Final Fantasy XIV: Asphodelos, The First Circle Savage Raid Guide

Final Fantasy XIV’s New and returning raid enthusiasts will enjoy Pandaemonium. First Savage raid from Endwalker already introduced on January 4. The first of four — Asphodelos: The First Circle — is a fitting introduction to the player.

This is the least challenging of the four raids and can be completed in one to three hours of progression with a stable group, as long as the player coordinates in voice chat and assigns himself to roles Specifically.

Possible Pandaemonium Savage raids unlocked in Labyrinthos and offer out of The best device in the game through weekly limited treasury and the Mythos . token. They are also considered to be the beating bread and butter for competitive players, who sharpen their skills and climb the ladder by “logging”, specifying the completion of premium content in the shortest time possible and for the highest DPS results.

Here’s a guide to Pandaemonium’s Asphodelos: The First Circle Savage raid.

Asphodelos: The First Circle Savage’s Raid

Early stage

  • Heavy hand: Tank. No need to swap tanks.
  • Aetherial Shackles: Two players receive a chain of buffs, purple or red. All other players will receive chains depending on their position on the field. All of them will deal damage around them. This worker will solve it soon Warder’s Wrath.
    • The players designated in the red chain group or those receiving this offer must position themselves in each corner of the area.
    • Players with a purple chain or buff role will stay in the center of each card position to prevent overlap (east, west, north, or south of the boss).
    • While all players can have a specified sequence prior to battle, the boss’s random buff sequence will force two players to adjust if it is not the same sequence they chose.
  • Warder’s Wrath: Massive attack. Wait for this attack to happen before going to your chain location to receive AoE heal.
Screengrab via Square Enix
  • Gaoler’s Flail: The boss draws a weapon that will fall on the floor. Depending on the weapon, the crafter will be different.
    • If it’s a anchor, the boss will swing the weapon and hit that area in a 300+ degree hit. Stand near the boss, on the opposite side of the anchor (East or West), and switch to the other side after the first hit.
    • If it’s his bang, the boss will hit the entire area around him, before hitting the corners. Walk away from him and then return to him to avoid both hits.
    • The chakram the opposite is true of the fencer; the player will have to stay close to the boss, and then go away from him to dodge both attacks.
  • The gentle whisper of grace or Purgation: main tanks targeted by a heavy attack will knock them back. Then another attack will occur depending on the name of the craftsman.
    • The return hit can’t be prevented by Arm Length: if you’re a main tank, don’t stand too close to the sides – otherwise you’ll die instantly.
    • If it is graceful attack, the offtank takes an attack that must be stacked by the rest of the party.
    • The Purgation attack, conversely, hit port with flares. They will have to stay far ahead of other players in the raid to reduce damage throughout the raid.
  • Again Warder’s Wrath attack.
  • Merciless, afterward High amtitude: the field transforms and splits into nine cells, with three squares each exploding consecutively, similar to in Normal mode. However, this time, purple cubes are added on the tiles from the edges.
    • Each player is assigned a tile and all will soak the first block.
    • Then players with purple cubes must leave the bricks when they explode as they will deal critical damage.
    • Some players will have to go to another block instead of the middle to soak another block.
  • A new one Warder’s Wrath will deal significant damage, and all players must get close to the center to be pre-empted by the healers.
    • Then a Warder’s Wrath will deal more damage right before all the blocks finally explode. Be prepared to heal and open the OGCD if necessary.
    • Eventually, the area will regain its original shape.
  • Flail of Purgation is innocent or graceful.
  • Light cells: full attack attack that divides the field into multiple cells.
    • It is similar to the Normal mode but with multiple settlement mechanisms at the same time which reduces the size of the safe zones.
  • Aetherflail: Color appears around the boss (red or white). At the same time, the master dropped the anchor to the ground and began swinging his chakram to one side.
    • First, determine the color of the pad to see if you will have to stand on a red or white brick.
    • Determine which side of the anchorage area and head to the opposite side.
    • Finally, determine the weapon the boss is swinging: flail means out, chakram means in. The bricks will explode twice, so stay on them.
    • Participating in voice chat and keeping track of phone calls are important during the progression of this stage as all players must be alive at the end to survive the next stage: only a small percentage for mistakes.
  • The gentle whisper of grace or Purgation.
  • Chains of time: The boss applies a debuff to some players. They will have to stand on the same color square, instead of the opposite, to clear this error.
  • Heavy hand.
  • Slam Shut: A full attack attack that returns the field to its original state.

