Forgotten local Xbox co-op and split screen games

The original Xbox was a great console with its fair share of brilliant titles that most fans fondly remember. Many iconic franchises made their debut on this console, allowing a large crowd of gamers to experience the kind of games that Microsoft promoted with these titles. However, while some notable games existed on this platform, there were others that didn’t see the light of day.

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This is particularly revealing when players realize the console also had its fair share of local multiplayer games, which in and of themselves were a blast to play through. Some of these titles have become relics of a forgotten era over time, which is a shame because these games actually had some great ideas that were more effective when players shared these experiences with their friends and family. The most notable examples of this are listed below.

10 brute force

A squad-based third-person shooter that’s gritty and a lot of fun to play through, brute force is one of the hidden gems of the original Xbox. Too bad the game doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Engaging in co-op gameplay while a group of friends control each specialized member of the squad makes for a great time indeed. brute force is a great game for its time and fans of co-op shooters should check this game out if they get the chance.

9 MechAssault

A mech game with innovative gameplay elements, it’s a real surprise that more people don’t talk about MechAssault. This game had a great multiplayer component that obviously doesn’t work these days.

However, players who manage to snag a copy of this game for their console can still try the 2-player grinder mode. Teaming up with a friend and taking on wave after wave of challenging enemies is sure to be a blast.

8th death row

The idea of ​​pitting death row inmates against each other in a violent Frisbee game called Blitz sounds like a pretty ridiculous idea. So props should be given death row for making this concept a surprisingly appealing one.

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The four-player local matches can become a chaotic but engaging mess. Players who want to enjoy a blitz game with their friends will have a great time with this title.

7 007: Night Fire

That James Bond Games have picked up steam after the success of correctly Goldeye 007. While other games in the series may not be as popular, 007: Night Fire is a title that, upon release, has endeared itself to most fans.

It’s a shame more people aren’t talking at length about this great title. Its local multiplayer mode makes for a chaotic but fun time as four players try to hunt down their friends in the various multiplayer maps.

6 Hunter: The reckoning

The idea of ​​hunting down zombies as a group is a classic and time-tested video game idea to play around with. So it’s easy to see why Hunter: The reckoning makes for a really easy recommendation.

Teaming up with friends to defeat these undead abominations is a lot of fun. It’s a shame there aren’t many people talking about this series as it definitely deserves its time in the spotlight.

5 Fuzion madness

The idea of ​​a mario party for mature people isn’t really the worst idea, and Fuzion madness definitely does a great job of giving this concept the attention it deserves. The end result was a great party game for Xbox that many people don’t even know about.

Participating in a series of mini-games in different modern environments is indeed a great time. Gamers lucky enough to own the original Xbox will have a blast trying out this game with their friends!

4 Kung Fu Mayhem

3D brawlers were all the rage when the Xbox was in its heyday. Kung Fu Mayhem was one of those titles that used 4-player local co-op to great effect.

Bashing through the stages and defeating enemies with a litany of impressive moves made for a great time indeed. The sheer chaos that could ensue in multiplayer was a blast.

3 Karaoke Revolution Party

Sometimes a rhythm game themed around karaoke is all it takes to create a unique and engaging track. That’s it Karaoke Revolution Party accomplished with great effect.

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While it might be a hassle to get a dedicated mic just for this game, the hilarity of singing along to the game was actually quite captivating. It’s a shame a lot of people don’t remember how funny this title really is.

2 Def Jam: Fight for NY

The idea of ​​hip-hop artists literally battling each other for the crown of best rapper is just hilarious. That’s one of the many reasons why Def Jam: Fight for NY was such a popular game back then.

Of all the games on this list, this title is perhaps the least “forgotten”. The sheer number of crazy fights in this title makes it one of the better brawlers on console.

1 Red Dead revolver

Speaking of games that are not forgotten per se, Red Dead revolver is a great action-adventure that laid the foundation for the infinitely popular Red Dead Redemption Series. However, even the biggest fans of Rockstar’s western open-world games haven’t really tried this game.

It’s a shame ever since Red Dead revolverThe story and gameplay of is actually pretty awesome. It helps that the game also features local multiplayer where players can either shoot at each other or the game’s enemies across different maps and scenarios.

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