Fire Emblem Heroes spent 5 years capturing old games to their modern popularity

As fans of Intelligent Systems’ tactical RPG franchise may already know well, Fire Emblem will end with 2012 Awake on the 3DS. There was a surge in popularity with the series’ first Western releases on the Game Boy Advance (GBA), which were turned down by the involvement of Marth and Roy. Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros.but that doesn’t translate to Tellius entry on GameCube and Wii. Longtime producer Hitoshi Yamagami says Nintendo threatened to cancel the series if Awake failed to sell 250,000 copies; Its unprecedented success has led to a massive resurgence with projects like Fire icon hero.


Original Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Blade of Light released on NES in 1990, setting the stage for a franchise series with a multitude of mechanics across its entries. Awakening Fire Icon designed to highlight everything but the kitchen sink, gathering as many ideas as possible for an epic finale. That philosophy is carried over to all future entries, creating a new kind of beginner-friendly app. Fire Emblem that has left its older titles in the eyes of many fans. As a commemorative mobile game, Fire icon hero has kept the series’ history alive and given the other characters new life over the past five years.

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History of Fire Emblem Heroes

feh smart system continuous campaign design

Fire icon hero released on 2nd Feb 2017. This is the second game released after Awakenext Fire symbol fate in 2015 (excluding Atlus’ Shin megami tensei and Fire Emblem intersection Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on Wii U). Hero is a gacha game in which players collect a premium currency known as Orbs through various quests or microtransactions that allow them to summon heroes from regions across the franchise. commercial rights.

Rather than let the concept perpetuate itself, Intelligent Systems created a whole new world with its own mythology to facilitate the idea of ​​collecting characters. Fire icon hero‘continuous narration begins with a conflict between the nations of Askr and Embla, the two countries that used to work together to open and close the gates to other kingdoms, respectively. The player is a self-inserted character with the ability to wield Breidablik; a relic that summons heroes using the aforementioned Orbs.

For more than five years, the game’s main cast has been visiting other parts of its world, it’s increasingly clear Hero Based on Norse mythology. The nine kingdoms are represented by lands such as Nifl, Muspell, Hel, and Nidavellir, delivering an anime-inspired film about the presentist of Nordic stories in games like God of War (2018) and Valheim. This origin story, which updates every week, is sure to attract a lot of interested fans and allow for the characters to continue to appear in the previous titles; Each has unique artwork, voice acting, and skills that play into a simplified tactical framework.

Fire Emblem Heroes gives characters new life

Intelligent system binding commemorating the flame blade

The core appeal of waiting for one’s favorite units to be added is complemented by special characters in alternate costumes. This is essential when discussing mobile gacha games, as units wearing unique outfits for holidays or other events that are available for a limited time are a regular way to feed. foster fear of missing out (FOMO). Where Fire icon hero was more successful than contemporaries like Pokemon Masters EX being a marketing tool. New characters have been released to coincide with the launch of Echoes: Shadows of Valentine and Three houseswith Koei Tecmo’s hack-and-slash Fire icon warrior also received an event around the end of 2017.

However, much of the Smart Systems push for new games can be traced back to Fire Emblemgeneral success later Awake. Fire symbol: Three houses on Switch became a best seller after 2019, and enthusiasm will grow in the years to come. Hero similarly is a successful project, one of the most lucrative mobile games to come out of Nintendo’s venture – although nowhere near as Niantic Pokemon GO. It’s a little wonder why the game has lasted five years.

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What’s interesting to see from this success is how Fire icon hero bringing older characters into the limelight. An early example is Reinhardt, a villain from arguably the series’ most confusing title. Thracian 776 (a kind of spin-off for that already Exclusive Japanese SNES title Genealogy of the Holy War). The character is added near at launch with a powerful magical grave that usually allows him to take four hits in a row. Reinhardt is easy to take and abuse, becoming the subject of more memes than fading.

A similar case happened just before the fifth anniversary. Late last month Intelligent Systems released a new Mythical Hero based on Elimine from the continent of Elibe. Mythical Hero status is usually reserved for gods and myths, formerly belonging to characters like Duma and Mila from Shadows of Valentine, as well as Sothis from Three houses. The Stone Man Elimine is a legendary, holy hero who never really appears outside of the stories. Her design in the mobile game is based on a guest image that the player can see by linking Blazing Blade on GBA to Mario Kart: Double Dash!! bonus disc on GameCube.

The future of the fire icon looks bright

intelligent system game design branching story path variety

Modern units are also likely to become popular in Fire icon hero. The Gatekeeper from Three houses is a prime example of a supporting character that fans have come to love, to the point where he won the “Choose Your Legends” popularity poll and was later added to the mobile game. motion. However, it’s much more impressive to see someone like Reinhardt become a household name with fans as he’s stuck in a Japanese exclusive title that was released decades ago. Fire Emblem became its own.

While the mobile game has kept its series history at the forefront, it has also experimented. Brand new modes have been introduced each year since release, covering genres from rhythm to auto chess, and testing these small-scale waters shows that Intelligent Systems is thinking About future. Most recent rumors have pointed to a Fire Emblem reworked in development for Switchbut even if the next game is completely original, there’s still room to see ideas that have been tested by Hero give full-scale adaptations.

Whatever comes next, it’s unlikely Fire icon hero will falter. There are a ton of characters from every entry in the franchise that still haven’t made it to the point where, and 5 years on, it’s still growing stronger than Nintendo’s other mobile games. Dr. Mario World on and off during that time, for example. Not every decision Hero made popular, with the paid Feh Pass being a prominent example, but it has proven to be a worthy addition to the same series.

Fire icon hero Now available on Android and iOS devices.

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