Second stage

In the second phase, the players should know all the attacks. But this time, the mechanism will become more difficult and will overlap. Keep your Limit Breaks in mind and don’t hesitate to turn on the Healer LB3 if things start to look bleak.

  • Fourfold Chains: Be careful, this attack resolves quite quickly. It applies a sequence of buffs to every player, red or purple, and will hit four times.
    • All players must take their place as soon as they know their mistake. Players with purple chains must stand in the center of the area and those with red chains in each corner.
    • If you’re too slow, you’ll get a double string error and die.
    • If one player dies, the whole party is likely to be wiped out due to consecutive chain attacks.
  • Warder’s Wrath.
  • Merciless and High amtitude: Both first cubes are the same. But then the boss will quit Gaoler’s Flail and it will resolve at the same time as the third block explosion.
    • The first hit will come before the third block explodes, so dodge the first one accordingly.
    • Then go right to your specified cell and adjust for the second cell Gaoler’s Flail blow.
    • Again, calling will be of great help when trying to survive with this mechanic.
  • Warder’s Wrath.
  • Light cells.
  • The Chains of Time: This attack will resolve immediately after the next, so keep your buff skill in mind.
  • The gentle whisper of grace or Purgation.
  • Warder’s Wrath.
  • Aetherial Shackles and Aetherchain: This is the final hard part. In addition to standing on the correct tiles to avoid damage, you’ll have to go to your originally assigned leash position and make slight adjustments to step onto the correct tile. Again, two players may have to adjust if receiving random chain buffs.
    • First, go to your chain location, then determine which colors are safe to adjust.
    • Two in a row Aetherchain will brick. Adjust if the colors switch.
  • Warder’s Wrath.
  • Aetherflail: A series of new attacks with a small safe zone where you need to determine the right color, the right weapon and at the same time the side of the anchor.

Then in succession Warder’s Wrath attacks will happen and if the boss is still not killed he will get angry and you will wipe out due to insufficient damage dealt to him.

Examples of macro commands for war

This is an example of a macro to establish a specific strategy to clear the war. Certain playstyles can be selected and shared in the community hubs. This is nothing more than a suggestion. It was posted of the character Log Kagan in FFXIVOfficial German forum.

Those designated chain locations are intended to designate Melees to be near the boss so they can deal damage while dealing with the chain mechanic. If you still don’t fully understand the mechanics, here is a concrete example: here, player M1 will specify the purple string position, like MT, M2, and OT.

However, if they receive a random red chain buff from the boss, they will have to take the place of another player: R1, R2, H1 or H2. M1 had to go to a corner, forcing their teammates to adjust accordingly and take their place.

  • Intemperance’s strategy

Under this Intemperance strategy, players who will have two word cubes of the same color in their tile will have to go to either the Main Tank’s or the Counter’s Team’s tile, depending on the cube’s color, instead of waiting in middle for purple blocks. explosive. This move is possible because the tank’s tiles do not have purple cubes, in contrast to all other tiles in the area.

The goal is to toggle their ice fire effect so that they can explode the last cube in their original tile with the correct buff effect. After the purple block’s explosion, they will be able to tackle the mechanic as usual for the last block.

For example, if H1 has two fire blocks in their tile and MT has an ice block on them, H1 will have to confront MT after soaking their first block to get the ice effect. They will then be able to soak the last fire block on their own brick after the purple block’s explosion. Final Fantasy XIV: Asphodelos, The First Circle Savage Raid Guide


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