Forbidden the West should add mountain customization

Horizon Zero Dawn did a good job in encouraging players to explore the world. Players traveling far and wide can collect everything from regional armor sets to Aloy to Vantage Points, to recordings from distant apocalyptic days. Between fast travel and a wide range of mountable machines, Aloy has no shortage of ways to accelerate its journey. Now, Forbidden Horizon in the West promises uncharted territory and a list of new machines that Aloy can drive. In other words, all signs indicate that Forbidden Horizon in the West players will have as many reasons to climb and hit the road as they did in Horizon Zero Dawn.


It’s great to see the sequel live up to the spirit of the first Horizon game, but every sequel must expand in both big and small ways to help the franchise find its ultimate direction. A small but meaningful way Forbidden Horizon in the West may vary with regards to mounting. Although armor allows the player customize Aloy’s appearance to some extent, there is no way to customize mounts in Horizon Zero Dawn. The best, Forbidden Horizon in the West will change that, allowing players to modify machines they override with the help of Aloy’s spear.

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Horizon Zero Dawn’s Temporary Peaks

horizon no dawn aloy riding a mountain in the desert

A lot of open world games have a mount system in one way or another. Whether it is The journey to atone for mistakes or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Players often have several ways to choose a reliable steed that will make travel easier. Horizon Zero Dawn allows Aloy to control machines like Broadheads, Striders, and Chargers in a similar way once she learns to override them. However, although these machines play the role of steeds, they are not handled in the same mechanical way. Unlike Breath of the Wild‘s barn, for example, Aloy has no way of boarding an overridden plane and reselecting it later when she needs to.

That is because Horizon Zero DawnTheir stands were originally designed to be temporary and usable. Until a player acquires the right skill, overriding doesn’t last forever. Furthermore, most of the machines that Aloy can fit are pretty flimsy, which is definitely a step backwards considering How dangerous is some? Horizon Zero Dawn machines are. The mounted machines would inevitably get caught up in the heat of battle and be destroyed. Instead of trying to preserve a mount forever, players are encouraged to simply pick a new mount from a nearby herd of Striders or Broadheads whenever needed.

Although this mounting model is practical and reasonable for Horizon Zero Dawnof the world, it also has its limitations. A major part of the fun Horizon Zero Dawn is the player’s power to customize Aloy through the armor she wears, the weapons she uses, the skills she has and The flash points represent her personality-oriented choices. Despite all the player’s freedoms, Horizon Zero Dawn does not allow the player to customize the mechanics or aesthetics of the mount. Ideal Forbidden Horizon in the West will figure out how to let players customize mounts, perhaps with the help of presets implanted inside Aloy’s spear.

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Mount Customization at Horizon Forbidden West

the horizon without dawn aloy

It would be difficult to justify a bunch of NPCs helping Aloy customize her mount, but considering how much Aloy has achieved alone, she can certainly find a way to tweak her override functionality. spear in a way that allows her to customize the mount. From a player’s perspective, this might look like a weapon modification: Forbidden Horizon in the Westof the menu, the player can install special parts and equipment into the override module on Aloy’s spear. After they are installed, any mount that Aloy overwrites may automatically receive installed custom features.

Mounts can get all sorts of mechanical benefits from a custom system. For example, a modifier that increases mounts’ speed could make them more useful when moving Forbidden Horizon in the Weststrange landscape. The game can also offer players upgrades that increase the mount’s maximum health and resistance to certain types of damage, increasing their survivability in hazardous environments. Extending the life of short-lived machines intentionally might seem counter-intuitive, but players will certainly appreciate the hassle-free reduction of catching a new mount every time their old mounts go. they die, especially when there’s no rig that can be installed nearby.

Of course if Forbidden Horizon in the West adding mechanical mount customization, it will allow players to decorate their steed. Aloy may not have the time to fit a colorful saddle and bridle to every machine she rides, but there are still ways to revamp the look of a machine. Override the machines in both games covering them with glowing blue wire, but with a little customization in Forbidden Horizon in the West, players can change that blue to any color they like. The machine’s eyes, battery and other glowing parts can also be recolored in this way, and some modifications can even slightly modify the machine to the player’s wishes.

A new goal on the horizon

Forbidden horizon tremortusk west

Mount customization will not only increase the value of the mount itself; it will also give Forbidden Horizon in the West players a new goal to pursue. Many interesting collectibles like Horizon Zero Dawn Yes, Forbidden Horizon in the West it would be wise to introduce some new ones that are unique to its setting and mounting mods seems like a great collection to recommend. It should be noted that sure Horizon Zero Dawn collect it’s a bit region-specific anyway, so mount modifiers that can substitute for items like the Banuk Figure may not be available in the Forbidden West.

Hitherto, Forbidden Horizon in the West well served by Guerrilla Games’ eagerness to add new features to the franchise. Pullcaster looks like a fun tool to navigate and interact with Aloy’s environment, while Valor Surges acts as both a valuable skill tree and adds explosives to the Forbidden Horizon in the Westof combat. Hopefully Guerrilla Games has thought about how the mount system can be upgraded during the expansion Western Forbidden Horizon. The system may have been in operation for Horizon Zero Dawn, but there are still ways to make mounts more appealing. If players can put a little personal touch into even the most fleeting mounts, they’ll feel more encouraged for regular peace of mind.

Forbidden Horizon in the West Released February 18, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

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