Former Riot Games anti-cheat developer offers help with CS:GO’s cheating problem

A few days before 2021 ended, there was a bit of talk on Twitter regarding CS:GO’s inability to effectively eliminate cheaters. This conversation involved a Valve developer – John McDonald, who tried to defend Valve’s approach to the challenge. This resulted in developer Valve getting help from a former Riot Games anti-cheat architect who goes by the name of Nemi.

Even though Valorant is young, the title has proven that reducing cheat and hacking activity is very possible with a solid anti-cheat program, something CS:GO has struggled with for nearly a decade . Valve is clearly missing this particular department as the community continues to complain about the bad state of official matchmaking while sharing their terrible competitive experience against cheaters.

Valve has asked for the help of former Riot Games anti-cheat developer to solve the issue of cheating in CS:GO

It’s been almost a decade since CS:GO launched in August 2012, but Valve is still struggling to effectively combat the cheating problems that plague the game. The developers have tried to introduce various methods such as Overwatch System, Confidence Factor, VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) Ban Waves, and other such solutions to combat the crowd of negative influence cheats. extreme to CS:GO. However, the results were not positive as the community continued to complain about the dire state of the game being overrun by cheaters.

On the 30thorder In December 2021, a fan commented on how CS:GO and the cheaters plagued it as an iconic duo while responding to a tweet by Valve developer John McDonald’s. To this, McDonald’s reacted in a very neutral way and also tried to defuse the blame from CS:GO.

He said that work is being done by Valve to address fraudulent activities affecting the game, and that they are not the only online multiplayer title to experience such a situation. He continued to ask, “What game of any large scale doesn’t have a cheating problem?”

Many community members responded to McDonald’s including Canadian commentator Mohan “washer” Govindasamy who said that it’s all about perception. While CS:GO players suspect their opponents of cheating most of the time, that’s not the case with Valorant. He pointed out a few other flaws in the game that Valve implemented and refused to change.

However, the best response came in the form of a helping hand when a former Riot Games anti-cheat architect named Nemi offered to help and assist Valve in fighting the cheating problem they were facing. currently facing.

The community has received this message positively and hopes that Valve will respond to him so that the anti-cheat can become stronger, helping to reduce the number of cheats. It remains to be seen how Valve approaches this in 2022, perhaps this is the year that CS:GO undergoes a change for the better.

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