Forspoken’s main draw is the gameplay and it shows

Considering the occasional silences that Luminous Productions has introduced over the last few years, Leaves recent delay will not have surprised many viewers that much. Even after the game’s release date was initially pushed back from May to October, neither the studio nor its owner Square Enix really jumped at the opportunity to speed up their marketing campaigns. Now that the PC and PS5 release date has been set for next January, everyone involved has more time to address the situation.


Based on the discourse that’s taken place online surrounding the game, it looks like a marketing reset could be high on Luminous and Square Enix’s agenda. After posting a 32-second ad for Leave On Twitter, it can be said that the game has become something of a meme. After the video debuted, social media users toasted the dialogue shown — all of which actually helped reinforce the fact LeaveThe main appeal of will most likely be its gameplay.

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Forspoken’s gameplay appeal

Although Luminous Productions shone a spotlight on it Leave‘s History since it was announced as Project Athens In 2020, this section of the game hasn’t always garnered the praise the studio was probably hoping for. Instead, the Action RPG’s gameplay mechanics and use of magic take center stage when it comes to praise. While recent debate surrounding the game might be unfair to its narrative and intriguing protagonist, Frey, it’s also hard to argue with just how compelling this aforementioned invention is.

After all, fantasy settings and Isekai setups aren’t all that uncommon in games, TV shows, and movies these days. So players are arguably spoiled for choice on both fronts Leave always had a tough fight that highlighted his story. When it comes to gameplay based on traditional interpretations of magic, however, things are a little different. Beyond what is to come and also what is finally delayed Hogwarts legacythe game is something of an outlier in this department within the AAA action game space.

Even during the last ad for Leave turned into a meme, the charm of its game mechanics still managed to shine to the fore. Aside from looking like an immersive and compelling experience from a conceptual point of view, there were plenty of indications that the gameplay would be both deep and rewarding. Thanks to factors like the magical elements and extensive roster of enemies that Luminous created, it’s easy to see players buying into the game just to enjoy those loops and mechanics.

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Forspoken’s open-world potential

Considering how magical the main attraction inside is Leave In more ways than one, getting the gameplay side of the equation right can easily make or break the entire experience. In that regard, Luminous Productions made the right decision in seemingly giving it special attention above anything else. Despite the roast the game received online, the action on display arguably looked better than ever. Aside from making the experience a memorable and enjoyable time, this focus could also lead to unlocking the full potential of the game’s other appealing qualities.

It is worth noting that Luminous designed Leave to be an open-world adventure of wonder and intrigue. Prioritizing gameplay refinement over game narrative and other areas could improve this part of Leave to greater heights. There is an opportunity to traverse the world using a variety of magical parkour skills like in Sucker Punch’s Notorious Series will make the game more unique. As open-world titles continue to dominate the industry, this could benefit critical and commercial reception in the long run.

Narrative gameplay

While Luminous Productions has clearly focused on the gameplay side of things, none of the above necessarily means the story will be downright bad either. After all LeaveThe main focus of can still be the gameplay without the story side of things becoming an unattractive burden. It is worth remembering that keeping the action flowing while allowing for new game mechanics and scenarios will be an important task. So much so that it’s hard to imagine Luminous and his talented team neglecting his narrative too much.

Despite all the criticism that has been leveled Leave When it comes to its history, it must be pointed out recently that preemptively assessing a game is a risky business. Out of context, there’s no denying that the toasty lines of dialogue could be interpreted as generic or even bad. However, it’s a really difficult task to condense the story beats of a long game into snappy lines of dialogue meant to convey a certain tone. That’s probably even more true of the 32-second ad that Square Enix ran for the game.

The setup with the tempo and context with which they were originally written is easy to imagine Leave‘s witty dialogue fits the equation much better. There’s a chance that Frey’s voiceover could sound more relatable and real in this scenario. From the story details revealed by Luminous and Square Enix, LeaveThe story of has all the makings of an engaging story that could end up adding to its more obvious mechanical charms.

Leave is scheduled for release on January 24, 2023 on PC and PS5.

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