Former security guard for Ghislaine Maxwell says her team hired ‘appearances’ to help allegedly conceal a rapist

British security expert Matt Hellyer, the head of the crack protection team that protected Ghislaine Maxwell for a year, has been noted.

“Ghislaine isn’t running from authorities, she’s running from the media,” Hellyer said, according to Daily mail.

Maxwell is expected to appear in court later this month to face charges of sex trafficking and soliciting a minor.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged accomplice to alleged pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, in hiding or the innocent victim of a media witch hunt?


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Whether an innocent victim or a pervert, Maxwell It’s been a long time to hide from the world. There is a lot of speculation about her whereabouts.

Some people think that Maxwell is in Israel or hiding on a submarine. Others think she is with former model agency Jean-Luc Brunel in Brazil.

Or maybe she is being concealed by the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, linked to her late father, newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell.

There are scenes in New Zealand, the Caribbean, London and Paris.

Will Ghislaine Maxwell have a fair trial?

Where in the world was Ghislaine Maxwell?

Matt Hellyer knows. A friend of Kevin’s Ghislaine’s brother Hellyer was hired within hours of Epstein’s alleged suicide.

“We went to an agency in France. A security partnership agency,” said Hellyer. “They found us two people who looked like Ghislaine and her brother Kevin. They went for a walk in Paris for a few days, and we revealed it in a newspaper. That’s how we distract attention from Ghislaine’s real location. She was in America all the time. ”

Hellyer also stated, “She was constantly moving, from one ‘safe house’ to another, as she tried to get through the media,” the Daily Mail reported.

According to Hellyer, because many people did not believe that Epstein committed suicide, the team was hired to protect Maxwell from assassination.


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With all the rumors surrounding Maxwell’s case, it is difficult to say what the outcome of the trial will be. Maxwell should consider himself lucky. Epstein never took it to court.

What is not difficult to see is Epstein suffered a God Complex.

Based on Joseph Pearce, most of Epstein’s philanthropy is funding and promoting transhumanism. Follow Forbes. Critics argue that transhumanism has its roots in eugenics.

If Maxwell was as close to Epstein as many sources request, most likely she herself was infected with arrogance.

Hubris, by definition, is excessive pride. This moral disease to the death has become all too common among politicians, academics and lawyers, who try to challenge truth by creating reality instead of living within its limits.

It was the pride that made Zeus send out his ray of light.

It was the pride the men displayed when they sentenced Socrates to death because they were annoyed by his act of seeking the truth.

Hubris was the kind of pride the crowd showed when they demanded the crucifixion of Jesus.

Ghislaine Maxwell innocent until proven guilty. A valid process must be allowed to run its process.

If she is found guilty for the crimes she is accused of, depriving her victims of human dignity, she will be held accountable. If not here on earth, Maxwell will meet justice in the future.

If that turns out to be true, may God have mercy on her soul. | Former security guard for Ghislaine Maxwell says her team hired ‘appearances’ to help allegedly conceal a rapist

Huynh Nguyen

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