Forelhost Location and How to Get Inside

The ruins of Forelhost are one of Skyrim’s larger dungeons, and unless the player is actively exploring the landscape, it’s easy to miss.

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The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is a sandbox RPG that offers players countless hours in dungeons through handcrafted icy caves, ancient Norse catacombs, and mysterious Dwemer ruins. It’s a Elder Scrolls Traditionally there are dungeons themed around the province in which the game takes place – such as Ayleid Ruins in Oblivion – and most of these dungeons hoard coveted loot deep in its depths for players to find.

How to enter Forelhost

For those who decide to collect them all dragon priest’s mask Skyrim, Forelhost represents a compelling point of interest. It is an ancient Norse ruin perched on a mountaintop southeast of the Riosystem, and in addition to being home to restless wanderers affiliated with the Dragon Sect, it also has a text wall for a passage of Storm Call screams.


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Recommended minimum in Skyrim to safely pass through the ruins of Forelhost is 24 years old, and the most reliable way to reach the location is to leave Ri Then through the south gate and follow the east road until the player comes across a bridge. Passing through, they will find themselves at a crossroads: the left will take them to the Black Briar Lodge, continuing forward will bring them to Dawnguard Fort, but turning right will put them on the path to the slopes of Forelhost.

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Climbing the field of Forelhost is fairly easy and players will soon find themselves facing Captain Valmir, an Altmer soldier wearing the armor of whichever faction the Dragonborn chooses in the game. Civil War Quest (or escape during the incident in Helgen in case they haven’t picked a side yet). He asks for their help in breaking through the Forelhost ciphers and obtaining the mask of the dragon priest buried there – Rahgot.

What is inside Forelhost?

Inside the Forelhost, players will compete against Skyrimpuller and simple quizzes about three areas: Forelhost Stronghold, Crypt and Refectory. At the end of the gauntlet, in a large room in front of a long flight of stairs, resurrected Rahgot awaits – whose primary attacks are fire-based spells, including the summoning of Fire Atronach. own side.

In addition to the powerful mask and scepter that Rahgot dropped, leaving the district will take players to Forelhost battles next to the wall from the Storm Call, teaching them one of many things. dragon screams in Skyrim, an invaluable part of the Dragonborn’s arsenal. Through some meticulous climbing using the screams of the Cyclone Sprint, the player can also bypass the dungeon entirely if their sole purpose of arrival is to obtain the Storm Call.

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