Fiona Nova Talks About Being G4’s ‘Jill of All Trades’

In the Internet age, many of the mostly online jobs are those with multiple dashes; people whose workplace(s) require them to wear a variety of hats. This may sound like freelance writers or programmers promoting their services widely, but “content creators” are perhaps the most visible example of this. Personality on platforms like YouTube can write, research, edit videos, manage social media engagement, and perform on camera. Just revived G4 The network is full of such individuals, with one in particular standing out being Fiona “Nova” Piccoli.


Nova turns 25 in July 2021, making her one of the youngest G4 presenters alongside Ovilee May; known for her work as an e-sports reporter and host at Covered by Riot Games League of Legends. Although Nova describes herself as an “online comedy creator type,” she’s ultimately passionate about storytelling. This includes traditional media, but her early interest in RPGs and streaming on Twitch really steered her. “Streaming and my love of creativity and entertainment make me feel like I need to be a creative, on-camera person.” Game Rant spoke with Nova about being a host for G4’s Program attack! and Party Invitation, plus many of her other projects.

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Many hats of Fiona Nova

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According to Nova, G4 likes to call her “Jill of All Trades” and she says she’s not sure if this is a compliment but “I’ll take it.” Her experience certainly speaks for itself. After graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology with a BA in Fashion Business Management, and cultivating a passion for YouTube and Twitch, Nova joined Rooster Teeth in 2019.

During her two years at the production company, she became part of the Achievement Hunters and was a host for variety shows like Only this Internet as well as “interactive murder mystery” Dead rooster (which she directed). Nova is also the voice of Agent One Red vs. Blue: No, part of the popular web series going on in Halo The universe. However, Dead rooster seems to have tested the waters for something much larger.

On February 4, 2021, Nova launched a Kickstarter campaign for funding The Laundromat Off Malibu. This short, the big-screen co-director debut for Nova and her brother Pier, is a psychological thriller about a run-down laundromat described as “David Lynch meets up with David Lynch.” Black mirror. “It has raised $55,000 USD (double its goal) and as of December 2, it will go through festivals like Sundance. This sibling is planning to post the movie on YouTube after the series. film ends the festival round.

“All of those are interesting things, because directing is another passion of mine and I love movies,” Nova said. Based on The Laundromat Off MalibuOn Kickstarter, both Nova and her brother are three-year-olds, raised by a mother from the Central African Republic and a father from Italy. This international household has curated media appearances around the world that both have the goal of “telling interesting stories in interesting ways.” Laundromat Not the only Nova project coming out. She also voices Rani in Image & Form Games’ The Gunk, this will be the Xbox Game Pass release of the day on December 16.

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Jump into G4 with Attack of the Show!, Party Invitation

Nova initially joined G4 as a creative producer, writing on shows like Xplay. Not like many G4 personality including Jirard Khalil, Williem Neff, or Austin Creed (WWE Superstar Xavier Woods), Nova said she didn’t grow up with the original network, and even asked what it was after being approached.

“When I interviewed for the job and they told me about it, I said, ‘This is great, why haven’t we done it yet?’ Turns out we were, maybe a little early – a little earlier than the time.”

Write to Xplay episodes on YouTube was an “initiation” that she loved, as it helped her understand G4’s voice and comedic style, which in turn helped her find a place online. This gave her a lot more confidence in working alongside some of the “famous and legendary” hosts, who at first seemed intimidated by her relative inexperience, but actually applaud. For example, she says Gina Darling is “very interesting and fun”, someone Nova knows she will always have a good time with, Neff “has stories for everything you can imagine. ;” and Creed as “a wonderful, supportive, wonderful person.”

Her closest relationship on and off camera is G4 veteran Kevin Pereira and Kassem Gharaibeh, whom she immediately clicks on and considers a brother. In an interview with Game Rant shortly after, Gharaibeh cutely said “she was in trouble” and kept him “young and fresh”. The three call themselves “Cream Team” because they always share “ice cream TikToks” that match their sense of humour. This name has also participated in their work on Program attack!and was discussed in more depth in the December 1 episode of “Vibe Check”.

Vibe Check is one of many coming back programs Program attack!, an important variety show from the original G4 that was broadcast on television from 2002 to 2014. Nova, Gharaibeh, Darling and Neff were the main hosts for the show. Attack, along with Pereira, after its official re-launch on November 16, 2021. Meanwhile, Nova and Gharaibeh are the same “noobs” on heavy games Dungeons and Dragons live string, Party Invitation. “Usually if there’s a gig with Kassem, I’ll be Mini-Me right after him,” Nova said.

With all of this going, Nova says she’s using autopilot to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible. “It’s like I’ve worked so hard and finally reached a point where I’m very proud of what I’m doing.” While she’s waiting to see how long this series lasts, Nova is “extremely appreciative” of all the support that has made the journey possible.

“As a content creator, sometimes you feel alone, like you’re doing everything in the wind and throwing it online. But [at G4] it feels like you can roll it out online and you’ll have a mainstream support platform. Surprise.”

G4 Currently streaming on YouTube and Twitch, with shows also running on various Cable TV networks.

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