Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

Forged stone is an item that can be used in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. They appeared in Fire symbol: Three houses to forge and repair weapons and their purpose serve the same function in FE3H‘S spinoff game. Usually, stone forging is not as common as gold, so they should only be used to forge and repair weapons that are not in stock.

However, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes provides a new function for stone smelting. Instead of weapon-specific, Metallurgical stone can now be traded for building materials, used to expand Facilities. Fortunately, there are several ways for the farm to smelt ice in Three hopesso players won’t have to worry about running out of stock for too long.


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How to get cast stone in three hopes

Commercial Equipment and Resources

After the player unlocks the Camp Supplies, they will be able to trade in weapons and resources for stone smelting. Without building on Supply, most weapons will only give a smelt stone.

The more stars and the higher the weapon’s rank, the more smithing stones will be available.

Players are also given the option to trade resources such as Basic Building Materials. However, since Resources are needed to expand all Facilities, it may be best not to trade Resources for stonework until late game.

Certain Expansions can increase the amount of smithing stones the player receives for trading weapons and resources. Other expansions include a reduction in the number of forged stones required for payment.

Again, Stone forging can be used at the Supply Warehouse and the Blacksmith. Most weapons can be forged or repaired for the cost of 10 forging stones, but higher ranked weapons will require better minerals like Mythril.

Explore the war map

Performing all of the Side Quests in each chapter will allow the player to survey an liberated/blue area. Some points of interest are mines, which can be interacted with to get ore. In the late game of Three hopesmost of these mines will mine for rarer minerals instead of generic rock smelting.

Forged stones are also picked up in battle. The trick here is to defeat tons of enemies and Open the purple jar on the map.

Defeating enemies sometimes rewards the player with gold, weapons, and materials. Gaining an S-Rank from battle makes it easier to obtain the forge stone as a reward. Usually, they are given in sets of eight.

When surveying the map, keep an eye out for Anna. She will move from place to place every time the player completes a battle.

Interacting with her on the war map will cause her to move to the base camp for that chapter. Anna sells special items, and one of these happens to be forging stone.

In addition, there are study units Expertise word skills Thief class will increase the amount of materials and weapons dropped from enemies.

Everyone can learn Thief Class, but not everyone can learn Appraisal. Be sure to consider the units that will inherit from this Class before applying the Intermediate Seal on them.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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