‘Foundation’ season 1 finale recap: “The Leap”

This may sound strange, but remember me: The surprising thing is that it happens very little in establishthe finale of the first season, despite the fact that one of the main characters tore his own face.


No, seriously! Despite another flashy title, “The Leap”, this climactic episode about establish no more than cement its status quo. On Terminus, Hari Seldon’s nanobot ghost – recreated from a mixture of his own body and the coffin ship that became the infamous Vault – somehow manages to talk Anacreon and Thespis into an alliance after centuries of war, with Terminus coming from the voyage.

Please note that this is easily the hardest part of the episode to swallow. Never in human history has anyone been strong enough to pacify two nations or races at war, except in the hazy halo of hindsight — in the same way that America taught itself to believe The “I Have a Dream” speech miraculously ended apartheid. From a psychological perspective, it’s bullshit.

Anyhow, in the peace that ensues, Salvor Hardin is informed by her mother Mari that she is the biological child of none other than Gaal Dornick and her lover Raych, adopted by the citizens of Terminus better known are the two people responsible for the murder of Hari Seldon. This explains Salvor’s psychic abilities, insofar as she inherited them from Gaal, but it raises more questions than it answers. Never mind the fact that Seldon’s synthesis himself brokered the peace that now ruled Anacreon, Terminus, and Thespis — the city mayor’s wife pregnant with the child of their savior-slayers. isn’t that a bigger problem, even a previously open secret to this point? It’s hard to imagine any other scenario, but here we are.

Armed with this knowledge, Salvor says goodbye to her lover Hugo and sets off into space in search of Gaal Dornick, whom she meets more than a hundred years later in the watery world of Synnax, where all Existing settlements were formed long ago under sea level rise. Salvor, who landed at Synnax before Gaal’s arrival – with the frozen sleep needed for long road trips, it’s not entirely clear how long she’d camped on the planet’s surface, waiting for her mother – provided for Gaal Prime Radiant, the mystic. -Mathematical maguffin relies on that a lot establish rested. That’s the image that host/writer/director David S. Goyer chose to leave everything behind.

Meanwhile(ish), on Trantor we see more of the defeat from Brother Dawn’s genetic rebellion against his hereditary reign. His biological brother Brother Day wiped out Dawn’s entire circle of friends and family Azura (and family friends and friends’ families) with the flick of a hand, then sentenced Her whole life she has no sight, hearing, or taste. , or touch, for incriminating Brother Dawn from his genetic predecessors. The cruelty is both imaginative and dramatic.


However, unlike Brother Dusk, Day is ready to forgive Dawn and regroup him into the stewardship of the Empire. Until, the cyborg servant Demerzel explains her loyalty directive and kills Dawn, even as Day and Dusk engage in a war for the future of their siblings. Demerzel was loyal to the Empire above all else, she said, but the act of killing seemed to cost her so much that she needed to tear her own face apart to show her emotional confusion. Not a good sign for the future!

Indeed, things are worse than they first appear. Turns out it wasn’t just Brother Dawn’s genetics that had been manipulated by the enemies of the dynasty: It was Cleon’s own body that had originally been contaminated. Brother Day responded by grabbing a lampstand and smashing Cleon’s transparent coffin. I can’t imagine this working for the future of the Empire, anything more than its most loyal servant tearing to pieces.

(This is where I’ll note that despite being a huge fan of Lee Pace, I’m grateful that the show actually casts separate actors – who are good at it – to play people who aren’t.) older and younger instead of digitally altering his age from up and down. Terrence Mann and Cassian Bilton handed out some of the series’ best works.)

What does all of that mean for the future of this show, what do you think? That, I’m less sure. It has been renewed for a second season, so you don’t need to worry about that. Still, there’s a certain distinct quality to it all, with Cleon material standing over the head and shoulders of Gaal/Salvor/Hari material. The frenzied action of the last few episodes of the first season has softened this somewhat, but now that Gaal and Salvor are simply together on the surface of a drowning world, it seems things could be in favor of Cleons again. Mistakes regarding Hari’s big speech and the secrecy of Salvor’s origins certainly didn’t help.

But I think there are many things to enjoy and admire in establish Overall. Commitment to far-fetched ideas about the flow of history (emphasized though it may be due to individual actions), an emphasis on the grand sci-fi setting, the performance of Lee Pace and Terrence Mann and Cassian Bilton as Cleons — there’s room to develop a very good show around these components, even if Lou Llobell / Leah Harvey / Jared Harris segments still succeed or drop Miss. A good chance — that’s not all establish is asking, in the end?


Sean T. Collins (@theseantcollins) write about TV for Rolling Stone, The vulture, New York Times, and anywhere there will be him, really. He and his family live on Long Island.

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