Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker: Main scenario quest list

Final Fantasy 14 players looking to complete Endwalker’s full story have a long and winding quest road ahead.


The new one Endwalker extended to Final Fantasy 14 added quite a bit of brand new content for players. Got two new jobs, all new race selection with Viera namand lots of main story and side quests. Below is a list of all the main story missions that the player can unlock while reaching the new level cap.

The first quest in the main Endwalker story

Final Fantasy 14's Endwalker Team

The first mission in EndwalkerThe story of the story is at level 80, which is the previous level limit in Shadowbringers. The first of these quests will be available to everyone who purchased the expansion; These two missions will unlock New Final Fantasy 14 location of Old Sharlayan.


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Main Story Division of Endwalker’s Missions


At this point in Final Fantasy 14: Endwalkerof the story, the player can choose between two different paths. They can choose to go to Radz-at-Han to investigate a pillar or stay in Old Sharlayan to investigate the council. Depending on the choice the player chooses, the main quest sequence will change.

Sharlayan Quest Chain

If the player chooses to stay and investigate the guild, this will be their main story quest path:

  • Hit the books – powered by the FF14 NPC Krile – Level 80
  • Seat in last place – given by Alisaie – Level 80
  • A Labyrinthine Descent – given by Alisaie – Level 80 – Unlocked Labyrinthos
  • Glorified Ratcher – given by Krile – Level 80 – unlocks The Archeion
  • Deeper into the labyrinth – given by Alphinaud – Level 80
  • Medial Circuit – given by Alisaie – Level 80
  • Full Report, Warts and All – given by Alisaie – Level 80
  • Guide to Types – given by Alisaie – Level 80
  • Real Estate Traveler – given by Alisaie – Level 80

Thavnair quest series

If you choose to go out to check the pillar on Thavnair, this will be the main quest of the story:

  • For Thavnair Bound – given by Thancred – Level 80 – unlock Yedlihmad
  • On Low Tide – given by Thancred – Level 80
  • A fisherman’s friend – given by Matsya – Level 80
  • House of Divinities – launched by Estinien – Floor 80
  • Great work – given by Matsya – Level 80 – unlock great work
  • Shadow Footsteps – given by Nidhana – Level 80
  • A Boy’s Errand – given by Nidhana – Level 80
  • Tipping the Scale – given by Zeynuha – Level 80
  • Satrap of Radz-at-Han – given by Thancred – Level 80

Endwalker main quest continues


This quest starts from the moment the main quest chains converge again, starting with the last level 80 quest in the Endwalker story.

  • In the Dark of the Tower – given by Krile – Level 80 – unlocked Zot Tower
  • Thavnair’s Gem – awarded by Thancred – Level 81
  • The Color of Joy – given by Alphinaud – Floor 81

Quest level 82

  • Sound the Bell, School’s In – by Krile
  • Capital idea – given by Krile
  • Best of the Best – given by Maxima
  • Frozen Reception – given by Thancred – unlocks Camp Broken Glass
  • Music in the Snow – by Emmanellain
  • How the Mighty Are Fallen – by Licinia
  • At the end of the road – given by Jareck
  • A Way Forward – launched by Alphinaud
  • The Last Bastion – given by Jullus
  • Personae non Gratae – given by Jullus

Quest level 83

  • His Park Document – given by Jullus
  • No good deed – given by Jullus
  • Alea lacta Est – given by Jullus
  • Strange Sleeping Friends – given by Lucia – unlock Tertium
  • In from the Cold – given by Lucia
  • Gateway of the Gods – given by Lucia – unlocks the Tower of Babil (also unlocked The current Mare Lamentorum Aether)
  • Trip to the Moon – given by G’raha Tia – unlocks Sinus Lacimarum
  • Sea of ​​Sorrows – launched by The Watcher
  • The Martyr – launched by Lustrous Dog – unlocks The Dark Inside

