Fire Emblem Will Make A Great Competitive Niantic Game After Pikmin Blooms

Mobile developer Niantic has a strong point with its Nintendo-themed AR games. Pokemon GO is an ongoing, successful part of one of the greatest multimedia franchises of all time and its newest venture. Pikmin Bloom recently reached two million downloads after a few weeks on the market. It’s not clear what the studio will deal with next, but if they want to adapt another Nintendo product, Fire Emblem seems like a good choice.

How long is the jury break? Pikmin Bloom will still work, though after that Niantic announced Harry Potter: Sorcerer’s Guild will be closed it seems this partnership with Nintendo is the main focus of Niantic. Its work so far has had different goals, with Pokemon GO focus on the “catch all” motorcycle of the family series and Pikmin Bloom is a more casual fitness-focused app. If Niantic wants something with a more competitive edge, perhaps based on controlling the same plots of land as its original product. Intrusion, Intelligent Systems’ tactical RPG can provide a good base.


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Fire Emblem’s success on consoles and mobile devices

Fire icon hero

Fire Emblem has become the more powerful franchise under the Nintendo umbrella in recent years. For all the jokes circulating about Fire Emblem The characters are so special in Super Smash Bros., the extra marketing is guaranteed to some extent. Awakening Fire Icon franchise revival in 2012 and 2019 Fire symbol: Three houses become a best seller over 30 years of games. Another sign of Fire EmblemThe growing audience is the success of Intelligent Systems’ mobile game Fire icon hero.

Hero is a gacha game that first launched in 2017 that encourages players to spend an in-game currency called Orbs to summon characters from various entries in the franchise – sometimes even unique costumes. Its gameplay is a simplified microcosm of mid-level tactical systems Fire Emblem game, with part of the appeal being the chance to incorporate fan-favorite personalities from different cultures in the fantasy universe. Its continued success proves the property can work on mobile, and although Niantic might not want to read it again Pokemon GOapproach by letting players recruit Fire Emblem characters from the main series, they can play an important role in building a virtual war in the real world.

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A Niantic fire icon game that can combine the best of its predecessors

niantic mobile game exercise engine mechanics

An integral aspect of Intrusion and Pokemon GO that Pikmin Bloom abandoned is to let the player choose a side for the overarching goal. Intrusion there are two factions: The Enlution and The Resistance; while Pokemon GO there are three teams: Mystic, Valor and Instinct. Because the Pokemon GO In particular, one’s team influences other trainers they work with to take on facilities like Gyms that are located in real-world landmarks. Each individual can build a team of Pokemon strong enough to aid their allies in battle.

A theory Fire Emblem Niantic Games can take a similar approach. The franchise focuses on war and political intrigue, with characters recruiting soldiers to tackle autocratic empires or otherworldly horrors. Niantic can craft original characters to lead various armies to war and have players serve as their generals, but that also makes sense if conflicts arise from the source material. The trio of options that immediately come to mind with Blue lion, golden deer and black eagle from Three houses. Other possible options include Destiny‘Nohr and Hoshido, or even playful conflicts like Sacred Stone‘siblings Eirika and Ephraim.

To better capture the idea of ​​conquering territory, Niantic can stitch together its existing landmark map and ask the player to hold fortifications. Pokemon GO‘s gym. However, the units used in that conflict can act like Pikmin Bloom, with the player being able to find common soldiers while walking that matches one of the Fire EmblemWide range of weapons: swords, axes, spears, bows, magic, and more – ideally keeping the traditional rock-paper-scissors weapon triangle intact. Special units can be named characters, or soldiers with powerful weapons. Once the fan base is established, Niantic can feature many of the series’ dragons or demons as collective challenges; whom the warring factions take on by setting aside their differences.

The smart system has been ready for testing in recent years with games like Fire icon hero, the hack-and-slash of Koei Tecmo Fire icon warrior, and Atlus’ Shin megami tensei intersection Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. An AR game by Niantic could be a perfect companion if the mobile developer continues to work with Nintendo, and it’s not too far off since Niantic has a deal with The Pokemon Company. Maybe it’s because of competition Fire Emblem spin on mobile games like Pokemon GO will turn back.

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