‘Foundation’ season 1 ending explained

NS establish Part 1 is finally on Apple TV + did the unthinkable. It wraps up the First Crisis of the Foundation, reveals something shocking about the Cleonic dynasty, and offers a puzzling twist! Turns out two of establishThe main characters are more closely connected than we realized before. How is that possible? And the last scene of establish What does season 1 mean for the future of the show? Let’s break establish The mythical ending of season 1…

establish is the ambitious Apple TV+ adaptation of the classic sci-fi story by Isaac Asimov. Spanning centuries and setting galaxies far apart, the show has divided its story into three main stories. We first see what happens when the young mathematician Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell) leaves his fundamentalist Synnax water world to be drawn into Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) revolutionary plan to save the universe from impending darkness. We then trace the distinctive personal relationships of three cloned versions of the galactic emperor Cleon. Brother’s Day (Lee Pace) has been put to the test of his humanity while “older brother” Brother Dusk (Terrence Mann) uncovers a frenzied coup plot targeting their flawed “younger” Brother Dawn (Cassian Bilton). And some 35 years in the future, on the planet Terminus, the fruit of the conspiracies and sacrifices of Hari Seldon – the Official Organization – falls into its first crisis again. The good news is that Salvor Foundation’s local hero Hardin (Leah Harvey) was finally able to defeat the female hunter Anachreon invading the Phara (Kubbra Sait) with the help of Anacreons, we. The weird news is that a vault has been opened and Hari Seldon’s avatar has some sort of plan to reveal to all of his little followers…


So what happens in establish Season 1 finale? Hari Seldon lays out a plan to create a new civilization on the periphery of the galaxy, beyond the empire’s sights. He needs the Foundation to work with the Anacreons and Thespins to create a new community that can withstand this darkness. And then he rushes out, leaving Salvor really confused because it turns out Hari didn’t send her telepathic images at all. More on that in a moment…

Elsewhere, poor boy Dawn is strangled by Cleons’ resilient AI companion Demerzel (Laura Birn) upon discovering his mistake (and Day and Dusk can’t agree on what to do). . She explains that her allegiance is above all to the Cleonic dynasty. Complicating things is revealing that none of the clones are in fact a pure copy of Cleon anymore, casting the entire concept of the dynasty into doubt. Did Demerzel know this? Sure is not! But Lee Pace’s Brother Day does. It would be awkward to continue…

But the biggest shock comes in the middle of the episode when Salvor finds out why she’s seeing ghosts, memories of the past, and psychic episodes. As it happens, her mother Mari (Sasha Behar) and deceased father Abbas (Clarke Peters) are not her biological parents. Or at least, Mari was holding her, but the sperm and eggs…sigh… let’s analyze this:



Uh, yeah, so it happened.

Recall in establish Episode 2 When Gaal Dornick Harvests Eggs? It turns out that Mari has decided to nourish herself with a child created from the DNA of Raych (Alfred Enoch) and Gaal Dornick. She’s quick to point out that she carries Salvor, so she’s technically still her mom. But in terms of DNA, Salvor is Raych and Gaal’s son. That’s why she has similar psychic abilities to Gaal and why both mother and daughter were able to include wrenches in Hari Seldon’s proverbs. Upon learning this information, Salvor decides to find his long-lost mother.

In the final scene, we learn that Gaal’s cryo-goo space coffin ship (you know what I’m talking about) has finally arrived at Synnax after more than a century of travel. Synnax is not the house she remembers. The high tide robbed Gaal’s homeland. All that remains seems to be death. That is until she notices a flickering light under the water. Turns out someone sent a cryo-goo space coffin ship to Synnax. And you know what? That’s Salvor. Looks like the last time we left her.

Gaal is stunned when Salvor reveals in the final scene that she’s his daughter – because it’s weird, guys – and that Salvor went to Synnax to find her.

So you’ve got it. Gaal and Salvor will be back for more adventures. This time period is more than a century after the events of the first season of establish


Yes, there will be! Good news for those of you dying to see what’s intergalactic Gilmore Girls-like the unimaginable adventures that the Mother/Daughter pair of the same age that Gaal and Salvor will embark on in the future (in the future). Apple TV+ has been ordered establish Season 2. Lee Pace also confirmed on social media that he will be back to have fun. There’s still no word on the Asimov character or what story host David S. Goyer will be tapping into for Season 2, but he’s been named for celebrities like Hober Mallow and The Mule in the narrative. by Gaal.

Where to go live? establish

https://decider.com/2021/11/19/foundation-season-1-on-apple-tv-plus-ending-explained/ ‘Foundation’ season 1 ending explained


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