Final Fantasy 7 Remake Share Concept Art of Biggs and Wedge’s Rooms

Square Enix shares new concept art for Biggs and Wedge’s rooms from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, locations never seen in the final game.

Final Fantasy 7 remake Bigs wedge

A part of Final Fantasy 7 remakeIts appeal comes from its dedication to complementing aspects that were originally less emphasized, like other members of Avalanche. The game offers a fresh perspective on the events of Final Fantasy 7and new concept art showing some locations that were never included in the game.

Ambitious and controversial, Final Fantasy 7 remake not just a “remake” in the standard sense, but a re-imagining or retelling. With no requirement to fully comply with the source material, Square Enix gets more power in terms of modifying certain aspects of the story for modern audiences, better storytelling purposes, or whatever. other than what they want. One of the biggest shortcomings of the original game was the lack of development of Avalanche, the terrorist group Cloud joined that was trying to destroy Shinra, the ruthless Mako possessor that controlled Midgar. From the fate of certain characters, to the smaller details like the overall size of the group, Final Fantasy 7 remake made many changes to Avalanche.


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Square Enix has released new concept art for Biggs and Wedgeroom of words Final Fantasy 7 remake. In a new tweet Square Enix wrote, “Neither Biggs nor Wedge’s rooms appear in Final Fantasy 7 remake, but we can show you what they look like here…,” added Biggs and Wedge’s bedroom design drawing. Square Enix mused, “Can you guess which room belongs to Wedge? are not? “, a character known for his unlucky if slightly messy personality and his adoration of cats, making the top sketch his. Biggs’ room at the bottom, on the other hand, is very neat. neat and tidy, with a well made bed and other furniture.

In the original Final Fantasy 7, Clouds and players do not spend too much time interacting with other members of Avalanche besides Tifa and Barret. Later in the game when Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie are all caught in a deadly Shinra attack, the impact of this moment isn’t too profound as the player never really gets to know these characters. Final Fantasy 7 remake fixes this by giving players plenty of opportunities to learn about these three, including an entire mission to Jessie’s parents’ house that wasn’t part of the original game. Needless to say, when the trio was hit, it weighed much more than it originally did.

While it’s a bit hard to imagine a scenario that actually takes the player to Biggs or Wedge’s room, the reality is that Square Enix designed those characters’ personal spaces. The last time the player got to any of them was when Cloud visits Jessie’s house in the early part of the game, although the player cannot see inside because Cloud and Jessie are simply talking on the porch. Since some character fate has changed, maybe Biggs and Wedge’s room will grow Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Part 2, though who knows how much longer it will be before it’s released.

Final Fantasy 7 remake available on PS4 and PS5.

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