Final Fantasy scariest enemies

That final fantasy series features some of the most adorable creatures in gaming, but not all of them are as charming as a Chocobo or a Moogle. Some creatures have been implemented to induce fear in the player and, thanks to their unique design, serve their purpose exceptionally well.

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The further a player travels in the story of a final fantasy game, the more likely they are to encounter some fearsome creatures that await them. When these enemies’ designs aren’t enough to send chills down a player’s spine, their cataclysmic abilities will surely rectify their failed attempt at intimidation.


10 Ravus-Final Fantasy 15

Ravus Nox Fleuret acts as one of the main antagonists of Final Fantasy 15. Although his sister Noctis is about to marry, Ravus has little respect for him and considers him unworthy of her love. Eventually he reassesses his opinion of Noctis and decides to fight by his side for the good of the planet, but Ardyn has other ideas.

Disguised as Noctis, Ardyn murders Ravus for his treacherous ways, but later resurrects him as a demon. Ravus is now imbued with the Star Judgment and forced to obey Ardyn’s commands. His demon form sees his body covered in a black tar-like substance that molds itself to replace his missing limbs. He asks Noctis to end his suffering during their fight, making the fight an incredibly unsettling one.

9 Yunalesca-Final Fantasy 10

Having finally reached the end of her journey, Yuna is faced with an extremely difficult decision. She is asked by Yunalesca to sacrifice one of her friends to obtain the final summon, the only one capable of penetrating Sin’s armor. She refuses to comply with Yunalesca’s wishes, a disagreement that causes the unsent summoner to transform into a monstrous creature and attack.

The fight with Yunalesca consists of three phases, but the third and final one is arguably the most harrowing. She sheds her human form and transforms into a giant head with tentacles protruding from her skull. It’s a terrifying image made all the more intimidating by the devastating power she wields.

8th Zodiac – Final Fantasy 12

After delving into the depths of the Henne Mines, Vaan and his companions will make the acquaintance Final Fantasy 12s mightiest esper, zodiark. Obtaining ten other Espers grants access to fight Zodiark, but even a fully leveled party will have a hard time beating him.

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Zodiark’s design depicts it as nothing more than a floating severed dragon head surrounded by an ancient stone ring. Its attack pattern is mostly unpredictable, but usually every fight begins with Darkja, an amazingly powerful spell capable of instantly killing anyone it’s aimed at. Arguably the most intimidating enemy in the game, Zodiark will give the player a sigh of relief once they are finally defeated.

7 Typhon-Final Fantasy 6

In the first few fights against Ultros, he relies more on quick-witted verbal insults than physical strength. He will repeatedly berate the group throughout each encounter to erode their trust, but his words can only get him so far.

The final battle with Ultros aboard Setzer’s airship reveals that he gained the power to summon monsters to compensate for his poor combat skills. After dealing enough damage to this giant octopus, it will summon Typhon, a hideous pink beast with a horrible grimace on both of its contorted faces. Due to its odd design, it’s impossible to really define what Typhon is, but this adds to the terror it conveys.

6 Jenova Dreamweaver – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

After impaling Barret with his legendary Masamune, Sephiroth transforms into Jenova Dreamweaver. While this alien life form is merely a vision projected by Jenova herself, there is no point in denying the fear it can inspire in all who witness its presence.

It is a grotesque creature with multiple tentacles and protrusions extending from its body. Unlike its Polygon predecessor, this rendition of Jenova is a true horror thanks to the Make new‘s graphical upgrade. Though Sephiroth is arguably the scariest presence in Final Fantasy 7 RemakeJenova Dreamweaver is hands down the scariest enemy to look at.

5 Chimera – Final Fantasy 10

Chimeras are arguably some of the most terrifying enemies it has ever existed in final fantasy. Although their design varies depending on the title they appear in, they are most commonly depicted as hybrids of numerous fearsome monsters.

The Chimera of final fantasy 10 features three separate heads and a snake body instead of a tail. Tidus will first encounter these monsters while exploring Macalania Forest. Of all the enemies in the forest, the Chimera poses the greatest threat as it can cast high-level magic on multiple characters. They are intimidating opponents in battle, but their design makes them far more intimidating to look at.

4 Goblin – Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 incorporates several horror elements into its story, particularly through the design of its dungeons. Dungeons are typically shrouded in darkness and chock-full of precarious terrain, but the creatures that lurk in the depths of these pits are usually their most frightening trait.

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Noctis and his allies are likely to encounter several goblin enemies during their visit to the Balouve Mines. Defeating these foes requires little effort, but their design is sure to terrify the player, making them even more terrified the deeper they venture into their realm.

3 Tonberry – Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Cloud and his comrades will encounter a Tonberry in Chapter 13 as part of the Malicious Goons side quest. It is introduced to the party by a group of bandits who claim they bought the creature on the black market.

At first glance, the Tonberry appears to pose little threat, but appearances can be deceiving. Its size mitigates any sense of intimidation, while its adorable face makes it resemble a stuffed animal rather than a monster. However, the tiny knife it wields can cut down a party member in one blow, making the Tonberry one of the most dangerous creatures in the world final fantasy.

2 Marlboro-Final Fantasy 8

The Marlboro enemy has undergone numerous design changes over the year final fantasy series, but never have these changes made the beast any less terrifying. They are usually depicted with a mixture of green tentacles and a huge mouth full of razor sharp teeth.

If the sight of a Marlboro isn’t enough to terrify a player, its devastating abilities surely will. The Halitosis ability it possesses can inflict a number of deadly status ailments on the player, often resulting in a quick death if combat is taken unprepared. Regardless of how well prepared the player is, the Marlboro can easily dominate a fight if not activated.

1 Demon Wall – Final Fantasy 15

The Demon Wall is a recurring enemy that appears multiple times in multiple appearances final fantasy Title. Unlike most enemies in the series, it can completely devastate a party if its unusual combat tactics are not learned quickly.

In most battles against the Demon Wall, she will slowly approach the party during a fight. If the player isn’t quick to their feet, the group will be thrown against the back wall of the battle arena. Noctis can face three different Daemonwalls Final Fantasy 15but the one found in Steyliff Grove poses the greatest threat of all.

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