses to make their own decisions.” He also called on Texas companies to “consider their employees” when vaccines are needed because “we can’t afford to lose transportation workers or medical workers in the current economy”.

Wallace, on the other hand, remained indifferent and once again pressured the attorney general.

“You say they have the authority and ability to tell their employees what to do, and the governor’s order prevents them from deciding what to do,” the host said. “He’s banning vaccine mandates.”

“Isn’t there a mandate from the federal government – are you saying that the difference from the mandate to get a vaccine from the federal government is different from the state mandate in terms of its ability to care. Vaccine mandates?” Wallace continued.

“Your question is complicated, but yes, the federal government has no authority to do so,” Pakistan said, adding, “The governor has other powers under state law that the legislature has given him, and he acts under state law.”

Langari Fox replied, “So he can tell the private business what to do? That’s fine. So they can’t take care of themselves?”

Pakistan ultimately seemed to recognize at least part of Wallace’s point, declaring that “states have more authority in these areas” than the federal government.

“Yes, states have a lot of authority to deal with what’s going on in their states,” he said. “This has been clear since the founding of our country.” | Fox News anchor Chris Wallace is urging Texas hypocrisy from Ken Paxton and Greg Abbott on vaccine mandates.


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