Final Fantasy 14 Zot Tower and History Explained

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is finally out and players still seem to love everything about it so far, except for endless queues and congestion problems. The opening weekend was pretty harsh on all servers as players tried to access the game in bulk, only to find that they had to wait hours to get access to the game. But this will hopefully calm down in the near future.

One of the original highlights of Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is the Zot Tower in the new dungeon in Thavnair, a weaponized building brought about by the Telophoroi. This building acts as a giant prison, like The Matrix, capturing living creatures to use as a source of energy so the player will be tasked with taking it down. Aside from the actual storyline in this area, it has a history and a set of bosses that link it to one of the most beloved titles in the game. Final Fantasy series.


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Zot Tower in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker


Tower of Zot is a level 81 fixed dungeon that the player can run with other players or with three other NPCs controlled by the computer thanks to the Trust system introduced in Shadowbringers. This location is one of the towers rising from the ground in the post-Shadowbringers patches, and they are extremely dangerous when it comes to gasifying anyone who comes near them without Echo’s blessing and using the Lunar primates as a means of defense. Scions teamed up with a group of alchemists, who devised a means of reaching these towers without Echo, using talismans made of dragon scales.

Nidhana, the leader of these alchemists, led the effort to develop the talismans and enlisted the help of the Warrior of Light to craft them, and eventually test them. By carrying one of these, the alchemist Arkasodara managed to get inside the Tower without losing his mind, but was once attacked by Fandaniel himself, one of the big bad guys in this expansion. After capturing her and exchanging taunts and history with the Warrior of Light, he flees the scene leaving the player with the question of how to proceed. Fortunately, the Scions realized the tower should have a core they could attack to take it down, and now that they’ve demonstrated the means to reach it, there’s nothing stopping them from launching an attack. direct work. Also, this is the first new dungeon player that can run as sage or reaper, new jobs in the Endwalker expansion.

Inside the Zot Tower

The Warrior of Light leads a group that tries to reach the core while the rest of his party, especially the healers, tend to tend to the wounded captives. Towers will constantly try to heal themselves by draining life from hot-tempered people who can’t be removed from captivity without being killed, so the solution is to simply heal them so they don’t die while main group close. As the player runs through the dungeons, they’ll see a hellish scene on either side with humans between life and death and bridges connecting each platform with several platforms the next with some Imperial soldiers. Hot-tempered and mech act like a mob, but there are greater dangers ahead.

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Tower of Zot has three powerful bosses which the player needs to beat to get to the end. This is Minduruva, Sanduruva, and finally Cinduruva, very clearly the Magus sisters seen in several other games in the series. The names are slightly changed to reflect Endwalker’s Indian influence, but it’s very clearly Mindy, Sandy and Cindy. Players will have to defeat them one by one, but by the end of the dungeon they will have to take all three of them in and withstand the famous Delta Attack, which is three overlapping area attacks. at Tower of Zot will require constant repositioning to survive.

Connection to Final Fantasy 4

ffxiv endwalker scale down screenshot value

The Tower of Zot, much of the content of Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker, has a very direct and intentional connection to FF4. For starters, the location itself is a direct reference to a dungeon that Cecil, Tellah, Yang, and Cid had to go through. The goals here thematically resonate with what happens in Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker: they go there to rescue a friend imprisoned on top. The most remembered boss here is the Magus Sisters: Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy, who first appeared in this game as a group of magicians hired by the villain Golbez. This incarnation had their infamous Delta Attack, a combo attack between the three of them that the player had to deal with. It consists of one of the sisters casting reflections at the other while the third uses high level black magic to bounce off and hit the party dealing massive damage.

There are more direct connections to Final Fantasy 4 too. The melody that actually plays throughout the dungeon is a cover of Masayoshi Sokken Nobuo Uematsu“Golbez, Clad in Darkness”, the theme of that game’s villain. The new version sounds menacing as players go through each floor fighting until the top, only switching boss themes when facing the Sisters. However, the most interesting part is what happens after they win. In the original Final Fantasy 4, the villain flees and the white mage teleports the heroes out of the tower before it collapses. The same thing happens in Final Fantasy 14, except this time the villain ran away even before the Scions arrived, and instead of teleporting, they cast levitation when the tower disappeared so they could safely float to the ground with them. every hot-tempered prisoner inside it.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker package a large number of references to FF4. As Shadowbringers is a loving tribute to FF3, players who join the early access version was amazed by both the old and the newand how much the developers seem to love the first titles.

Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker Released December 7, 2021 for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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