Final Fantasy 15 Highs, Lows, and Value Lessons for FF16

Amid the excitement for Square Enix’s next-gen offerings, many fans have probably forgotten that November 29, 2021 marks the five-year anniversary of Square Enix. Final Fantasy 15of release. This game is the talk of the town for many years, starting life as Final Fantasy Versus 13 and changed with its staff and story to be part of the main series. There are still some vestiges of the game that are almost buried in it, but Final Fantasy 15 only carry a passing similarity Verse 13. It was also released in a controversial state, as there were many patches and unfinished parts. Even its DLC was ultimately incomplete, thanks to staff changes, and Square Enix decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.


With Final Fantasy 16 around the corner, it looks like Square Enix is ​​trying to do a good job of what it’s intended to do with Final Fantasy 15. Now, the trusted development team behind Final Fantasy 14award-winning Heavensward expansion is making great strides in public with FF16, has the ability to learn from the mistakes of FF15. Final Fantasy 15 made a lot of mistakes before, during, and after its release, but it also got a few things right and was an important step forward in the direction of action Square Enix has been taking. A lot can be learned from the history of Final Fantasy 15, and it’s worth celebrating both for what it did well and the lessons it taught.

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The attraction of Final Fantasy 15


Starting with the positives, the main thing Final Fantasy 15 Supporters point to the game’s strengths being its characters. The core cast of Noctis, Prompto, Gladiolus and Ignis are all very strong and their journey through FF15The world of it all is very fascinating. It’s interesting to watch these characters interact with each other and because of the trip nature of the story, they do more than any other Final Fantasy party. The main antagonist, Ardyn Izunia, is also quite charismatic, and players who have experienced his DLC have a particularly good impression of him. Sadly, most of the cast is underutilized due to the game’s format, but some recurring characters like Aranea Highwind and Iris still impress.

Final Fantasy 15 also FFThis is the first crack in an open world, and while it doesn’t perform perfectly with lots of space clogging up the countryside, it does take Square Enix’s graphics capabilities to the next level. . The world and its realistically displayed inhabitants all have a magical perspective on them, and every environment is shamelessly beautiful. This project has brought valuable experience to the development team of Square Enix and the upcoming game of Luminous Productions. Forspoken will benefit greatly from Final Fantasy 15the existence of.

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Final Fantasy 15 Where’s Wrong


Unfortunately, there’s only so much good packed into FF15. While the core cast is engaging and the story has some good emotional cadence, the combination of the game’s general pacing and odd content omissions leaves many players unsatisfied. There has been an attempt to fix this with updates and DLC, but even the planned alternate ending for the canceled DLC episodes still feels like a Band-Aid amid some of the scars. love. Final Fantasy 15The development of has been deeply troubled, and it manifests in many aspects of the game.

That problematic development also caused some problems beyond the time it was available. While this is the game’s fifth anniversary, one could forgive thinking it’s been around for longer than five years. Final Fantasy Versus 13 still the poster kid for Square Enix’s nasty trend game announcements before they’re in full production. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy 7 remake both also fell prey to this, but they managed to execute their acts faster Verse 13 do. By all means, Final Fantasy 15, coming after the controversy FF13 trilogy and the pathetic debut of Final Fantasy 14 hammer solves development problems Final Fantasy has been in the past decade. FF15The release was around the time that the franchise was starting to move away from those problems.

Lessons Final Fantasy 15 can teach other Square Enix games

Luckily, move it on and there are plenty of lessons that modern Square Enix games have learned Final Fantasy 15. First of all, it looks like an effort to solidify plans for top titles has already begun at Square Enix, like Final Fantasy 16 has been reported well developed. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 and next Heart Kingdom Projects will likely follow his example, getting a fair amount of work done and a plan for the rest solidified before they’re revealed to the world. Hopefully it will be a long time before Square Enix makes the same mistakes Verse 13 Again.

Final Fantasy 15 also laid a great foundation for Final Fantasy 16 to build upon. FF15 was a very experimental game for Square Enix, and trying different approaches to making action games appealing to the audience used for turn-based gameplay eventually led to Final Fantasy 7 remake. The work done in those two games will inform how combat options are implemented in Final Fantasy 16, perhaps leading to some sort of hybrid between the two games’ mechanics. Final Fantasy 16 would also benefit from feedback to 15world and story. The importance of a complete world has been demonstrated by FF16 leading with descriptions of major countries and its world state. Final Fantasy 16 is set to be supplemented in a way 15 never, though Final Fantasy 15 can still hold an edge in its glamorous main party form. Hope, Final Fantasy 15 walk like that FF16 can runand fans of the series will be happy to see 16 may go.

Final Fantasy 15 Available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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