Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC port issues explained

Final Fantasy games often spend a lot of time exclusively on PlayStation, especially newer titles, as Square Enix typically accepts at least six-month or annual exclusivity agreements with Sony’s platform. Some examples, like the most recent with Forspoken, which remained exclusively on PlayStation for longer than a year. However, like many other AAA game releases, the general PC platform is the only exception to the rule. Most console-specific releases also receive a PC port, which brings with it a wide range of graphics options and settings that are customizable for diverse platforms. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy 7 remakeThe PC’s PC port is also an exception here.


Many fans and reviewers of the PC port have discovered a series of problems with the version that players receive on the Epic Games Store. Dropped frames and stuttering, a lack of significant graphics options and customization, all tied to an atypical $70 price tag, are all factors that have contributed to the backlash against Final Fantasy 7 remake on PC. Amid rumors of a potentially shelved Steam release, as well as theories that the shipped PC port version may actually be a reconfigured debug build, fans really unhappy with Square Enix’s PC port. Final Fantasy 7 remake on PC is certainly playable on most PC devices, but this release is still lacking.

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC: Severe stuttering and frame drops

After a year and a half of PlayStation exclusivity since the release of PS4, the PC version of Final Fantasy 7 remake is missing basic options, along with nagging problems are happening with the port outside of its missing features. The game doesn’t face any game-breaking bugs/glitches or any intermittent crashes, but the main problem with this port is the dropped frames and stutters during most of the gameplay. play. It’s easy to achieve this to the point of poor optimization, which Square Enix has struggled with in the past like Chrono Activator PC port, but this would be unacceptable for Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Stuttering has occurred relatively consistent in Final Fantasy 7 remakePC port, even on devices with RTX 3090s and i7-10700K processors. Players have reported problems in various areas throughout Final Fantasy 7 remake, noting large frame drops and glitches during gameplay. Most of these issues don’t seem to be related to cutscenes and scripted scenarios, but things like moving the camera quickly, high-action sequences, and witnessing a lot of on-screen particle effects. images all contribute to the reduction of large frames.

Any rig with GPU with VRAM greater than 8GB seems to witness constant stuttering due to poor VRAM management. As of now, there is no official fix or workaround from the developers, the only potential fix seems to be forcing the game to run in DirectX 11 mode at launch. Of course, this then breaks HDR support for Final Fantasy 7 remake on PC. Fans can also use a mod available on Nexus to turn it off Final Fantasy 7 remakeThe game’s dynamic resolution scaling system is intrinsically tied to the game’s frame limit. This can limit frame drops in some cases, but is not a permanent fix for stuttering problems.

Low-light graphics settings in Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC


Of course, for an AAA game release, this kind of port is unacceptable for Final Fantasy 7 remake, especially with the PS4 / PS5 versions of the game certainly in terms of performance. However, perhaps the most serious problem with Final Fantasy 7 remakeExternal PC port performance issues are the lack of graphics and customization options.

Is this not? representative was a problem with Square Enix ports in the past, but with Final Fantasy 7 remakePC port, graphics settings are limited to a minimum. All there is to customize is the display mode, resolution, texture and shading quality, frame rate limit, character density, and HDR. No anti-aliasing settings, no VSync transitions, no effect management like motion blur, or any option to adjust the game’s forced resolution scaling (only can be disabled by a fan mod). For comparison, Final Fantasy 15 have these options in batches (released in 2018) and also Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 and Kingdom Hearts 3 there are better graphics options.

A year and a half after its initial release Final Fantasy 7 remake on PS4, it’s reasonable to expect these options to be available in its PC port. That’s not the case here, and certainly a pity, especially at the unprecedented $70 price tag on the Windows platform.

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Fans are right to be disappointed with Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PC

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That’s mostly what all the fan complaints and refund requests on social media have boiled down to: Final Fantasy 7 remake The PC port, exclusive to the Epic Games Store (which is a private worm for certain fans), for a premium of $70. It is especially problematic when considering Final Fantasy 7 remake built on Unreal Engine 4, Epic’s own game development engine. Shortcomings like these are unacceptable for an Unreal Engine 4 game, especially in a price that has almost no other AAA PC port released with (usually in the $50 or $60 range). Fans have every right to be upset here, especially after more than a year of waiting.

Square Enix has yet to publicly comment on the issues of its PC release Final Fantasy 7 remake, but while a patch could certainly fix these issues, it’s still not enough for fans. Especially for everyday buyers, having to wait until an update is available to make minimal tweaks to graphics settings is a prerequisite. not much Final Fantasy fans will have patience for. Review first Final Fantasy The gateway to PC that doesn’t have these shortcomings, as with games previously published by Square Enix on PC, doesn’t really leave much room for an excuse here. $70 for the subpar version of Final Fantasy 7 remake on PC is not what fans want.

Final Fantasy 7 remake Available now on PC, PS4 and PS5.

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