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Whether you enter a land-based or virtual casino lobby floor, you will always be welcomed with an array of games awaiting you to play. This being said, if you opt to play online, when you first enter the casino online at Paddy Power you’re greeted by not only an array of games but numerous themes too. This helps each and every player who either taps the Paddy Power app open or searches for the site on their desktop, find a game best suited to their needs and preferences.

With this in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to gather a few Slots that can be found, all with variating themes, to help you potentially find your next favourite within the virtual casino floor.

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Lucky’s Fish and Chips

Let’s start this journey of discovery a little close to home with a staycation to the coast, where this seaside slot will transport you pier-side as you spin the reels filled with delicious, traditional British seaside grub, and try your luck at spinning your way to the jackpot. With symbols such as a paper-wrapped cone of chips, a portion of mushy peas, a bottle of vinegar, a fish, a plate of the perfect fish supper and many more, you’ll need to keep focused on the reels and not be distracted by the mouth-watering food as you try to prove your eyes aren’t bigger than your belly. Will a win wash ashore for you in Lucky’s Fish and Chips?

Wild Tundra

How about a slot set back in time, all the way back to the days when the chilly winds would blow, and mammoths walked the earth – The Ice Age. Can you use the symbols at play, including a bear, sabre tooth tiger and mammoth, to unfreeze the five reels and four rows to defrost the jackpot hidden within, worth up to 10,000x your wager? Is it time to wrap up warm and brace yourself for the Ice Age temperatures found within Wild Tundra?

Gordon Ramsey: Hell’s Kitchen

If you’d prefer to indulge in your favourite television show when gaming online, how about entering the kitchen within Gordan Ramsey: Hell’s Kitchen, where Gordon and the Slots will test not only your culinary skills, but your gaming skills too. Will you impress Gordon within the five reels and three rows adorned with tasty symbols such as a beef wellington, a spicy burger, sticky toffee pudding or Hell’s Kitchen’s signature cocktail, or will he assume you’re just an “Idiot sandwich”?

Jade Charms

How about a spot of shopping with an Asian twist, inside a high-end jewellery boutique where regal jade necklaces, rings and charms are on display, setting the scene for the five reels and three rows found within this slot? With added game bonus features waiting to be unlocked, the main attraction occurs when the jeweller’s white-gloved hand appears on the screen and delves into the Magic Box to pull out a gift, just for you. Can you charm this slot and unlock the jackpot hidden within?

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