FORGET THEIR QUESTIONS: CNN was forced to finally report the truth about the Rittenhouse case as the lawsuit was fabricated.

Almost immediately after reading the not guilty verdict to clear Kyle Rittenhouse, CNN went into what is known as the CYA regime.

After mocking, accusing, condemning, and declaring Kyle Rittenhouse guilty every day since the August 25, 2020 shooting, Cable News Network appears to have brought down their on-scene reporter to find out list of items that concern the law. About. Clock:

Here are some of the tweaks and previously reported charges (lies) the network has brought against Rittenhouse, but now they say they learned a lot from the trial and thus imply that they no longer believe in them.

  1. Kyle and his AR-15 were in Kenosha and he didn’t cross state lines to protest. CNN previously reported the opposite.
  2. The gun is legal for Kyle to carry because of its length, CNN reported it was not.
  3. Kyle worked that night and stayed, again contrary to what was reported.
  4. Drone video shows Joseph Rosenbaum chasing Kyle and continuing to charge right before being shot, media reporting Kyle was shot without any provocation.

Regardless of what appears to be an act of cleanup, the network may have opened itself to a lawsuit similar to the one brought by Nick Sandmann, in which CNN and other freelance publishing companies settled. for a large amount of money on purpose, by the court.

In addition, they published an article – Here’s what legal experts say helped clear Kyle Rittenhouse’s conviction

Here are some excerpts from it:

And while the jury’s decision attract harsh criticism From relatives of the victim, legal experts said they were not surprised by the verdict.

These are the factors that experts say helped Rittenhouse get acquitted.

Among the most important moments of the trial were testimony from Rittenhouse, who testified in court that he acted in self-defense when he shot Rosenbaum, who he said had threatened him before, chased him, threw a bag at him and rushed in for his gun. At one point, Rittenhouse was 18 years old burst into tears while on the stand.

“If I had let Mr Rosenbaum take my gun, he would have used it and killed me with it and probably killed more people,” he testified.

Rittenhouse’s testimony is key

“Number one, you personify him… More importantly, number two, he explains his use of force,” said CNN legal analyst Joey Jackson.

Rittenhouse’s testimony allowed jurors to hear what he thought at the time and whether he believed he was in danger – a claim the prosecution was ultimately unable to make. weakened, said former federal prosecutor Elie Honig.

State does not prove Rittenhouse incited violence

According to civil rights attorney Charles F. Coleman Jr., the outcome of the trial was two competing stories: one about Rittenhouse as a victim of assault, and one about the vigilance that incited violence.

“The jury bought the narrative that Kyle Rittenhouse was the victim, they thought his self-defence statement was a lot stronger than the prosecution’s provocative statement,” he said.

Prosecutors also made mistakes

Honig, a former federal prosecutor, said there were also mistakes the state made, including covering up the case by trying to paint Rittenhouse as an active shooter.

Jury guidelines are consequential, expert says

Ultimately, the jury’s instructions also helped get Rittenhouse acquitted, said CNN senior legal analyst Laura Coates.

Coates said the guidelines say jurors must see the case through the eyes of 17-year-old Rittenhouse, not hindsight, and assess the rationality of his actions. FORGET THEIR QUESTIONS: CNN was forced to finally report the truth about the Rittenhouse case as the lawsuit was fabricated.


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