Folks explain the Lore behind the night

While traveling through the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, the player may encounter quirks with no explanation or plot. These eerie finds include skeletons of mythical creatures, creepy buildings with creepy content, and ruins of satanic rituals. Although many of these anomalies are still subject to speculation by Red Dead Redemption 2 Players, some provide disturbing details that can be used to piece a mystery together.

Among all location in Lemoyne where players don’t want to find themselves at night, Bluewater Marsh could be at the top of the list. Vaguely reminiscent of the Dead Marshes from Lord of the Rings, this creepy location gives players the unfortunate possibility of encountering a corpse hanging from a low tree branch – sometimes just body parts. While this sighting through a hazy fog wouldn’t be a pleasant sight, it evokes a sense of morbid curiosity for players, who are unknowingly at risk of falling victim to Night. Folk.


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Folk interpretation of the night

Red dead redeems 2 folk nights

One of the three clans that delight in human suffering and barbarism, the Night Folk resides in the swamp in Lemoyne, where they can be found covered in dirt for camouflage or wearing tattered clothing and marked paint. If the unlucky player is lured into a trap set by the Night Folk, the first thing they will encounter may be the victim’s body, followed by a small group of attackers who seem to appear indiscriminately. . The first encounter may also be of a woman kneeling in the mud, holding a concealed knife. Either way, the clash with the Night Folk is guaranteed to be macabre and likely to result in at least one death.

Although human, Night Folk is like a zombie, capable of giving The journey to atone for mistakes fans reminisce about The Undead Nightmare DLC. When attacked, they appear to move in a lightning pattern, communicating with each other with strange clicks and clicks. This shows that they have lived outside the bayou for some time, becoming more and more ferocious and ferocious. The origins of the Night Folk are still unknown, although their small settlement in the marshland suggests they are somehow descended from dark witchcraft, as their camp has a torch set. on a pile of human skulls.

Night Folk Stranger Quest

Once the player has been targeted by the Night Folk in Bayou Nwa, a new alien quest unlocked as “A Fine Night For It.” To trigger this quest, the player must reach the marked part of the map after sunset. There they meet a man named Old Cajun, who demands that Arthur get rid of the Night Folk who are encroaching on his property. As they wade through the mud, the Old Cajun instructs Arthur to turn off his lantern, saying, “They may not speak, but they can certainly see.” This confirms that the Night Folk do not have any conventional methods of communication, acting as a pack of nocturnal predators rather than humans.

Despite the many horrors associated with Night Folk, they only use melee weapons to attack, which can be deceiving for players expecting an easy battle. Using weapons such as knives and machetes, Night Folk can kill people with a single blow. This is unusual in RDR2, as there are only three other enemies that can deal such deadly damage: vampire, hermit, and Sheriff Freeman. Killing the Night Folk is the only way for the player to wield a machete and other melee weapons before completing the two late game missions, as they can collect weapons from their bodies.

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House of folk at night

Although the Night Folk can be seen in various locations throughout the Bluewater Marsh, there is only one apparent residence where evidence of their dark antics can be found. As mentioned before, the users who passed through the settlement of Lakay in Red Dead Online You will see a burning torch set up on a pile of human skulls, surrounded by huts and small wooden tents. In story mode, this torch is not visible. Instead, the only disturbing find were two wooden entry posts decorated with skulls, which suffices to suggest that the Night Folk is related to this eery swamp site.

Evidence of unauthorized activity can be seen in areas outside of Lemoyne, such as the aptly named Butcher’s Creek, where a pentagram can be found. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of satanic ritual sites night folk, however there are other outlaw tribes that can be considered sinful, such as the Skinner Brothers of Tall Trees and the Murfree Brood of Roanoke Ridge. Both cult-like groups share similarities with the Night Folk, as they enjoy the torture and dismemberment of humans and are completely cut off from civilization.

Night Folk’s identity remains hidden throughout RDR2 and Red Dead Online, with the closest related encounter being legendary bounty hunter quest where the player is tasked with tracking down a former chief who was forced into hiding by the law. Living alone in the swamps near Lagras, dangerously close to Night Folk territory, Philip Carlier sympathizes with their way of life and adopts similar manners. While not officially part of the Night Folk, Carlier has provided an insight into their frenzied thinking, making it easier to understand the Night Folk’s ways.

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