Forza Horizon’s veiny open-world Mario Kart game has a lot of potential

The Mario Kart The series has a history of rocking its gameplay. With unique versions across multiple platforms, it has become a top game for Nintendo fans and a great way for friends to compete against each other. As fans look to the future and worry as they wait for the next official news Mario Kart game, discussions about what the sequel might look like along with possible leaks have begun to stir some ideas.

For some, this means Mario Kart foundation mechanism should be applied In the future, an homage to Mario’s roots will likely rejuvenate the franchise in a unique way. Yet another solid approach is to take a page out of Forza Horizonbook of. The looser return of Forza series is a fun way to race your friends and test different vehicles in an open world. If a similar approach is used for the next Mario Kart game, it could completely redefine the franchise.


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Mario Kart in the open world

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Mario Kart can fill in a world similar to those used by Forza Horizon perfect, and that would be a great direction for games. Fun and animated motivations Mario Kart bringing to the table would allow the title to have the freedom that games like Forza Horizon maybe not, while at the same time combining some of the best aspects of the two franchises. This can provide a new turning point for Mario Kart allows players to experience the game beyond racing and also helps to give new life to minigames, which tend to be some of the best features in Mario spin-off game.

Above all, rumored crossovers for the new one Mario Kart game can also lend a lot to the map used. A dedicated Mario The map will have plenty to draw inspiration from based on the series’ long history, and areas focusing on characters like Princess Peach and Bowser will likely be on offer, but much more can be done. Okay. Designated areas in an open world similar to Forza Horizon can represent the different characters and franchises that fall under the Nintendo umbrella, creating a unique experience that can be more compared to Super Smash Bros. than Mario Kart 8.

Apply zones based on other IPs, like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining pearls, will also allow for an open world Mario Kart to test new additions to the game. Common system used in Forza Horizon may not be a perfect match for Mario Kart, but Forza Horizon 5The map’s details can be used as inspiration for how Articuno or Zapdos can influence Pokemon-according to the part of the map. Likewise, an area towards Bowser can become the rugged terrain surrounding an active volcano, helping to tie different points of the world together.

In turn, this can also help change the way a campaign can work Mario Kart. While racing and trophies can still be important aspects of the game, an open world could mean traveling and challenging different characters rather than the traditional format that players know. Classics like cooperative races from Mario Kart Double Dash may return for certain challenges, or mini-games from previous installments can be used as an alternative to progressing through a campaign.

Overall, the potential in Mario Kart adopting an open world is something the series should consider. As hardware gets better and fans seek new, traditional experiences Mario Kart did things that are not always the best answer. Using the roots of the series as a foundation is important, but it also time for Mario Kart to take the next logical step and expand on everything the series has done. Building a fun arcade world for players to race and explore is the perfect next step to drag Mario Kart Future.

Mario Kart 9 rumored to be in development.

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