Former Pokémon World Champion Sejun Park completes a Brilliant Diamond and a Shining Pearl using only Pachirisu

NS Pokémon the community has only become more and more creative in the way they artificially add difficulty to their runs through various titles over the years, whether it’s implementing catch restrictions and permanently dead, shiny levels, or any other quirky rule implementation you can think of.

Outside of typical Nuzlockes, singleplayer is one of the most common restricted types Pokémon run. This set of rules only allows the player to use Pokémon that have a specific typing or will evolve at all, along with any other extra rules the player wants to add.

What fans often don’t see is a player deciding to complete an entire level using a team consisting of only one specific species of Pokémon. But that’s exactly what it used to be Pokémon VGC World Champion Sejun Park did just that, using six Pachirisu to knock down every obstacle in his path and become the Sinnoh League Champion.

Sejun has a long and long history with the Purebred Electric Pachirisu, dating back to before he hosted Worlds 2014, where he used the Pachirisu as an anti-meta tank on his team because he predicted that No one can expect the little squirrel. to be present at the event.

His gamble paid off, with Pachirisu frequently disrupting his opponent’s strategy with his unique presence and use of Follow Me, a move that redirects attacks away from allies and towards himself. it. This allows Sejun to utilize Electric Squirrel’s rogue defense, allowing it to attack more than the player would expect, to cool off the more important members of his team.

He had to use a similar strategy when passing Brilliant diamond and Shining pearls only use Pachirisu, as it has a limited amount of moves, below average stats in most areas, and is a poor opponent against many of the late game obstacles that appear in Sinnoh — including the Cynthia’s monster Garchomp.

Not only did Sejun beat the game using a relatively diverse, yet electric rodent-like team, but he did so without the effort of honing or using Unhandled Items in battle. war. In his own words, the combination of those extra rules along with using only Pacirisu resulted in one of the most challenging and “hard” runs he has ever attempted.

From picking the game at launch to beating Cynthia, Sejun completed his Pachirisu-only run in less than four days, streaming the entirety of the content to an audience of more than 800 followers. Twitchmetrics.

Now that BDSP has been out for more than a few days, you can expect to see more challenges start popping up across all platforms, but no one can say they’re the first to complete the game. play using only Pacirisu, just as not many players want to take the time to do so. Former Pokémon World Champion Sejun Park completes a Brilliant Diamond and a Shining Pearl using only Pachirisu


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