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Quest level 84

  • In Shadow’s Wake – launched by The Watcher
  • The helping hand – given by The Watcher – unlocks the Bestways Burrow, where all the little ones Male Viera and live women
  • A Harey Situation – given by Thancred
  • A Taste of the Moon – launched by Thancred
  • Hero Style – launched by Livingway
  • All’s Vale That Endsvale – launched by growway
  • Back to Old Tricks – launched by Thancred
  • Set things up straight – given by Urianger
  • Heart of the Matter – launched by growway
  • Back home – powered by celebrities FF14 NPC Y’shtola

Quest level 85

  • Skies Aflame – given by Tataru – unlocks Vanaspati
  • The Blasphemy Unmasked – by Ahewnn
  • Amidst the apocalypse – given by Mihleel
  • Beyond the Depths of Despair – given by G’raha Tia – unlocks Palaka’s Stand
  • That We Might Live – by Alphinaud
  • When all hope seems lost – given by Matsya
  • Warm hearts, rekindled hopes – given by Alisaie
  • Simple pleasures – given by Estinien
  • Under his wing – given by Matsya
  • At World’s End – launched by Radiant Host Solider – unlocks Radz-at-Han

Quest level 86

  • Back to Crystarium – given by G’raha Tia
  • Hope Upon a Flower – given by Ryne
  • Petalouda Hunt – launched by Hythlodaeus – unlocks Anagnorisis
  • In Hermes’ Search – given by Hythlodaeus
  • Reflect, Guarantee, Respect, Welcome – by Hermes
  • Lives Apart – launched by Hermes
  • Their biggest contribution – given by Emet-Selch
  • Aether to Aether – launched by Hermes – unlocks the Twelve Wonders
  • A sentimental gift – given by Hermes
  • Judgment and Execution – given by Hermes

Quest level 87

14 male viera race in the ultimate fantasy
  • Traveler at the Crossroads – given by Hythlodaeus – unlocks Poieten Oikos
  • The past has not passed – given by Venat
  • Witness to the Spectacle – by Venat
  • Worthy of His Back – given by Venat
  • A flower when you return – given by Venat
  • Hunger in the Garden – given by Hythlodaeus
  • Words without sound – given by Emet-Selch
  • Follow, Wander, Stumble, Listen – by Hythlodaeus
  • Caging the Messenger – launched by Hythlodaeus – unlocks Ktisis Hyperboreia
  • You Must Live, Die and Know – by Venat

Quest level 88

  • As the Heavens Burn – by Krile
  • Outside help – provided by Lucia
  • Going Underground – launched by Fourchenault – unlocks Sharlayan Hamlet
  • No job is too small – by Alphinaud
  • Wise Guide – provided by Urianger
  • Agricultural shock – given by Urianger
  • Sage Council – launched by Urianger
  • Hither and Yarn – given by Urianger – unlocks Aporia
  • Once Forged – given by G’raha Tia
  • Bond of Adamant(ite) – launched by Kokkol Dankkol

Quest level 89

  • Her Children, One and All – given by Fourchenault – unlock The Aitiascope and The Mothercrystal
  • A bold decision – made by Krile
  • Friends Gathered – launched by Tataru
  • Unto the Heavens – by Ojika Tsunjika
  • A New World trαnge – launched by Alphinaud
  • On Burdned ωings – launched by Urianger – unlocks Reah Tahra
  • A Test of Well – given by Estinien
  • Roads Pαved││Sacri┣ice – given by Alphinaud – unlocks Abode of the Ea
  • F // sh AbanΔon┨Δ – given by Coph-coodg
  • Where Kn∞wledge leads – launched by Urianger

Quest level 90

Level 90 is the level limit for Endwalker expansion, but the player still has some story missions to do.

  • Vic┨οry ̈ ̈╳, Lost – given by G’raha Tia – unlocks Base Omicron
  • ┣┨̈ // No┨ΦounΔ ••• – given by G’raha Tia
  • Hello, World – given by G’raha Tia
  • Forge Ahead – given by Alphinaud
  • You’re Not Alone – given by Alisaie
  • Endwalker – launched by Alphinaud – unlocks the Endwalker Role Quest

Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker available for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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